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By Hans Weitbrecht

End of May this year Michelle contacted me by phone. She lives the other side of the country. Her son, Michael, 3 1/2 years old, stopped leaving the house, because he is afraid of his own shadow. They went to the child psychologist, who could not help.

I asked her to give me the details.
Michael developed a chesty cough 2 weeks ago, which was first treated with a cough bottle from the health food store. After this did not improve things he was brought to the local GP who put him on a course of Antibiotics and also on a Ventolin inhaler. The Atb’s are finished by now, but the inhaler is still in use. He had a few coughs within the past two years which were treated with ATB’s.
The problem with the shadow only started 6 days ago; it could have been there for longer, because there was no sunshine for the two previous weeks.
One day when he saw his own shadow following him around he got into a wild panic. From then on he cannot be persuaded to leave the house, even to go to the car, because there could be a shadow.
The cough is dry, worse at night – wakes up the child a few times after midnight. Sometimes accompanied by vomiting. Moving makes it worse and getting cold.
The mood is rather sad and anxious, unusual for an otherwise bold boy.

On this I send out a dose of BELLADONNA Q2 to be made up in the usual way and to be taken twice a day.
I want to mention, that if I repeat any Q-potency, I always increase the potency by shaking the stockbottle 10 times before taking the next dose from the stock bottle.
The inhalers and cough bottles to be left off and inhalers only be used if absolutely necessary. To ring back if there is any adverse change and to ring after two days with an update.

Update two days later:
Fear of shadow gone! (hurray)
Cough better but still wakes every night with it. Appetite not great. Mood still under the weather, hanging around – rather sad and anxious.
So, continue with Bell for another two days once a day. Leave off everything for another two days and then consult me.

Second consultation:
I saw the child myself, as I was down the country that weekend.
The cough is still there but to a lesser degree. It comes at night and is dry, hacking. There has not been any significant improvement since the last contact. The cough is brought on by physical exertion, particularly when running around outside in the wet. The mood is reasonable, appetite lacking but wants milk now more than before. The panic about his shadow did not return.

I left him off with CALC-C Q1 to be taken once every second day seven times.

Michelle rang 4 weeks later to let me know, that the cough went within 4 days and appetite returned to normal. Sleep is fine and the moods are back to the former bold boy.
No further remedy was needed.

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Comment by sara namazi on September 14, 2009 at 7:15pm
thank you so much for sharing this case...
Comment by Debby Bruck on September 11, 2009 at 10:59pm
Thank you for this case study on Belladonna and Calc-carb and the acute-chronic relationship to each other.

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