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We must feel sorry and compassion for our poor allopaths brothers because they cannot cure almost any disease.

Now, the reason why the chemical allopathic drug cannot cure and only control diseases is that it acts only in the cell and if homeopathic medicine and acupuncture instruments heals is because they act in the CNS which handles all the cell's environment. This is what I say in my books and I want to ask you all in this group: do you know somebody who says something like this? I thank you all in advance for your attention. 

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Comment by Andrés Amado Zuno Arce on September 14, 2012 at 9:05am

Dear Shashi:

It’s not necessary to say “thank you for your blog”. It’s a pleasure. I appreciate your words, though.

But look, when I say that the brain is the main goal, the direct objective of the homeoremedy it’s because it has the control of all the other organs, as well as tissues and cells. Allopathy tries to cure acting on organs, only, through the chemical action in the cell. The CNS in not even considered. Homeoremedies need not to act on the cell directly. What for, if it can produce a reaction of the control centre, the CNS and indirectly all the organism? This is a superiority of homeopathy. I think this is the most dramatic difference between allopathy and homeopathy.

This is the reason why, as you say; “Actually Homeopathy is the only system of treatment which cure the entire perceptible morbid phenomena”

Allopathy tries to heal only cells. This is the reason of its extreme failure.

As long as they cannot handle the entire body, only cells, they cannot cure, so when they are in front of a patient they must feel miserable because they are unable to heal. This phenomenon does not happen with homeopathy. We can restore health. 

Best wishes to all!!!

Comment by Dr Shashi Mohan Sharma on September 13, 2012 at 11:16am

Dear Andres,

Thank you for your Blog. Actually Homeopathy is the only system of treatment, which cure the entire perceptible morbid phenomena. It is not limited to one or more organs of the body.

Our master Dr Hahnemann has given us the most natural system of holistic treatment, which is only next to nature. The law of vital force, law of similar is not known to our allopathic friends and they do not want to know, hear or learn anything except their teachings, so this make us more competent, advance and scientifically natural practitioners.

I request all practising homeopaths to follow our master as per his divine instructions as given in the Organon of Medicine. I guarantee that one following these instructions properly will be never disappointed.

Please remember that every failure is the result of not following the fundamental principles of homoeopathy:

these are Simple or Single, Similimum and Minimum.

With best wishes all in the Hahnemanninan mission.

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