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crying of Hahnemann

Homeopathy is gift to humanity,this excellent gift was formulated by Dr.Samuel Hahnemann in 1790 who think beyond the limit of sky.

After the two centuries there are some blunt mind homeopaths who emasculated
the homeopathy and creates many excellent methods of Art of healing.And
into practice of religion and formulated new God "The God of Money".

Approximately more than 60% homeopaths today around the world does not practice the
classical homeopathy and convert into orthodox practice of healing
which is not the art of healing by any mean.

Why they do this? Why they can"t understand the basic ideas of homeopathy which is so
simple in the language? Are they illiterate ? Or why they create
confusions in the mind about homeopathy. I saw many foolish person who
claim that they are homeopath, they mix many homeopathic medicines in
one bottle and say this is perfect to cure. Perhaps they don't know
what is the mean of CURE.

I observe many time that the confusion start with the aphorism number 9 and they does not know the exact mean
of VITAL FORCE and what is vital in the world.
Master Hahnemann was described the vital force or vital principle in the very simple language.

Go to any homeopath who practice today whatever it doesn't matter what
they practice and ask the one simple question sir what do you
understand by the vital force and how can you relates these two norms
to spirit and soul? what does the mean of dynamic?

They answered have you ever seen the Air, gravitational force, electricity, obviously the answer of this question is NO.

As you say No they describe the another line with a wide smile on face,
these above forces are dynamic and we can't see these, only feel their
presence and effect on the earth, so there are some immaterial things
present in the earth which governs by Almighty, is spiritual.

Then they ask one question to you that you ever seen the dead body
immediately after death, if you examine the body what will you find,
you find all the organs are present in the body and what was missing,
off course the Soul, this soul is dynamic autocratic and automatic and
that the reason that Dr. Hahnemann was coined the new term for this
immaterial soul is Vital force.

If you are little bit of wise person and studied the concept of Chemistry, biology and physics in the
former classes then you are able to say that "but Sir, the
gravitational force magnetic force electricity, air all these are
measurable and have some magnitude the why Dr. Hahnemann used the force.
The doctor sitting in front of you ask that Are you materialistic minded.

This is the little story of misconception of vital force and why Dr. Hahnemann change the term vital force into vital principle

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