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A debt of gratitude to Kuram Anand for compiling a list of the archived blogs and their links for our members to search and read.



MAY 2009 [BLOGS]

102. Homeopathy legacy of humanity Felipe Cardenas 31-5-09

101. Western College of Homeopathic Medicine Linda Faye 31-5-09

100. Pollen Allergy M Ahmed 31-5-09

99. Homeopathy Gets Freeped Bernie Simon 28-5-09

98. Smile for a while Muhammad Noor Asi 28-5-09

97. Homeopathy First Aid- a Poem in Urdu Language Muhammad Noor Asi 28-5-09

96. Facial hair/unwanted hair and homeopathy Muhammad Noor Asi 28-5-09

95. Ah, The Irony Bernie Simon 27-5-09

94. Energy Testing to Select Remedies Angela Burr-Madsen 26-5-09

93. Successful Vaccination in Cuba by Didi Ananda Ruchira Ildiko Nagy 26-5-09

92. Bitterness Bernie Simon 26-5-09

91. Have a Great Sleep Muhammad Noor 26-5-09

90. Swine Flu - the real facts, homeopathic Management & Power poin... Mansoor Ali 25-5-09

89. Homeopathy the Granfather of Alternative Medicine Diana Dewan 25-5-09

88. Cancer and Homeopathy Ghulam Farooq 25-5-09

87. Cancer and Homeopathy Bernie Simon 23-5-09

86. Swineflu now made it to Iceland via New York - "it was only a matte... Gundy Osk 23-5-09

85. My interest to treat Sperm related disorders with Homeopathy Nikunj M Trivedi 22-5-09.

84. read online: Hahnemann's own handwritten revisions for 6th edition ... David Haartley 19-5-09

