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Connection Between the Seat of Cutaneous Affection and The Internal Organ Affected

At the French homoeopathic congress of 1851, Dr Nunez of Madrid,

presented a paper to show the connection of herpetic and other eruptions with internal diseases, according to the portion of body they occupied.

Following is the summary of Dr Nunez`s observations –

1. When herpetic eruptions, especially eczema on the anus and scrotum, are driven off, there follow, sooner or later, serious, even organic, liver diseases. On the other hand, liver complaints are often
materially benefitted by the appearance of herpes on the anus.

2. The suppression of herpes on the lower extremities, especially legs, is often followed by liver complaints, but more frequently by affections of stomach and other parts of the digestive organs (the bowels).

3. Prurigo on the scrotum and penis has a relation to impotence and seminal emissions. The former he found always to depend on such herpetic eruptions, when debauchery was not the cause of it.

4. The disappearance of eczema behind the ears is children are frequently followed by troublesome cough.

5. Phthisis Pulmonalis is a frequent consequence of suppressed eruptions on the head, especially tinea.

6. The suppression of humid herpetic eruptions on the arms and hands disposes to phthisis laryngea, and on the other hand, affections of the larynx are often relieved by the appearance of eruptions on the arms.

7. The suppression of dry eruptions (lichen) on the palm of hand often causes nervous asthma.

8. Eye affections of children and scrofulous subjects are often connected with eruptions behind the ears.

9. Scabs in the nose and nostrils and erysipelatous swellings of the nose have a connection with discharges from ears.

10. Acne rosacea and certain heart affections have a mutual dependency.

Experiences in this regard from the members of HWC are invited.

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Comment by Dr Dushyant Kamal Dhari on March 16, 2010 at 3:46am
Thanks Dr Madhavan, our master Dr Hahnemann has stated it very clearly that suppression of eruptions can lead to innumerable affections but here we are trying to make a connection between the site of eruption and the internal organ affected due to its suppression.

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