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Clinical Trial of Carcinocin Pap Uterus 30c - By Selene Homeopathic New Zealand and Meera Shangloo Homeopathic Research Centre India

Clinical Trail of Carcinocin Pap Uterus 30c on 100 patient of Cancer of Uterus
( With Clinical Materia medica, doseing ,and cautions}

Dr.G.K.Shangloo, Dr.Sharad Shangloo and Dr.Sunit Shangloo
Meera Shangloo Homeopathic Research Centre
70/59 Rani Mandi Allahabad India
e mail-

Supported by
Pam Mac Evan
Selene Homeopathic Tauranga New Zealand
Nelson Homeopathic Pharmacy England.

Why Carcinocin of specific part is more effective in cases of cancer of specific part rather than general carcinocin which is available and is generally prepared from Breast cancer discharge?

Because as we all know that Homeopathy is based on the law of similars. So, what happens is that once the carcinocin of Specific part is introduced to the patient of cancer of specific part it covers all the symptoms of the disease of the specific part as well as the miasm. So it is a smilimum . As we all know that in the pap of the Uterus taken from the cancer patient contatins all the factors which can cause the cancer of utereus Including its pathogen to the damaged cells of the Uterus. So, the pap of the cancer patient has the power to produce cancer in the other women if introduced?

How to convince the patient to take homeopathic treatment?

In most of the countries there are different laws which prevent the patient from taking homeopathic treatment.
Even if the patient comes to a homeopath he does not want to leave his conventional treatment.
Most of the patients come in the last stage to remove the side effects of radiation or chemotherapy.
What we do at our research center is that we had hunted out for a number of patients whose two of the family members had suffered from Cancer. The first patient was under allopathic treatment and the other patient on either homeopathic treatment alone or a combination of the allopathic and the homeopathic treatment. We record the interview of those family member.In the interviews the patients relatives or attendants narrate that how painful was the end of the first relative on pure allopathic treatment and what were the differences in the comfort levels faced by the other relative on homoepathic treatment. Even if both had reached the same end. These interviews we show it to the general public in the cancer aware ness camps we organize for the patient and the general public.

Justification of use of Carcinocin Pap Utereus as Direct prescription in cases of Cancer of Uterus

A] Hering's 7 uses of idem in Homoeopathy and idem 2 ,3,4,6,7 go in favor of using nosode of specific part as direct prescription in cases of cancer

2. Idem 2 say The use of remedies made from miasmas (Nosodes).
3. Idem 3 says The introduction of potentized miasmas and morbid secretions taken directly from the patient's body (Auto-nosodes).
4. Idem four says- The use of homologous organs, tissue and secretions (Sarcodes).
6. Idem six says - The use of chemical and nutritional elements innate to the human organism (Chemical and elemental relationships).
7. Iden Seven says - The use of potentized genus groups as curative and preventative remedies for individuals, groups, and habitats. Hering suggests potentized seed of weeds or dangerous plants to eradicate and destroy those plants and potentized insects or animals to remove and prevent infestations of dangerous species (Isodes).

B] Hering recommended the use of potentized watery excrements of cholera, the black vomit of yellow fever, the desquamated skin of malignant scarlet fever .Many ancient isopathic remedies were introduced into the Homoeopathic Materia Medica by dedicated homoeopaths of the 19th century.
C] On December 24, 1835, Jolly of Constantinople reported to Hahnemann that Russian doctors had cured a number of cases of bubonic plague with a 30c nosode prepared from the serous exudation of plague buboes.
Hahnemann felt that the isopathy of Lux was in truth only part of a greater homeopathic principle because all the remedies were potentized to at least the 30c dynamization. If it was potentized energy how could one call it the same thing as the original diseased substance? Hahnemann thought that under these conditions:
"….it would not remain idem (the same) as it could only be useful to him in a potentized state, since crude itch substance which he had already in his body as an idem is without effect on him. But the dynamization or potentizing changes it and modifies it".
In the light of Hahnemann's logic the use of the miasmic material without potentization was crude isopathy, and as Lux himself was using homoeopathic potencies, his treatment was still within the realm of Homoeopathy. Vide The Chronic Diseases, the chapter called "The Medicines".

D] Swam, was asked if it was correct to use unproven nosodes. He replied that 100's of years of suffering these genus diseases, and their complications, provided a "natural proving".
This rather controversial answer does have some merit. It is obvious, however, that the most characteristic indications of the nosodes are those that have come out in provings or on patients under treatment.

