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Color in Therapy

Main rules

Every color can look positive or negative, sedate and work as tonic, is basing or destroys.

Acute illnesses require high, strong tins, in short distances (to 3 times daily and between every radiotherapy at least 2 hours of break should be inserted).

Chronic illnesses need weak, mild dosage in bigger intervals of repetition (from 2 to 3 times weekly).

The radiotherapy duration should amount per meeting about 10-20 minutes. In the normal case 2-3 treatments are carried out per week. With magnetic field therapy the values given there make sense.

With radiotherapy with 2 colors at the same time the second color may be only the contrasting color. The surface irradiated by the contrasting color (Antidot) may amount at most to 1/3 of the area irradiated by the main color (e.g.: 2/3 Red + 1/3 green. With the instruction for use in the change the colors not at the same time, but always are applied successively, even if it concerns colors which harmonize after the chromatics not with each other).

The distance emitter <-> patient can amount to approx. 20 to 80 cm according to state of affairs. It should be avoided before all things that the patient of the warmth going out from the lamps is put out more than without fail. With the Color therapy only the color rays work. Additional warmth can influence the success negatively, be contraindicated often even. This patient“ lets himself bring by the decrease of the achievement strength of the lamps (dimmer) or by enlargement of the distance „emitter × Ø Any time on an optimum.


Complementary colors are confronted in the color circle and are complementary, because they contain together all three basic colors. They can lift the mutual effect. Too much can be neutralised by the opposite color.

Green = (yellow + blue), orange = (red + yellow), Violet = (blue + red)

e.g., Red + green = Red + (yellow + blue)


Red stands at the head of the life triangle. It stands for fire, heat, activity, movement. Red includes vitality, energy, energy, excitement (in the positive and in the negative sense, e.g., love, hatred, recognition, destruction).

It brings life energy, while it strengthens the body and warms with cold. If it is too intensive and cannot be processed, it generates aggression.

Red we associate with fire, with destruction and power: We see in a fit of rage Red. We think with Red also of blood, of the vitality.

Because Red is effective very intensely, we must handle in the color therapy very carefully with his application, because come it easily to over-reactions.

Red we can start where something should come in way:

Purification, metabolism processes, digestive processes. It promotes the blood circulation, leads to the blush and, therefore, helps also in all removal processes. Everywhere where we want to bring a little bit from the inside outwardly what restrains the body or holds in an internal poisoning situation, is Red a sensible factor.

With red clothes we can canalize aggressions or aggression expression. Thus every allergy sufferer with is "filled" Red and should bring this color which rules in his inside (suppressed aggression) outwardly. He is able to do this with red clothes, is it a cloth, a tie or similar decorative measures.

However, we should avoid the red painting of living space and living space, because we take up by the sight Red in ourselves and provide thus for the fact that our red level recorder rises, around us fill possibly for welfare with this energy „to about“. Then we get in an internal traffic jam which almost blows up us.

Because a woman tries during the menstruation to eliminate spent blood and fabric, it can be very helpful to support this process with red underwear.

If somebody often feels chilly, red socks and red clothing help him.

With all processes, itself by a lack of removal distinguish as for example a congested nose, specific infrared rays help to the place of the action, it is the nose with odor loss, these are the kidneys with liquid removal not enough. We must guarantee the necessary liquid supply, besides, always in the sufficient measure. In both cases the radiotherapy of the accompanying points on the bubble meridian and also the meridian is recommended in his whole length which we can coat accordingly of kinesiological procedures several times from beginning Ø End Ø Beginning Ø End... Ø Beginning with a color giver.

As long as a process is still basically mobilizeable, the color helps Red. As soon as a process excludes itself by a lack of functional mechanisms (missing organ or organ components), we cannot heal any more inevitably, however, probably help, because we remember with our body memory the existence and function of the area.

Complementary color


Organ allocation

Mesoderm / Mesenchym

Medical effect

restoratively, very stimulatingly, accelerating, increase of the heart frequency and pulse frequency, hypertonic, blood circulation-supporting, hämopoetic, diuretic, respiratory-stimulatingly, reducing of congestion, appetizing, hyperemia, antidepressant, anti-lethargically, the pain readiness is increased.

Chemical reaction



1. Chakra

Basis chakra

This Chakra communicates with 7. (Parting) Chakra. It produces the connection with the surface of the earth and with the life-preserving interests. There is to the person firmness, connects him with his creativity, permits to him self-assertion and the ability to differentiate itself against his sphere. It is the base energy on which we build up our life.


physical allocation

Teeth, nails, bones, prostate gland, large intestine to anus, cell construction, blood, sciatica, sex

Sensory function



Will to the being, to the life, for the penetration, to the impulse

Music therapy

Rhythm-stressed music, C

Hyperfunction of the Basis chakras

Hyperfunction expresses itself by too much of these areas: too much food and enjoyment (on which base also always), too much weight, too much fierceness up to the aggression, too much power avarice and abuse of power. Too much fierceness on external charms (e.g., allergy).

This can be compensated by the complementary color green (to turquoise) if this color is taken up. Admission possibilities: Radiotherapy (8-10 minutes, turquoise), precious stones, Farböltherapie, suitable food like salads and vegetables. Analogous frequency and tones (H).

hypofunction of the Basis chakras

She appears by a lack of defensive ability, lacking opposition forces, low penetration ability, experienced dominance by third, not enough independence and individuality, diminished creativity. All physical difficulties which walk along with these qualities by functional incompetency distinguish themselves, need an increase of the red energy level recorder. If not enough blood or red blood cells circulate, the person of the red suggestion needs. Also if he shows not enough weight, allows itself no pleasure, cannot defend itself against infections, he needs red / pink radiotherapy (8-10 min., precious stones, food, clothes, analogous music (C & G)



Red + Magenta


„The red light not always holds what promises it to the wanderer!“ This saying refers on Scarlet and describes indirectly his effect: She develops, primarily, in the area of the sexuality. If we light up a face exclusively with Scarlet, we can hardly decide more how old this person is, because his folds do not stand out in these surroundings any more. A brothel owner maybe does not understand particularly a lot from the color apprenticeship, but the experience has shown him that his clientele reacts very much lively to this lighting, while even the most strained face still seems fresh and young.

