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Dear student and homeopath !

David Little is currently offering his course for $350 instead of $450 !!! This is an excellent opportunity to gain deeper knowledge of homeopathy, especially in Hahnemann's advanced methods. He has teached a great many of homeopath around the world and most of you will know his articles published on his and other websites. He is an amazing, warm hearted, highly gifted homeopath who is adored by his students and graduates !

David Little was born in the USA in 1948 and has been a student of Homeopathy since the early 1970s. His first teacher was the late, great Dr. Manning Strahl and he was a colleague of the late Dr. Harimohan Choudhury. He has studied Homoeopathy in the USA and India. He started HOE, Homeopathic Online Education in 1999. H.O.E (Homoeopathic Online Education) is an organization founded by the well-known homoeopath, David Little. H. O. E. is dedicated to providing high quality homeopathic education to homeopaths around the world. His services include a free website which contains many excellent articles on the history, philosophy and practice of Homeopathy. A collection of David's writings and other educational information are the core part of his site.The wide-ranging information will be of value to experienced homoeopaths, students and anyone interested in the healing arts. His goal is to provide valuable knowledge regarding the true methods of practicing Homoeopathy in a safe and effective manner.

For more informations about David Little and his course please visite his website:

You can find more about him on:

Best regards,

Dear Homeopathic Colleagues and Students,

Homeopathic Online Education (HOE) is offering a Christmas - New Year sale of the entire archive of David Little's four year course for only $350.The normal price for this material is $450. This massive amount of material is being offered at a minimum price from December 15th, 2009 to January 25th, 2010. This includes the complete set of lessons as well as an archive of all the group discussions and question and answer sessions that took place in the email classroom. Many of the international students in these discussions are teachers in their own right who have added additional material and experiences to the pool of knowledge. If you have questions or need guidance during your studies David Little will personally answer your inquiries by email. The recession and economic downturn has affected many individuals, families and businesses. By joining the course you will not only receive a discount that will help your budget, but you will also be supporting HOE at this difficult time.

Those who complete the course may apply for a certificate of completion (CH). The minimum time of study for this certificate is a period of two years. At this time, the applicant will be asked to write an essay, submit a case history with commentary, and answer questions to demonstrate proficiency with the material. The participant is requested to keep a study log listing the hours they spend studying the course material and related subjects. Hours spent studying the HOE course may be used for credits under the distance learning clause of The Counsel for Homeopathic Certification (CHC), USA. So if you would like to save $100 dollars and receive this highly respected material read the information package on our website and/or email us at

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
The Staff at HOE


New members should go to the following url Once you fill out the information required, you will be directed to a secure area where you can enter your card information etc, and the amount of the payment you wish to make. We are asking that members who are buying the course material and archives make a one-time payment of $350. If this arrangement is not possible, please contact us and discuss your situation.

Write the checks out to Friends of Health Inc.
Send the checks to the name and address below.

Chris Baz,
HC 1 Box 906
Kula, Hi, USA 96790

Tel: 808-878-1059


Please fill in the following details of our questionnaire so we can put you directly online and begin to provide you our services. Cut this section off and send it as a reply. Please don't send us the full 20K document.

1. Starting date

2. Name

3. Address.

4. Email address.

5. Phone.

6. Payment method, check or credit card. Do not enter your card number here. Only divulge your card number on our secure payment site.

7. Payment plan.

8. How did you hear about our course?

9. Please write a short resume of your experience in Homoeopathy and/or the healing arts in general.

Please let us know if you would like to proceed.
All the Best, David Little

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Comment by Elaine Lewis on January 1, 2010 at 9:43am
Wow! Debby, how were you able to paste a screen from youtube here? I have David Little's taped seminar on LM prescribing and I've listened to it often! I don't think you can get it anymore, I don't think it's for sale anywhere; so, I consider myself lucky. He talks in plain language, very engaging and conversational, easy to listen to and learn from.
Comment by Hans Weitbrecht on January 1, 2010 at 6:13am
Dear members
I haven't done David little's online course, but have worked through his online articles in detail.

He has a great ability to throw light into many areas of Hahnemann's homeopathy. Still, my findings differ when it comes to temperaments, constitutions and a few other fundamental things.