E] The seventh way for using a nosode is when the remedy is RELATED TO THE DISEASE GENUS. An example of this method is Clark's use of Pertussin (Coqueluchinum) against whooping cough. Clark once wrote, "I have found in this nosode a specific for a large proportion of cases of this disease. It should be given every four hours to begin with, and if it does not cut short the case in a few days, or materially modify its severity, another remedy may be chosen from the following."

What is the process of Action of the Nosode?
Two things may happen after the introduction of the nosode. The nosode may move the case forward by removing the active symptoms. When this happens it is best to stay with the nosode as long as the improvement lasts. If this improvement ceases the remaining symptoms may be treated with the chronic remedy. If the patient does not show any improvement on the nosode after a sufficient amount of time, the chronic remedy should be introduced. Under these conditions the remedy often acts just as dramatically as it was given the first time . This effect has been witnessed by many experienced homoeopaths over and over again.

Clinical Trail of Carcinocin Pap Uterus 30 c on 100 patients of--Cancer of the Uterus
TO establish the positive role of Carcinocin Pap Uterus 30 c in diagnosed cases of Cancer of Uterus
Diagnosed cases of Cancer of Uterus were taken in which the cancer was either diagnosed in the ultrasound ,C.T scan or the MRI report. The size of the tumor was noted along with the intensity of pain and the amount bleeding.
The medicine was given 2 drops 4 to 6times a day as required for 3 months..According to the condition of the patient which was accessed by the bleeding and pain . The ultrasound was done every month for the safety of the patient but the result was only taken in the trail after 3 months.

Number of Patients Entered- 100
No of Patients who followed the protocol- 86
Number of Patients who improved were -78
Rate of Response to Carcinocin Pap Uterus is -90.69 %

Why to go for Homeopathic Treatment even after the removal of Organs effected from Cancer ?
We all know that according to homeopathy in a patient who has the cancer in the uterus .It is the image produced to the disturbance of the vital force. If the uterus is removed there are all changes that after a certain timeif may appear as a cancer growth in Ovary or in breast. Only it is the matter of time. Suppose the patient has the cancer of the uterus and all the uterus, ovary and the fallopian tube is removed. Then too if the homeopathic treatment is not given there are many chances that it may develop in the breast or any other part of the body because the cause –which is the derangement of the vital force is not addressed.
Many of the patients do not see the direct result because suppose the patints uterus is removed at a age of 60 years.Then the average life is 80 years. If the cancer is slow spreading type and if it has taken 20 years to develop in the uterus it will take another 20 years to develope in some other part. By the patient has died due to age.
Word of Caution:
This clinical study does not mean that other Symptomatic remedies do not respond. This is a pilot study and was done to proove the efficacy of Carcinocin pap Uterus .

Cinical Materia Medica of Carcinocin pap Uterus ---after studying 100 cases of Cancer of Uterus.
Mind- Fearful, nervous, fear of death, loathing for life
Appetite- decreased, feeling hungry but no desire to eat
Female- lean thin, constant loosening weight
Pain in the lower abdomen. Stitching pain ,tumor growth
Menses- profuse, frequent , bleeding even after menopause, with or without clots , bleeding between the periods , .
Leucorrohea- transparent ,thick or thin foul smelling, blood mixed, purulent. Excessive
Aggravation- physical exertion, walking
Amelioration- rest

Adverse Action on Over doseing.- Leads to heaviness of head, lethargies, giddiness. The discharge occurring from the vagina should not be stopped.

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Comment by Debby Bruck on January 19, 2010 at 1:03am
Did you write the results and compare the two groups of treatment? Do we see these results of outcome from reports of relatives?
Comment by Dr.Sharad Shangloo on January 19, 2010 at 12:33am
Thanks for the coments we appreciate the support
Comment by Dr.Sharad Shangloo on August 6, 2009 at 6:52am
Dear Debby Bruck. Actualy they had funded for the clinical trail so they are promoting the sale of Carcinocin pa uterus with the results of the trail, clinical materia medica and contra indication. They are also useing the justification part .Rest of the text can be refferd with our name attached.
Comment by Debby Bruck on August 6, 2009 at 3:31am
Dear Dr. Shangloo. Please let people know what rights they have with this information. Such as, can they direct others to come and view or give an introductory synopsis/exerpt with your name attached?
Comment by Dr.Sharad Shangloo on August 6, 2009 at 2:34am
Please note that the copy right of this article lies with Selene Homeopathic New Zealand.So, do not reproduce it it any form. It may lead you in the international legal trobultes

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