Everything what stands in this connection feels by Scarlet promoted. The readiness to the sexuality is increased, period pains is relieved, the menstruation is promoted.

Also the circulation and the oxygen admission are stimulated. The color accelerates the birth, stimulates every movement and dissolves old depositions.

The life experiences new freshness and an unexpected impulse.




Red + (minimally) Blue. This color corresponds in the color feeling exact Red, as soon as it is used as a compound color.


Therefore, we can use this Red energetisiert, it in exhaustion phases as an emergency measure. The emotional life becomes more harmonious. However, in the dosage care is offered, because leads too much to the fact that forces also run off again. This can be compensated by green.

Application possibilities are an exhaustion, faint, circulatory weakness and breakdowns from weakness. Heart, circulation and kidneys are worked as tonic. In the pregnancy it strengthens mother and child, because it has protecting character.

If we irradiate water and food with Magenta, help this energy additional too more anew. Food is irradiated for reasons of the durability often with ultraviolet light (ultraviolet), this takes the vitality from them and often receives only the optical effect; magenta turns around the process and vitalizes the food again which should be used then, however, as soon as possible.



Red + blue


Magenta (to Violet) has reassuring effect on the mind. The thoughts which have hopped till then „from branch to branch“ settle down and we find balance in all areas of the existence.

Too much makes drowsy, which is why we should pay attention nowhere to use this color where our unlimited attention is necessary, e.g., with the motoring.

Everywhere where our reaction is carried too far where a too violent defense takes place, adjusts and sedates magenta the relations.

A bed should be equipped somewhere by this color in the form of decorative moments; if it is a suitable cloth, it is a picture, because here magenta works as a sleeping drug, because it gives rest and the body balance to the thoughts. With worried children this color causes miracle. The blood pressure falls and the possible fever falls (which rises regularly by the night with infections); cough is reduced, the blood circulation is promoted in the legs. If we think highly for sexual-erotic reasons of a certain liveliness, we should exclude this color temporarily.



Red + white


Rose corresponds in many respects to the green effect. However, the cleaning effect is absent, instead of this the allowance, the sympathy, the heart warmth and the gentleness increases. Instinctively developed wishes transform themselves to deliberate turning. Disharmonies smooth to harmonious accents.

Hence, we can use Rose in the area of the children's room, indifferently whether it concerns a girl or a boy. This color damps hectic rush and noise, harmonizes family life and professional life. The excited heart activity finds the way back to a healthy rhythm, aggressiveness is diminished.

4. Chakra

Heart chakra

Here we should make a distinction between the heart region of (Hara) and the heart chakra. The latter sits about the breastbone by height of the 4th and 5th dorsal vertebra. It is the middle one of seven main chakras, the center of this energetic construction. It corresponds to „own core“, which we search to rest in ourselves; here we believe, melt with the creation and one feel us with the life.

Rose causes the harmonization, green the purification. Very feeling-stressed people prefer Rose, rather intellectually stressed people the green. „Rose glasses“ look at the world above all under the aspect of the love, „green is the loyalty“ we say.

Cleaning for the heart chakra a green to the turquoise looks tended; we can direct this in case of need upon the heart chakra. If his functions are stressed too slightly, we can start Magenta.


physical allocation

Heart, lower lung area, chest and thoracic cavity, skin, blood and circulation, Thymus gland

Sensory function




Music therapy

Classical music, sacred music and New Age music, fa


Feeling armored plating self-overestimation, lacking susceptibility


Superficiality, depressions, sadness, heartlessness, coldness



Red + Yellow


Red mobilized yellow differentiates. Both proves together strength and quality, strengthens the courage to the life and the ability to accept this differentiating and influencing.

It looks constructing, tonic, makes happy, promotes the positive behavior, damps the intensity from Red and adjusts the readiness to go to the depth (what can be too grueling).

Thus it is health-supporting in every regard and is lively influencing. The appetite is stimulated. The mind feels cheerful and active. We develop courage to the change and are more and rather ready to solve our problems.

The advertisement helps itself to this color with pleasure if it wants to sell a consumable; the orange allows to access and actively and prevents that we much too exactly question whether we want this also really. What always we may hold from the influence of the colors, in the application of the advertising industry we can read how actually color on our world understanding works.

The high red portion in this compound color stresses the careful contact with her. With this Red we can expand, step outwardly, depression and melancholy in favor of from warmth and openness change. The red portion puts signal and wakes our attention (building site marks, protective clothes in the occupation …). If to us has lain with this attention if we send our children in the traffic and to the school, we should pay attention with the clothes to this color, because the driver will better perceive an orange-dressed person.

Because our digestive tract should work mobile and differentiating, we can influence all functions of the stomach bowel tract with this color positively. Poisons are sorted out and eliminated, having a convulsion trends are reduced. Under the trace elements calcium has a comparatively effect. Hence, orange also causes the construction of osseous substance and the installation of vitamin C (Rachitis). This refers to the pregnancy in which especially the osseous construction of the child and the osseous dismantling of the mother wants to be influenced positively. In the dentation of the children we can also have a lot of influence with this color.