83. NEW Blog from Luminos Homeopathy Aryana Rayne 19-5-09

82. The Original Search Engine Bernie Simon 18-5-09

81. HUMOR Debby Bruck 17-5-09

80. An Analogy to How Homeopathy Works and Hypericum to the Rescue Diana Dewan 17-5-09

79. Swiss votation for homeopathic medicine to be included in basic hea... Gemma 16-5-09

78. Homeopathic Treatment of Asthma M. Ahmed 16-5-09

77. Homeopathic Treatment of Asthma Bernie Simon 15-5-09

76. prozessorientierte Homeopathie Jamina 15-5-09

75. North Carolina Health Freedom Debby 15-5-09

74. My home on the web Come and visit John Board 14-5-09

73. My home on the web Come and visit Bernie 14-5-09

72. Grief and Loss with Ignatia amara Diana Dewan 14-5-09

71. Please support homeopathy - Organic Consumer's website David artley 14-5-09

70. Want to Learn Homeopathy- Abdus Salik 13-5-09

69. Homeostasis and HomeopathyLouise Barton 13-5-09

68. Vaccine Alert Video Debby 13-5-09

67. Aurum Met - Aurum Foliatum - Aurum Hahnemanni ? david Hartley 13-5-09

66. Allergy M. Ahmed 13-5-09

65. NCH Online Chat- Melanie Grimes presents What Needs to be Healed on... Melanje Grimes 12-5-09

64. The Strength of Numbers. Standing up and being Counted. John Board 12-5-09

63. Even Ben Agrees Bernie 11-5-09

62. Our "Homeopathic" Twitter Page El Cecchetto 10-5-09

61. Washington Homeopathic Recognized Bernie 7-5-09

60. Open Homeopathy Encyclopedia Project Debby 5-5-09

58. V for Vendetta Bernie 4-5-09

57. What is Community Homeopathy ? Who is the founder ? Mumtaz Ali Riaz 4-5-09

56. UNITED Homoeopathy world community K Srinivasa 3-5-09

55. It's an Ill Wind Bernie 1-5-09.

54. Thank You To Those Who Give Internet Love & Links Debby 1-5-09

53. New Rubric for Desires: Dance Debby 1-5-09


52. Medical News Bernie Simon 30-4-09

51. How I got here. Jennifer Robin 28-4-2009

50. Enlightenment or Madness? Bernie Simon 28-4-2009

48. Influenza Pandemics and Long Forgotten Wonders of Homeopathy Bente degard 28-4-2009

47. Salt an Antidepressant Bernie simon 27-4-2009

46. Homeopathy and the Spanish Flu Bernie simon 27-4-09



44. FLU - Why it's scary and how homeopathy can help Mary Aspinwall 26-4-09

43. The Merck Mafia Bernie Simon 23-4-09

42. Beating the Odds with Homeopathy Bernie simon 23-4-09

41. - alternative healing Co-op in San Francisco bay area David Hartley 23-4-09

40. The Homeopathic Bowel Nosodes Mark O’Sullivan 23-4-09

39. PBS FRONTLINE ON HEALTH CARE: What it is like to be sick around the... Debby Bruck 22-4-09

38. World-Wide Twitter Group for Micro-Bloggers Debby Bruck 21-4-2009

37. Treasures of the Past Bernie Simon 21-4-2009

36. Autism o ne Interview With Cheryl Steinberg Cheryl Steinberg 20-4-2009

35. Follow our Blog (add yourself at the bottom right side of the page)! El Cecchtto 20-4-09

34. How To Find A Similimum Appropriate and Suitable Homeopathic Remedy Shashimohan Sharma 19-4-2009

33. A Visit to Hahnemann's House Bernie Simon 19-4-09

32. Homeopathy realy works . Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi on 19-4- 2009

31. How To Explain Complexity of A Homeopath Role To A Client: Kavitha kukunoor 18-4-09.

30 Integrated Healthcare Val Young 18-4-09

29. my signature-Raghavan K. Srinivasa Raghavan 17-4-09

28. Anti-Science Bernie Simon 17-4-09

27. Homeopathy and so called "Incurable cases" Shashmohan Shaarma 17-4-09

26. How healthy are chronically ill patients after eight years of homeopathic treatment? – Results from a long
term observational study
Jerry van den Bosch 17-4-09

25. How to Argue with Nearly Anyone Bernie Simon 16-4-09

24. Homeopathic case taking questionnaires and individualisation Fiona Dilston.

23. Dr. Melvyn Smith, RIP Bernie simon 15-4-09

22. Switched On Health Golf Extravaganza. Albertine Phan 15-4-09

21. Homeopathy world Community K Srinivasa Raghavan 15-4-09

20. Sir John Maddox RIP Bernie Simon 14-4-09

19. Vitalism Bernie Simon 14-4-09

18. Letter to President Obama Mary Terhune 14-4-09

16. The Principles of Homeopathy Bernie Simon 13-4-09

15. Chocolate Addiction and Homeopathy Sam Adkins 13-4-09

14. Placebo Power Bernie Simon 12-4-09

13. The role of chocolate in Homeopathy Mike Andrews 12-4-09

12. The Placebo Paradox Bernie Simon 11-4-09

11. Royal London Homepathic Hospital - a visit in Aug '08 Mark O’Sullivan 11-4-09

10. Royal London Homepathic Hospital - a visit in Aug '08

9.Free online training for beginners and homeopathy kits Mary Aspinwall 10-4-09


7.Drugs and Suppression Jolinda Rocket 10-4-09

6.A small company dedicated to farm animals health Annie Boudreau 10-4-09

5.My Story of Cancer and Homoeopathy Jemma Hoefkens 10-4-09

4.Thank you Debbie Gundy Osk 9-4-09

3.Homeopathy Up Date News Nik Omar 8-4-09

2.Homeopathy History Nik Omar 8-4-09

1.This Website Has So Much Potential for the Homeopathic Community Debby Bruck 2-4-09

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Comment by Dr Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD(Hom) on November 23, 2010 at 6:34am
Thanks a lot for this wonderful catalogue.
Comment by Viktor Kalocsai on February 10, 2011 at 5:16am
indeed, very useful Debby.


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