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Cell Nucleus Spherical or Piramidal and Extra Cellular Matrix

The shapes of the cell nuclei: I emphasize the importance of observing the whys of certain results with homeopathic medicines, it appears different actions for the same reports (repertorizations and modalities).

The cell nuclei are either spherical or pyramidal. In some cases the influence of the moon phase, but not in others!

Here might have an answer to the action of the pyramids also - in some cases and not in others works! Maybe that's why we find the pyramids therapies with some impressive results.

In acupuncture Korean (Koryo Sooji Chim) researchers found that placing a Apong (aluminum - metal) on a specific acupuncture point, promote ionization of cell structure.

It is proven that the cell nuclei, even from samples collected outside our planet, are spherical or pyramidal.

The homeopathic action is also magnetic, as ionizing - so everything matters, everything should be considered.

The cell nucleus has to do with the quality of Extra Cellular Matrix - tissue conjunctive, nutrition link between the artery (to capillaries) and the cellular structure being nourished.

In short, it is vital to conduct food - when it comes to flavor, shape, color, smell and harmful or beneficial, according to their genetics.

By magnetic path and the ionizing action, homeopathic effects are presented. Energy is evidence, however not always measurable.


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Comment by Regina Rianelli on March 10, 2013 at 10:46pm
Dear Sergio, Thank YOU so much for such interesting Artice! I have saved it and sent to a couple of Homeopathy and both Acupuncturists Therapists, so they also learn from your personal researches, my dear Friend. Many Blessings your way and keep up such job well done: CHEERS TO YOU!!!

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