Medical effect

Metabolism-supporting, cleansing by the gas exchange, cholerical, lymphatical, the nephritic function stimulating, laxative, calcium construction in bone and teeth, normalizing with cramps and in the heart function.

Chemical reaction

Slightly crossly

2. Chakra

Sacral chakra

This center supplies all gonads, the gonads, estrogen and testosterone metabolisms, removal processes and cleansing processes of all affected organ areas.

By hand this Chakra with a massage which takes place adequately as the large intestine course falls under influence: clockwise about the abdominal cavity with two level lying hands which must enclose by height of the appendix with every orbit. If we make this under orange radiotherapy, the effect on reassurance and removal is clearly higher. If we want to reach with a radiotherapy something, we compensate for the hyperfunction in front with indigo blue, behind only with Magenta. The hypofunction becomes Magenta in front with orange +, behind only with Magenta influenced.


Physical allocation

Reproductive organs, pelvic space, bubble, kidneys, blood, lymph, digestive juices, sperm, dissolution secretion, testicles, prostate gland, ovaries

Sensory function



Creative reproduction

Music therapy

Folk music and light music, D


Carried too far and selfish sexuality, coarsened sensuousness, compulsive imagination, increased sex drive


Disturbed self-esteem, solidification, sexual coldness, blocked sensuousness



Yellow goes to the depth. It contains warmth without looking as dominating as Red. With cheerfulness Yellow combines, it can emit comfort. With Yellow we connect the sunlight, on every child drawing our sun appears in this color. Thus we can understand the effect kind of this color also most lightly: In the sun we feel fine, she warms up us, she makes us cheerful. We feel how she allows to flow in permanently life onto the world, optimism brings and allows development.

Yellow illuminates in the everyday life, make recognizing of events, behavior and respect possibly. The actions are considered and developed. They lead to growth and health, wealth of ideas and an animated spiritual activity. The life becomes a world-turned and flexibly, practically and sturdy, openly and cheerfully.

If we exaggerate this, we can get excited badly, be roused by it to others in envy in the success or react very jealously.

If Yellow is represented in our life not enough, this appears by a too low gastric juice production, the bilious liquid does not run enough and the metabolism cannot detoxify so surely. Then we easily resign, become apathetical and bring to the life not enough interest. Then we simply do not think any more that we could receive the life and our health. This Yellow makes a therapeutically relevant color, above all if for us goes around functional organs of our metabolism.

Kidneys and lymph flow are promoted, paralyses are diminished, the environment is spoilt for parasite. Hearing and sense of smell improve, learning joy and working desire find a lively expression.

Activities of all kind are strengthened by this color.

Medical effect

Slightly restoratively, constructing, restorative. Yellow looks primarily on the glandular functions stimulative, secretion-supporting, mucous membrane-activating, nervous-restorative and properistaltisch. Insulin production and bilious production.

Organ allocation


Chemical reaction

slightly crossly

3. Chakra

This Chakra lies in the depression under the breastbone. Almost each of us knows his situation because it defines herself by the feeling of the „stone in the stomach“ easily; who has not felt this, nevertheless, already once. The 2nd chakra (orange) corresponds with the 5th (blue); analogously this means: Our perception (5. Chakra, mouth to neck) processes the information (3. Chakra, stomach), manages with it either well (pleasant sensation, warmth), or stumbles (fear, cramp). We can understand this particularly well, when we the analogies organ Ø psychic background.

Everything encloses the "solar plexus", called also "solar plexus", between breast and loins.

This area defines the ego, the personal setting and conversion. The over-reaction tends in the direction of egoism and dominance, readiness to prejudice and dogmatism, lack of flexibility as well as spiritual and physical stone education. The hyporeaction brings a too big adaptation with itself which turns out as unagreeable because it is connected with submission. Then we give ourselves too many troubles; feel us maybe as "mobbed", outmaneuvered and as a victim.

Hyperfunction we treat with green, hypofunction with Yellow, orange or Red.


Physical allocation

Stomachs, liver, spleen, gall bladder, pancreas, digestive system, abdominal cavity, vegetative nervous system

Sensory function



Creation of the being

Music therapy

Igneous rhythms, E


Abuse of power, restlessness, discontent, blocked emotions, irritability


Insecurity, emotional weakness, despondence, recognition by adaptation, „missing middle“



Luminous Yellow + bright blue


Because green cleans basically, this special green helps to let go charges, to stimulate immune system and Thymus gland. The memory, unloaded from old data, becomes receptive, blockades are dissolved and the life receives movement again. The nearness to the heart green allows understanding, allowance and luck feeling. The thoughts start again, differentiation (Yellow) and consideration (Blue) become again possibly.

Thus the area of application of this color arises: Chronic phenomena, buildups, poisoning, cleaning of old metabolism and illness products like mucus and seclusions. Lump and stone education is counteracted. Aluminium charges can be diminished.

Chakra: Lemon colored Thymus-centrum

It lies between 4th and 5th Chakra and is subordinated to the 5th. After scientific knowledge above all the childish growth should support the Thymus gland, then put, nevertheless, the company. The assigned Chakra does not do this certainly. It seems to me very logical: The growth can be valid sometime concerning body length as full; nevertheless, the maintenance of the spiritual and physical size wants to be worked on every day anew. Thus the hormone production becomes certainly sometime superfluous, but not the energy for the personal treatment of our personal growth.

We derive here the energy for our self-confidence. In case of closer consideration we can observe how self-confident people buckle „in the breast“, quite directly with it her Thymus-chakra stimulative. This receives us young and receptive. Comparisons here also the connection to the Kinesiology which works about „mental buttons and learning buttons“ stimulatingly.

