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Case of neglected and improper allopathic medication for many years and now the patient was on the verge of surgical treatment.

Name:- Mr. Nand Kaishore

Age:- 48yrs

Sex:- Male

Address:- 96, Bagh pura Ujjain

Regd no :- P-127

Date of First Visit:- 4/10/08

Symptoms :-

-Has to exert a lot of preassure during passing urine which takes his breath away from him.
-Involuntry urination during night.
-whitish discharge everytime when he goes to urinate. (prostatic discharge)

-Severe weakness and dullness.
-Easily get fatigued, even after performing slight physical activity.
-Internally feels as if feverish all the time.


-Very much decreased, cannot eat more than 1 chapati's


-Drinks only 2-4 glass of water per day.


-Cracked and fissured


-Stool Hard, Black
-Has to exert preassure during passing stool




-Does not like to take responsibilties at all
-unable to express anger on anybody.
-unable to express his feelings to anybody.
-easily get's tierd of life.

Relationship with Heat & cold:-

-Chilly patient

Old Usg Report:- 12/4/06

-Bilateral Retrograde Hydronephrosis & Hydroureter.

Any other medication:-
-History of taking allopathic t/t from last 8 yrs with no relief at all.

So after taking the case thae patient was presribed


Lycopodium 30
single dose

Placebo 200
tds x 7 days


Patient was called after 7 days
Follow up's:-

Date:- 12/10/08

Now this time the patient came with his USG report।
The report says that he is sufferring from
Large & Bilateral Retrograde Hydronephrosis & Hydroureter.

Converastion between doctor (sonographist) and Patient:-

Doctor:- what treatment you are taking?

Patient:- I have taken allopathic treatment for many years with no relief and now i m taking Homoeopathic treatment.

Doctor:- Homoeopathy will not cure this disease You need a surgical treatment for this you are very late and now if you want to live you need a surgery no other treatment can cure you."Homoeopathy से कुछ नहीं होता और ये केस Homoeopathic नहीं है तुम्हे बहुत देर हो गई है अगर अपना भला चाहते हो तो हॉस्पिटल में सीधे जाकर भरती हो जाओ ऑपरेशन करवाना पड़ेगा"

Symptoms after taking first priscription:- (12/10/08)

from day one of taking medicine there was no prostatic discharge while passing urine, which he was suffering from years.
Slight relief while urination.

No relief in Nocturnal involuntary urination.
Apetite still Decreaced.
Stool:- relief in constipation.
relief in weakness and dullness.

Now patient asked i m feeling a bit better should i take homoeopathic medicines or should i go for surgical treatment as now i m very much scared after sonography because the doctor says that i am very late and should immeditely go for surgery.

But i advised him to continue the treatment on my faith.

as the patient was felling better has was continued on placebo.

Placebo 200
tds x 7 days

Patient was asked to come after 7 days.

Date:- 18/10/08

remarkable change were seen in present complaints:-

There was no pain while urinating.
No prostatic discharge while passing urine.
Patient says around 70-80% relief in nocturnal urination.
Apetite was very much increased, now he was able to eat 4-5 chapati's
weakness and dullness was also better than before.

now the patient was again continued on placebo and was called after 7 days.


now the patient conditions were same as of last week, so this time patient was prescribed
Lycopodium 31
single dose

Placebo 200
tds x 15 days

and he was asked to come again after 15 days.

Date:- 12/11/09

and this time the patient comes with a smiling face, and relief in all the complaints but still some physical weakness was there.

and now this time patient was asked again for an USG.
and was left on placebo again.
he came after 3 days with USG report.

and the reports were amazing,
Final impression - No abnormalities seen.

Well this was really a great case for me as the patient was in great suffering from so many years and now he was cured by homoeopathy in just few days, thanks to Dr. Hahnemann for giving us such a great great pathy by which we can help others to ged rid of there sufferings.

Dr.Gaurav Kacker

"i was born for homoeopathy, i am a homoeopath, will live as a homoeopath and will die as a homoeopath & not ending here would like to b a homoeopath in my next birth"

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Comment by Dr.Suresh Jain. on March 31, 2010 at 10:09am
Good case.correct medicine never fails.Wish u more success in cases.-Dr.Suresh jain.
Comment by Dr.Subhash Rao Oppathoti on March 16, 2010 at 7:09am
Well done....
Comment by Gaurav Kacker on February 1, 2010 at 2:49am
Hey dear gina it's already in cured case database...
Comment by Gina Tyler DHOM on January 30, 2010 at 1:32pm
Wonderfull case,great results.Can you move this to the CURED CASEDATABASE?
Comment by Dr. Meakin Mittu M.D.(Hom.) on January 28, 2010 at 8:02am
Comment by Debby Bruck on January 28, 2010 at 2:22am
"i was born for homoeopathy, i am a homoeopath, will live as a homoeopath and will die as a homoeopath & not ending here would like to b a homoeopath in my next birth"

Very nice quote. These are the cases that keep you going and motivate you to continue studying and helping others.

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