David Little, as he expressed it a few years ago, comes from Kent and with that in mind ventured into Hahnemann, so as a result of this he tries to find confirmation of his previous views in Hahnemann's work.

As for myself, I went the other way around, and started with Hahnemann and contemporaries, studied them in their own context from their theoretical works and their case records.

IMO: David Little Little's articles reflect David Littles homeopathy, which in many aspects matches Hahnemann's homeopathy, but not in all.
Comment by Debby Bruck on January 1, 2010 at 2:43am
This is the one I was looking for... To everything, turn, turn, turn, there is a season..
Comment by Elaine Lewis on January 1, 2010 at 2:03am
Dear Dr. MAS,

Speaking as "the most intelligent and respected homeopath in the homeopathic community", permit me to just say, "Holy Mary Wilson Mother of Motown!" Now, everyone just breathe quietly into this brown paper bag while I try to put this house in order. Dr. MAS, this would probably not be the best time or place to bring up the vast subject of the inadequacy of homeopathic education world-wide, mainly because it is David Little who, perhaps alone, is trying to do something about it!

You acknowledge knowing nothing about David's course, but seem to brush that aside as if it didn't matter because, an online course is, apparently, AN ONLINE COURSE! But, I don't think the problem with online courses is that they're online, I think it's an issue of whose course is it? It so happens that David Little is exactly as David Hartley stated above: one of the few homeopaths in the world who is teaching Hahnemann's advanced methods, and the only way to learn from David is online, as he rarely leaves his home in India.

Like you, I am very distressed over how easy it is the world over for "people" to call themselves "homeopaths"! Reading the discussion board at, I am constantly struck by the absurd prescriptions that "homeopaths" are giving people! But these are not homeopaths who have studied with David Little, I'll tell you that!

I think that basically you have a legitimate concern but have aired it, unfortunately, to disuade people from taking a course with the one person who could probably actually make a difference regarding this problem; in fact, I would urge everyone right now to visit David's website at and see for themselves.

Comment by Dr. MAS on December 31, 2009 at 4:32am
Katja Schütt said

Moreover, it is to point out that homeopathy would have been vanished already in Europe and US without all the non-medical practitioners !

.Dr. MAS: Again I disagree with respect. At time, US had 30 thousands homeopathic practitioners. I think in mid 50’s (Forgive me of my poor knowledge) and today, only 3 thousands including chiropractioners and naturopath. Why this decline?

Why the most modern country has left homeopathy and the most poor countries India, Paksitan, Bangladesh, Srilanka and Nepal have accepted it? We must find the answer and reason with open discussion.

The only reason is homeopathic education and practice is not standardized. It does not give you accurate answer if you add 2+2. American people are scientific mind. They need exact answer of 2+2. Whenever we could be able to provide him exact result. No body can stop them to bring homeopathy on main stream. How that could be happened?

1. Promote Higher Education
2. Allow High Grade Research Work
3. Do not stop open discussion whether it is in favour of homeopathy or against
4. Provision of Accurate Results in Homeopathic Practice.

Comment by Dr. MAS on December 31, 2009 at 4:22am
Katja Schütt said

Having said this I see no reason to discriminate non-medical practitioners IF they do have the necessary skills, and who are often better homeopath than MD's - at least I can speak for Germany and US, where I live and study. Even such great homeopath like Boenninghausen and Melanie Hahnemann were not originally trained in medicine.

.Dr. MAS: When you say, if they do have necessary skill. How that skill was developed? Obviously from education and training…… I am also talking about that skill to develop before start of treating and prescribing homeopathy. That skill could be MD, could be BHMS or MBBS or whatever the name you give. Some people developed that skill in traditional way and some use unconventional method. I am not against any method. My point is we must develop that SKILL. Now coming towards the standard of that skill…. What it should be? Here we have difference of opinion. My point is, our basic skill should be of higher standard and that could be achieved by studying all physio, biochem and patho subjects. Kent talk about PH rubrics…. What is Ph? That should be taught before prescribing… What is clavicle bone and hypogastric region? Definitely without understanding anatomy and physical examination study how can we suggest a remedy…. The example of Boenninghausen and Melanie is presented. Who said, they don’t know the answer of above questions even then they were prescribing? They don’t have traditional certification from any university but I do believe if they were treating patients then definitely they knew what is PH and Hypo region.
Comment by Dr. MAS on December 31, 2009 at 4:09am
Katja Schütt said

it is also a fact, that being a physician (MD) does not guarantee to be a good homeopath.