A hyperfunction is hardly conceivable, probably, however, an hypofunction which we can diminish with suitable radiotherapy of Lemon all around this Chakra area. Alternatively there comes up the possibility to carry a turquoise by possibly this height, even if this color is not identical with Lemon.



Yellow + blue = full, juicy green


The effect from green concentrates upon the heart and shines from there. It harmonizes and helps to find own middle (see also Rose). It is the mixture of warmth (Red to Yellow) to coolness (Blue); this makes the color Green neutral, symbolizes the balance, the harmony.

The winter looks depressing on us with his grey tones; if the first green sprouts, these our life minds vitalize, the spring lets us hope, the summer brings us there to the climax of the year. This is the analogy to this color which leads for growth, energy increase, accumulation and increased consciousness. We feel the nature as absolutely necessary, we live in her as her part, are aware of that also, if we get touch of it. Thus it also goes out to us if we expose ourselves to the full green. We can handle well-balanced and more temperate with carried too far energy, we find to more harmonious thoughts and more productive attempts.

On this occasion, the pale green mixed with white is to be avoided, because it becomes effective frosty and low-frequency and provides for us the feeling of refrigerator and stiffness. However, the clear, intensive green rescues the growth in itself to be able to live good food, a developing nature and the security linked with it, in spite of all changes well.

Green harmonizes states of hypersensitivity, fury and ego stress, reduces hatred and rage, promotes the healing, brings back balance and a smile. Green is most important of all remedial colors because it refers to mental and physical areas equally.

Green looks antiseptic, destroys germs and causes, cleans the body, restrains destruction, and promotes the growth (in harmony). Processes with inflammatory character lead to the healing, particularly when the (emotional) reason of the inflammation is worked on (look „Healthy Awareness”). Bruises, buildups and bruises break up faster. Blockage and failure are influenced (esp. in the large intestine point) positively. It calms overexerted eyes what is an advantage for wearers of glasses and screen works. Just at works on the computer both colors of the heart region are recommended: Green calms the eyes, Rose (as a rose quartz) the incriminating energetic field. Drink at these works water of a green glass and lay a pretty rose quartz beside your screen; the tensions appearing at these works are reduced diminished if not even totally. A look from the window in the green nature or on the flower bank mobilizes the forces. As a substitute we can bring curtains or pictures in our look area.

This is also valid for all the other areas of life. Green as decoration means or plant world raises the spirits, brings internal balance, reduces discontent and finishes undesirable effect of thought. We can use this color, therefore, safely in a lot.

Medical effect

Antiphlogistic, bactericidal, compensatory, calming, intermediatory; however, it can also work, depending on whether a bigger blue portion or yellow portion is given, restorative or sedative. Rest and rest, however, in being based, positive sense. With the neutral green one can influence the mood situation ruling at the moment of a patient always to the positive side; strengths are diminished, weaknesses are raised. Therapeutically green is used to cure acute buildups and blockades and to cure hot, inflammatory, swollen, painful and reddened illness processes or to relieve. Thus green radiotherapy with an acute, painful bilious traffic jam can get going the bilious river again.

Chemical reaction


Hara-Centre (Heart chakra looks pink)

The Hara-Centre whose harmony color is a green is none of the main chakras. Here rather it concerns a zone with the internal force main focus of the person in his middle. It is mobilized mostly successfully about the respiration which is stressed particularly when we sigh. Here we anchor ourselves and dispose with it around considerable and strong energy because we are able to do ourselves from charges "free breathing". Moreover there are different exercises from the area of the Prana respiration.

Luminous orange and green helps in hypofunction; or - if mental disharmony is the cause - Magenta.



Yellow + French green


Distributing internal spiritual clarity in harmony, truth and creative expressiveness. Clearing form of the thoughts. Cooling and refreshing effect. Communication-supporting turquoise causes an honest conversation, a settling relation.

Also this green tone helps at works on the computer, television screen and with high electric tension portion (e.g., ring-shaped transfer of lines round the space what can bring big difficulties) particularly with cubicles. Turquoise can influence all mental areas reassuringly.

Physically it helps in all healings of the skin, particularly if this was damaged before by combustion. Because headaches are mostly caused by an energy traffic jam (sexual or emotional-spiritual problems), turquoise also helps here.

Particularly in the area of the sign gland it has influence in harmony. Because the sign gland is a physical analogy for the expression place of creative, creative energy, the hypertrophy of this organ means that the person cannot confess to his internal form or is allowed; here blockades of the expression rule which decrease under circumstances to child days in which to the small person his personal expression became refused / forbidden. Turquoise can help him to find to his own and typical way on which he can present himself and his creativity.

The radiotherapy with turquoise is carried out in the sacrum area and on the sign gland. She is safe.

5. Chakra

Light blue-colored to turquoise-colored 5th Chakra

The 5th communicates with 3rd Chakra and encloses the whole neck with his organs which stand for perception (mouth) and expression (sign gland) which allow communication (vocal chords, bronchi, lungs). It shows the access to pleasure and leisure.

The color diversity explains itself by the following subdivision:

Lively blue = perception and communication

Lightening white = comprehensive rest (from the perfect creation)

Light green component (for turquoise) = cleaning

Indigo blue, with hypofunction orange helps in hyperfunction, so with quickened metabolism statement, movement statement and linguistic statement.


Physical allocation

Speech apparatus, ears, napes, jaws, neck, windpipe, bronchi, esophagus, upper lung area, sign gland, arms

Sensory function




Music therapy

Sacred and meditative music, overtone song, G


Tension and armored in the cervical area, blockades between head and body (between feeling and expression), constant flow of words, unfeeling communication


Shyness, representation problems, linguistic disturbances


Bright to indigo


Blue corresponds to the thinking and the perception, leads to reassurance and internal rest. In this respect it strengthens with over-excitation and imbalance.

