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cheap way to get most of the Mexico City swine flu remedies

The Mexico City report is very useful and you may also want to let the public, your clients, family and friends know that there is a very economical way for them to get most of the remedies used by the homeopathic doctors in Mexico City at a fraction of the OTC cost.

As luck would have it 21 of the 38 homeopathic medicines cited in the report from homeopaths in Mexico are in my Basic 36 remedy kit.

Buying 21 over the counter bottles (over $8 each) would cost $168 whereas if you bought the kit you would get all 21 plus a further 15 really useful homeopathic medicines for just $74.99 inclusive of worldwide shipping. Less than half the price. Plus I offer an in depth free on line training course on how to prescribe effectively.

A further 3 of the medicines mentioned are also available on our site and can be shipped free with the kit.The added advantage of a kit is that it is small enough to fit in a purse or large pocket, so you can always carry it with you.

When the first flu victim was diagnosed in San Diego I did a lengthy interview on homeopathy’s effectiveness in the last major epdemic in the 1920s and how it could help now. You can listen to this here:

Wishing you all well, Mary

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