.Dr. MAS: I do not agree with this statement. Example is presented above
Comment by Dr. MAS on December 31, 2009 at 4:07am
Katja Schütt said

I agree that knowledge in anatomy, physiology, pathology etc. is indispensable for a homeopath, but I don't know any school who offers a doctorate without this knowledge.

.Dr. MAS: All homeopathic Colleges and Universities in Pakistan offers complete homeopathic courses. In Islamia University Bahawalpur and Peshawar, five years degree course is running. In which Homeopathic Doctors are trained. First they have to study the same syllabus which MBBS / MD doctors study. The course is approved by Pakistan Medical Council. Along with this course, homeopaths also study homeopathic syllabus, which is approved by National Council for Homeopathy Ministry of Health.. So, homeopathic doctor put double effort. i.e. MBBS course study and Homeo study. I have not seen a single person who have been diverted to Allopathy after that course. Rather I see many MBBS doctors who have been diverted towards homeopathy after the completion of their MBSS course study. They are more capable then us. They are also providing homeopathic consultation great number of patients then us. So your point is not valid. It is the need of today to put efforts in designing a course study in Germany that teaches students with all science subjects along with homeopathic course study just like I presented an example of Pakistan. It was not an easy job to establish such type of course. Atleat 10 years have been expended to launch this project. Many organization and persons put personal efforts. Now we can say, homeopathy has just come on main track if this type of course continuous and other universities also follow them. We have met the chancellor and members of syndicate committee of Gujrat University and requested to launch homeo faculty in my district also. Let’s see what happened.
Comment by Dr. MAS on December 29, 2009 at 12:49am
World Health Organization (WHO) Director of Health Dr. chan is a graduate in home economics. On the basis of that graduation she completed MD (Doctor of Medicine). Now what you can expect from her? From his office, a statement is issued. Do not treat diarrhea with homeopathic medicines. The statement is not surprizing to me, when you will appoint a person who has no practical background of understanding basic medical fields you can expect that type of statement... A home economics graduate with somehow completed MD
Comment by Katja Schütt on December 26, 2009 at 2:06pm
I agree that knowledge in anatomy, physiology, pathology etc. is indispensable for a homeopath, but I don't know any school who offers a doctorate without this knowledge. In Germany we have to pass an exam held by the state health authority about these subject to be authorized to practice homeopathy (unless you are an MD), and BIH for example requires to finish courses in these subjects for finishing the postgraduate course.
While not denying the necessary knowledge of medicine, it is also a fact, that being a physician (MD) does not guarantee to be a good homeopath. Especially in western countries allopathic trained physicians have difficulties to adopt homeopathic thinking and to fully embrace the homeopathic doctrine, remaining life-long prescribers on "indications". On the other hand I often hear from Indian homeopathy colleagues that the homeopathic education there is insufficient. Surely it would be a step forward to standardize the homeopathy education for all practitioners world wide on a high level.
Having said this I see no reason to discriminate non-medical practitioners IF they do have the necessary skills, and who are often better homeopath than MD's - at least I can speak for Germany and US, where I live and study. Even such great homeopath like Boenninghausen and Melanie Hahnemann were not originally trained in medicine. Moreover, it is to point out that homeopathy would have been vanished already in Europe and US without all the non-medical practitioners !
Regarding David Little's course and other online courses I cannot see why the written word shall be of less value than the spoken one, and that an online course shall not be able to help to become a better practitioner. Even most of Hahnemann's disciples learned from his master exclusively by correspondence. In fact, there are only a few homeopath who truely master Hahnemann's advanced methods (also amongst MD's), most still practicing according to the 4th Organon "watch and wait" method of the dry dose. David issues a certificate for mastering the content of its course and not for becoming a "homeopathic doctor". But to judge his or any other online course one should at least have finished it. David Little's course is for sure not a short online crash course which produces pseudo-homeopath.

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