It leads to the rest, relaxation and sleep, because it corresponds to the regeneration.

The deep, cold blue develops his strength about processes of the dismantling, the repulsion, the decomposition and the inhibition of the growth. It reduces movement and activity. In his darkness it comes to rest and calmness, it calms the nerves and external impulses. Thus one finds under his influence to internal thoughtfulness which can promote the willpower and exercise self-control. The action becomes more well-thought-out.

Because blue feels chilly, it can release an internal tremble, which is why we must handle with this color well measured. With the complementary colors an overdose can be avoided.

Under blue influence the clear mind is coachable; we can learn to find a positive setting to the own I. The brighter tones look curative. With pictures in blue tones we can exercise control of pains, because pains are an expression of our fear or also nervous expectation whose real function must be understood, primarily, as a warning. During an operation one can reach with blue pictures an extensive pain insulation, because this is less circulatory-incriminating than the usually necessary anaesthetics.

Blue lends the ability in control and discipline.

Compensatory and reassuringly it works with disputes; or it lets arise only no quarrel.

Fidgety children, actually, her school works should make, tug instead of this, however, at the nerve of the mother, are led of the reassuring, concentrating character of this color again to her job. Blue helps in all forms of the overheating, tension, with convulsions or nervous discomfort. It lowers fever and restrains inflammations. During the climacteric it is helpful, because it exerts restraining influence on the fever pushes of the heat ebullitions, the mood variations and the extreme hypersensitivity.

Addiction behavior, because it is based on emotional imbalance, is influenced especially successfully with blue. The ego-finding is made easier and the self feeling is strengthened. Under the influence of blue one can recognize higher connections lighter and influence. Blue is the color of the depth and the knowledge.

Organ allocation


Medical effect

strongly sedating, slows down the pulse frequency, actinical, bactericidal, hypnotically, blood circulation-restraining, hardening, stopping, atrophic, organically and emotionally paralyzing, decomposing, dissolving, absorbent, discouraging. Turquoise and indigo blue in the change help in nervous inflammations, varicose veins and haemorrhoids. Indigo stops nosebleed. If Phagocyte growth accelerates. Inhibition in the cell education of tumors.

Chemical reaction


6. Chakra

The third eye

This Chakra communicates with 2. Chakra. It is also called eye-chakra, Ayna-Chakra or gate of the soul. It stands in connection with the hypophysis which controls our whole endocrine glandular system as a main control organ. It is a perception centre which controls the canal of the perception in the manner personally obliging for us. Moreover I recommend the knowledge from the Psychokinesiology (see. Klinghardt, Bauer publishing company). There the connection has described in form understandable for us between organ and Chakra, so that we can understand, why such extensive connections can exist.

To the stimulation this Chakras we can use indigo blue in the third eye, to the suggestion of the hypophysis activity we take green; if we want to adjust a hyperfunction, we irradiate with orange.


Physical allocation

Face, eyes, ears, nose, sinuses, small brain, hypophysis, central nervous system

Sensory function

All senses



Music therapy

Classical music, cosmic sphere sounds, New Age music, A


Top-heaviness, reality loss, intellectual captivity


„Intellectual materialism“, visual disturbances, schematic thinking



Red + blue


The connection between right and left hemisphere occurs about a bridge which becomes by Violet a functioning connection between both hemispheres. This color entails a deep cleaning of body, mind and soul, which is why we can use them as "a sleeping drug"; she can unfold effect similar to morphine.

This color uses the church with pleasure for her heads, because she extends spiritually and looks mysterious on the surroundings. She contains the fire Red and the cold of the blue; thus she can be balancing.

Physically she cleans the spleen (possible seat of the grief) and transforms the negative thoughts which we attach to unfinished events. She has metaphysical and artistic components, is valid as a cosmic color and is found in mysticism, magic and alchemy. She looks also inspiring, means: she allows the access to knowledge which must not be acquired separate "all of a sudden" is available.

Within the puberty she makes easier the spiritual and emotional growth, often releases from the acne pimples typical then. She increases the abilities of the immune system, stimulates spleen activity and the increase of the white blood cells. Then environmental poisons are better reached and diminished.

Nervous excitation can be influenced with it positively and substitute / reduce possibly the application of chemical tranquilizers. The role behavior which moors in old overcome images can be diminished with Violet lighter and be changed, because it promotes the sensitivity for life in its connections.

Medical effect

Reassuringly, promotes the sleeping readiness, analgesic, damping, relaxing, hypnotically (morphine of the colors, hence, care with hypersensitive people).

Chemical Reaction

Slightly alkaline

Chakra: spleen chakra as well as the third eye

The job of the spleen chakra passes collection and distribution of solar energy, in the disposal of old red blood cells. For the stimulation serves Violet, to the damping Yellow. Old people, processed grief cannot lead to the impairment.



White light shows the availability of all colors. 


It is very strong and serves for the opening for higher consciousness dimensions; help to the self-realization; it is a strong remedial color with perhaps violent reactions as a result.

Know is the color of the cleanness, innocence and perfection.

We can recognize the effect from white if we think how dreary a rainy winter's day on us works and now as a comparison try to introduce to us the surroundings instead of with rain in snow-covered atmosphere: the discouraging impression is overlaid immediately by the beaming light of the crystallizing snow and the whole surroundings far appear from more suitable.

7. Chakra

Parting centre

This Chakra is also called "crown chakra" or "1000petalled Lotus". It shines over the big fontanel upwards. It is put over all other Chakras. In him all energy which extends after the body unites.

