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Homoeopathy:mystic science; most often we heard so because of its difficult to interpret principles, its working phenomena; lack of reproducibility of the result with the same drug for the same disease;etc etc
It is happening at the moment among the different galleries of society as not only a layman but even a homoeopathic practitioner sometimes at different leval of his experiences suffer.Mainly its because of the lack of right explanation of the principles and mode of actions of homoeopathic drugs.
Different seminars and teachers except a few are nothing but the repitition of the datas already present in the books and repertories.Presenting such bookish patterns for the considerations of homoeopathic physicians for their clinical practices without confirming them personally at the clinical premises is nothing but the simple misleading act taken for business point of view only, not for the well being of homoeopathy.
Collecting different datas from two three books and publishing with different names and headings to score the publicity and funds is purely fake homoeopathy.A simple search in the repertory index can give such datas very easily.But simply to publish books of self name with " cut copy paste pattern" showing that i am having immense knowledge should be and must be condemned.As such people cannot be the teacher of this art and science.They will give conglomerate pictures and facts that when applied in a given case will spoil the case.
The need of the hour is to provide the true experience what a doctor is getting after applying the true facts and principles of homoeopathy with his patients in clinics and hospitals so that fraternity can be benefitted.The art of case takings in different realms of prescribings and cases of varied pathologies and severities must be dealt with utmost zeal;but what is happeneing at the moment as came to my vision is ,....cut copy of the author and a book is ready to publish and portrayed at ddifferent platforms of media..print media and internet especially.
So please provide us yours experiences at clinical levals with your patient after applying principles in its true sense ..only then you can serve homoeopathy,not by collecting and publishing datas..that is so easily available with a single click of search in the latest homoeopathic softwares now a days.This was condenmned by the Hahnemann itself for the theories and hypothesis, we all know ver well.
Hope my words ,maybe not appropriate to certain readers for their personal reasons ,but in the interest of homeopathic students,will taken by the fraternity in good sense.


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Comment by Dr. Meakin Mittu M.D.(Hom.) on August 13, 2009 at 2:49am
Dr Majeed ji,

Dear sir,
i am thankful that you complement my was just a thought as i was feeling since long and even now feeling around myself ,so just write down.
Age ... as you said i am just like your son.

Comment by Muhammed Arshad Majeed on August 12, 2009 at 2:18pm
O! BHAI MITTU G, Again you are saying what I want ,,,,yeh hi mittee hae East Punjab ki , oh ,yaar Baittey how old are you ? you are just as my son.
Dr.M.Arshad Majeed

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