It communicates with the 1st Chakra. If we want to fancy this figuratively, we should think of a fountain which opens about us and sprays all his strength upwards. All his energy particle fall down after some time again - like a coat - to us and enter about the lowest Chakra again into our body. If this circulation proceeds evenly and harmoniously, we dispose of a harmonious energy body from which the harmonious bodily body arises.

To the support of the opening upwards are suited Violet, white, gold or Magenta. One shines on top on the middle of the head; nevertheless, this is to be effected with extreme care. A good effect can be often reached by the therapy right and left of the fontanel. It should become basically apart from to influence the 7th Chakra directly from above with something. It is worth as the gate of the gods, shows our connection with the higher creation which we should interrupt with nothing.


Physical allocation

Cerebrum, epiphysis

Sensory function

All senses


Pure being

Music therapy

Silence, H


Weak memory, dizziness, head pain, states of anxiety




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Experiences from seminars and practise

Short version

Colors to Manage Life

Colors are Vibrations of life


Main Rules

1st  Each color can have positive or negative effects, sedate and tonify, build or destroy


2nd  Acute diseases require large, strong doses at short intervals (up to 3 times daily, between each irradiation for at least 2 hours break should be inserted).


3rd  Chronic diseases require weak, mild doses at longer intervals (2- to 3-times per week). We need time to find new beginnings.


4th  The irradiation time with a device should be about 10-20 minutes per session. Normally, 2-3 treatments per week. With analog magnetic therapy, the values given there, are meaningful. When Prana and other visualization practices that provided there effect periods should be respected.


5th  For irradiations with 2 colors at the same time the second color may only be the complementary color. The by the contrasting color (antidote) irradiated area must not exceed 1/3 of the irradiated by the main color area are (eg: 2/3 red + 1/3 green In applying provision in exchange the colors are not at the same time, but always sequentially applied, even if they are colors that do not harmonize with each other according to color theory).


6th  The distance spotlight <-> patient may be about 20 to 80 cm depending on the situation and the instruments. It should be avoided above all things that human beings are emanating from the lamps heat is made up of more than inevitable. In the color-therapy, only the color rays act. Additional heat can negatively affect the success, often even be contraindicated. This can be stated by the reduction of the power of the lamps (dimmers) or by increasing the distance "spotlight <-> Patient" at any time to an optimum.

Complementary colors are opposite each other on the color wheel and complementary, as they together contain all three primary colors (red, yellow, blue). They can cancel the mutual action. Too much can be neutralized by the opposite color.

Mixed colors:

Green = yellow + blue

Orange = red + yellow

Purple / violet = blue + red

Picture you find in the comment. I cannot load it up here. 

Afterwards I will describe each color in different aspects (body, mind, soul, emotional...). 




Red is a highly energizing color. We employ whenever we want to give a pulse when we're very interested to get things moving.

Too much swing makes people aggressive ("He's red!" - "It's like a red flag for me!" ...).

Red maintains close relationships with the two lower chakras, among other things, our sexual organs respond ("Not always keeps the red light, what it promises the traveling man." - "The Red Mile." - in red light you do not see the wrinkles).

Since Red also refers to the sex organs, we can equate it with creativity (children are the result of a creative act). Our creations get their momentum from the energy of red.



As a room paint must be avoided! Red is a very fierce looking color and should be carefully administered, for example, as a dash of color (pillows, curtains, pictures) in the bedroom, where it exerts a sexually stimulating effect. Do not use for insomnia, excitability or with slight tendency to hyperactivity.


Some dots Red in offices can help improve performance. Magenta (red with violet hues) is a color, the conducive effect on the organizational capacity.

Physical effects

You are a person full of exuberant strength and energy, dynamic, active. You radiate from heat. However, you can also tend to aggression and belligerence. Health could be a sign of elevated blood pressure red. You should you necessarily physically demanding and intense exercise.

Emotional effect

You're a man of passions, both in the erotic field as well as in disputes. Your restless thoughts drift to you, you are often impatient. Basically, you are a lonely person, what you try to compensate by signing up surge, in the center. You want to be respected by all.

Mental effect

You crave love and approval in the physical realm and feel about an increased desire for perfect union. Acute diseases are often expressed through red. The color red can help the healing process. Thus there must be no infrared. Red supports the growth. Inflammation shows that we are in an aggressive phase.

Possible application: irradiation, glasses with red lenses for 5-10 minutes. Red underwear (so that no one sees and laughs). Laying Red cloth for 15 minutes around the lamp, so that the space glows red.

Please develop imagination. There are guaranteed a lot of ways to create a red ambience for a short time.



Orange is a mixed color of the shares red and yellow.

Orange strengthens the courage and the ability to take their own destiny into their own hands to manage it.

Orange is a warm color that comes closest to the natural light. It has a constructive mild, tonic, strengthens the positive behavior, is cheerful and unobtrusive than the red health is generally sponsored by Orange, by attenuating the intensity of red and mitigates the profound activity of yellow.

Orange is part of the second Chakra and thus to all organs that gather around the belly button.



Because of its strong invigorating effect also use caution when painting room. Orange has exhilarating, warming effect, so it is especially in the gloomy season a helpful color, should be held in the umbrellas and the like. As an appetizer or stimulant, it can be drunk in the morning in the form of a (oranges, apricots, mango) juice. An orange poster in the bathroom does not only awake, but also stimulates digestion.


Apricot-Orange relaxed, leading to well-being and sense of security and is thus an ideal color for rooms where people tend to be afraid about in the waiting room of the dentist.

Physical effects

You are an energetic person whose charisma has an activating effect on other people. You possess a lot of energy and strength for new ventures and creative activities.

Emotional effects

Thanks to your cheerfulness and openness you can also prepare other people and help them in solving problems these feelings.

Mental effects

You have arrived at a point where you have discovered in you the strength to start anew. You are willing to give your life a new turn and to start all over again, after your situation has been depicted as hopeless. As a woman, you're probably a little mentally ready to be pregnant now.



Yellow is one of the three primary colors.

Yellow is light, weightless and serene, it's encouraging and comfortable. It acts not as pronounced as the red but rather developed a moderate heat, has compensatory character. However, it is more in depth, it tries to analyze and understand things. Goethe, one of the first researchers in the field of color theory, said: "Yellow bores itself into the body."

Yellow communicates via the third Chakra, which is organic identical to the solar plexus, the solar plexus and two finger-widths below the radiating end of the sternum. Here we feel when we are doing is not good, sometimes the feeling of a ball or a wall that obstructs the flow of energy.  



The color of sunlight strengthens and is indispensable for the organism. it helps against sadness and lethargy. Yellow wall paintings, clothing, all kinds of color keep awake and mentally active. In Ward Yellow causes the patient summarizes new courage and hope for his recovery. As a color of yellow mind should appear wherever it needs to be overcome learning and thinking tasks, so for example, for children who have difficult tasks, especially mathematical in nature to solve.


When painting indoors, working where mentally, in offices, as pastel in classrooms. Yellow film in the final frame leads to general alertness following a slide show.

Physical effects

Your colon digested well, you detoxify your body thoroughly, however, have to be careful on your stomach, which often reacts nervously. You are easily excitable, which can be increased up to choleric outbursts - especially in matters of love.

Emotional effects

You can put yourself on your keen mind and rely on your quick perception. You're a practical person who cares about the own career development and rarely has fears. Your openness to the world makes it hard to you, to understand the mental sluggishness and taciturnity of other people.

Mental effects

You are consolidated and stand on the earth. You possess a good deal of trust in God, even if you yourself would not call it that.



Green is a mixture of the colors yellow and blue units.

Green harmonizes and helps on the way to your own center. It is neutral and is between warm and cool. It is the continuous transition between heat and coolness.

With green I can even remain faithful to me, me are in harmony with myself. I can live with these properties and externally.

Green stands (as in nature) for growth and increased awareness.

It is a necessary part of life, helping to flexibility in the context of necessary changes. It calms the heart rate and breathing.  



Soothing and beneficial effect upon the eyes and nervous system. Many green plants, like wallpaper, carpets cause relaxation.


Ideal color for each zone in which people relax: canteen, cafeteria, either as pastel-colored wall paint or in the form of green plants, green colored seats and the like.

Physical effects

You are sturdy and balanced and will rarely get sick. If you do, so you relax quickly. As a with the matter and earth strongly connected person you stand with both feet firmly on the ground. Green strengthens the immune system.  

Emotional effects

You are balanced and stable. You tend not to emotional outbursts, are not exuberant romantic. Instead, you are in your relationships persevering and loyal, always a good comrade, on whom you can rely, as a loyal employee. However, your perseverance occasionally degenerate even for stubbornness.

Mental effects

You have a strong, often dominant willpower. In you there is much life energy. When did you even chosen a task, you stay with her and pursue it doggedly, which sometimes involves the risk of bias in itself.



Blue is one of the three primary colors.

Blue stands for peace, mental activity, a sedentary lifestyle and too dark (dark tones). It is repulsive and degrading, it can decompose and inhibit. Growth occurs only when the blue is mixed with yellow to green.

About Personally, it brings rest and relaxation, helps with sleep. It is the color, which allows the regeneration of the biorhythm. With the Blue the mind does not interrupt the body any longer, but leaves the healing to the cells.

Blue can within the context of meditation bring distance of all aspects of the physical and recall the feeling of calm in the womb, by the sea or under a clear blue sky.

Recommendation / esp. light blue


Relaxing, calming color that is suitable for the bedroom and the nursery. Because of its dispute arbitrated effect Light Blue is recommended wherever it happens controversial. Also recommended in canteens because of its relaxing effect.


Since this color has a calming and meditation each support with regard to rest and relaxation, it can be used with any anesthetic: both as inner imagined image as well as a concrete image, for example on the ceiling (dentist about the dental chair). If you are in an exam, blue clothing is recommended because it acts on examiner and examinee.

Physical effects

You're a quiet harmony-loving person and will avoid dispute. You are very sensitive. You tend to lower physical activity (couch potato).

Emotional effects

You can put yourself emotionally relax well and keep problems from distance. You are able to express your feelings. This requires an equal partner. If you lack it, you feel slightly lonely. You are then more likely inaccessible to outsiders and make a haughty impression. In fact, you want with all the people live on good terms, and then pull up more before disputes back when someone attacking you. You love good food.

Mental effects

You are extremely sensitive and sensitive - and sensitive to the finest vibrations. Therefore you often realize deeper relationships long before your fellow men. You are absolutely willing to love people. In your deep feelings to your soul expresses. Often you're surprised when you make the experience that other people are not so dear as you. Sure you're an "old soul". Through meditation, you can always get into your middle and slightly to regain strength and energy there.



Purple is the mixed color of the blue and red parts

Violet has a cleansing, soothing. It promotes readiness for sleep, relieves pain, absorbing and relaxing. It is partly a hypnotic effect (caution in people with a tendency to addiction).

Violet opens the borders between body, mind and soul. Therefore, it often happens in ritual acts before (clothing of the Cardinals).

Violet stands between the coolness of the blue and the heat of the Reds.

Violet corresponds to the third eye (light violet / purple), the Ajna Chakra (purple) and the pituitary chakra (light purple).



Attach near the head end of a bed as a blanket or similar instruments decor, making it easier to violet on and staying asleep. Likewise, an amethyst under the bed.


should be abandoned in violet if you want to go for active and alert.

Physical effects

Your two hemispheres of the brain begin to resonate in sync with each other and relating to each other. Your body needs a thorough cleaning process - or he is just in it. Sexually You are balanced, maybe you have a tendency to enthusiasm.

Emotional effects

You have an intuitive and psychic abilities, you all interested in Paranormal, mysticism, magic and metaphysics. Thanks to your gift, to transform negative thoughts, you can put yourself rise above hate, anger and rage. You have a strong self-esteem.

Mental effects

You are an "old soul" and can tap into energy through alchemy, mysticism or meditation, to then be used sensibly. You have not received the experiences from your past and can intuitively use them again.



White is the collection of all the colors that are reflected here. White means that no color is accepted but all are emitted, as opposed to black, which absorbs everything into itself and returned no more (black is collector). This is also the reason why the (impractical) white clothes stood in medicine on the agenda: nobody wanted to record something in what he could have harmed.

White is the color of purity, innocence (white wedding, to which all hopes socialize) and symbolized perfection or the way there.

In therapy, this color is always used when a certain tint of color is not possible (analog rock crystal in the gemstone therapy).



Neutral wall paint with its own strong charisma, but not for everyone.


In hospitals and sanatoriums predominantly used color, but for psychological reasons not well suited. Physical effects

You are either perfectly healthy, or you have lost immediate access to your physical well-being partially. In case of illness you are looking impatient rapid healing, where you do not blench against drastic ways of healing

Emotional effects

In you there is both: the experience of blissful, selfless love - and the fear of losing control in a vibrant and creative emotional relationship.  

Mental effects

You know that the white light is a sure guide for you and a life coaching in your search for self-awareness and self-realization - even in meditation.

In General

If you like, take card in the different colors. For testing. Give the person all cards and ask for the most liked color. 

There are sets also for homeopathy (narayana publisher). These cards are well suited for those tests. 

Once I had a female patient. Young, nice, just married: "Since we live together, I cannot sleep. The whole night is as if I must work. No refreshing." I looked for the right remedy, found a similar. We tried = no result. Again and again = no result. After 4 weeks I visited her at home. And now I understood:

The living room was in a nice green (walls, curtains....). The sleeping room was red colored, between red and orange, the walls and all cloths, curtains...

So I said: change the rooms. Make the living room with it's colors to the sleeping room - and the other way around. 

They did and the night became refreshing - for both.

Here a possibility to use it for treatment


The set, I have built

Normal pocket lamp, the slides made by a factory for toys

Colors in Homeopathy - Set
Color charts and Textbook with Repertory by Ulrich Welte

Colors in Homeopathy set. Color charts and Textbook with Repertory.

The color tables and the repertory (Colors in Homeopathy) together comprise a complete working tool:

The color tables with 120 colors is the tool used to determine color preference. They are printed from 24 pure colors using an elaborate processing technique. The color table can be fully opened up and presented to the patient separately from the accompanying text, without needing to turn the pages (as previously required). On the back, there are overview tables to simplify the choice of color. This includes a small overview of all colors on a single page as well as the black-white scale and the new colors silver and gold.

They facilitate the differentiation of well-known remedies and also indicate rarer remedies that we might otherwise easily overlook. This work is the worldwide color standard in homeopathy and is used by a number of schools.


Every patient has a relatively simple ‘genius’ or a core idea of his ailment as a ‘gestalt’ of important symptoms. Hahnemann called this ‘gestalt’ as ‘Symptomen-Inbegriff’, meaning the essence in contrast to the bulk of the totality of symptoms. This genius is rooted in the personal disposition of the vital force, which gives a general background in the form of a basic emotional state or a basic vibration, quite like a monochromatic canvas on which the more specific 'gestalt' of the disease is painted. In the same way remedies have an essence, a core idea, composed of a general (organotropy, general modalities, colour preference) and a specific (special keynotes, particulars) nature. To match the essence of a remedy with the genius of a patient's disease is the homeopathic art in a nutshell.

The disposition is a kind of vibration and can be linked to firm favourite or abhorrent colours. Colours are physically defined by wavelength of light vibrations, and their subjective psychological perception as favourite or disliked colours mainly reflect the patient's disposition and to a lesser degree also the core idea of a ‘Gestalt’ of symptoms. The same is true with the genius of a remedy. The attunement of both is due to similarity of vibration and leads to resonance.

As an example, the wavelength of pure Yellow (1-2C) is around 570-590 nm and so are the clinically detected colours of Agar, Cann-i, Gels, Hell, Hyos, and of some lesser known remedies. The best cases of these remedies have shown that patients cured with these remedies preferred this colour. Their personal vibration is obviously similar to this colour wavelength. We repeat: This vibration is not pathology but their individual emotional disposition. But if we find a remedy matching a patient’s general disposition plus the peculiar nature of the disease with particular symptoms, we are more sure to have a deep acting remedy than only with a similarity of peculiarities. So if we find a clear preponderance of say yellow in a patient we might consider these remedies first and check if the pathology of our patient matches one of these remedy pictures well. This combined method has given good results with many practitioners who sincerely work with it. It is not esoteric bogus. It is tested and a logical parallel to food and temperature modalities etc. Try and see for yourself. It will prove to be a good supplement to your other repertory work if you give it a fair chance. Colour preference is a valuable dispositional symptom which is easy to obtain and quite reliable.

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