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I am practicing Homoeopathy since last 18 years with the classical method. Still, in number of cases, I got partial result. Patient settles regarding his/ her chief complaints but not wholly. It might have happened due to the thematic prescription based on different aspects like Constitutional/ Miasmatic/ Totality etc. Since, last year I am learning RH aspect to perceive the mental state of the patient & in those partially settled patients, I am trying to use this aspect & I was astonished after seeing the result. It doesn’t mean that a Classical method is wrong or it doesn’t work, but it shows that one should learn different aspects for the betterment of mankind.

Actually, this patient came to me for Left Renal Calculi & cured with Bebr Vulgaris 30 Single Dose. Along with that she was suffering from Pain above Left Knee. I have tried number of medicines for the same on the basis of different modalities as well as her constitution without any result.

I have tried following rubrics considering the particulars without any result.
Complete Repertory:
• EXTREMITIES: PAIN, Lower limbs, Knee, Left
Androc, Apis, Arge, Asc-t, Aster, Ba-tn, Bac, Bamb-a, Bapt, Benz-ac, Brom, Calc-ph, Carb-ac, Caul, Chel, Chin, Dios, Eup-per, Kalm, Lith-c, Lycps, Ozone, Pall, Xan
• EXTREMITIES: PAIN, Lower limbs, Knee,… & all sub-rubrics

One day, the same patient came early in the morning & said…
Patient: Sir, I want to tell you something… but… I will tell you later.
Rubric: Hide, desire to
Patient: Sir, since 2-3 days I just want to remain in bed. Because of the duty, I have to wake up.
Rubric: Bed, desires to remain in
Patient asked casually: Sir, What may be the cause behind this?
Rubric: Light, desire for

This version was repertorised with Complete Repertory according to RH method.
Result of Repertorisation:
Chocolate: 3/3
Belladonna: 6/2
Stramonium: 5/2
Aconite: 3/2

I was astonished to see the Chocolate is the only remedy which was covering all three rubrics.

• Treatment: Chocolate 30, Single Dose
• Same day, patient turned back & told that since noon pain in the knee is stopped & till today it never pained again.


1. Hide, desire to: Here patient will not tell you that he wants to hide something.
It should be considered depending on the way patient expresses his feelings, his attitude while telling his symptoms. You can find it out that patient definitely tries to hide something like version of the above described patient.

2. Bed, desires to remain in: This rubric can be considered as it is if the patient expresses it in the same words as described in the above case. But, if you will analyze the dictionary & real meaning of the words in the rubric, then you can use same rubric in different way.
For e.g Bed is the comfortable place for the human being in whom he wants to lie down for rest or peace or comfort. Anything which provides the same comfort/ peace/ rest is nothing but the bed. So, when a person doesn’t want to change his service/ certain things which he is using since very long time e.g. Shoes, Chappals etc., you can use this rubric.
In the RH 1st volume by Master Dr M L Sehgal, the very first case explained by him, whom he cured, he explained it in detail regarding this rubric.

3. Light, desire for: Light has multiple meanings in the dictionary & you can use this rubric with respect to all of them. For e.g. Light means really a light i.e. opposite to darkness. So, if a person doesn’t know regarding anything, he is in dark about the same thing. If he wants to know regarding the same i.e. he wants to throw light up on it, you can consider the same rubric as described in the above case. She was in dark regarding the cause of her illness & she casually asked the question which indicates she wants to throw a light on it. If you are using this rubric, always find it out the casual approach of the patient for asking this question. Even if you don’t answer his question, it doesn’t matter.
Here it differs from the rubric Inquisitive in which there is no casual approach & person waits for perfect answer or he needs the complete answer of the question. He goes on asking till he gets satisfied answer.

If a person desires light in the same sense of light, you can consider the same rubric.
If a person likes comedy movies just to enjoy coming out of the heavy stress, you can use the same rubric.
If a person is obese & he wants to reduce his weight, you can consider him same rubric.
In the similar manner, you can use not only this rubric but the entire rubrics using proper logic.

Thank You!
Dr Prasad Rasal,

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Comment by Dr.M.Senthil on October 13, 2010 at 10:15am
dear dr ravi singh and dr k saji, welcome and thanks for ur comments and which leads to a healthy discussions, sir i too criticised my friend when he says ROH rubrics,
but accidentally i read DR SEHGALS method and astonished to see miraculous recovery/cures....
yes there are many rubrics [and interpretations for that rubrics] seems ridiculous and unacceptable but the truth is " that they lead to a correct remedy " i am saying this after my experience for the past 2 yrs with dr sehgals method.
u just try thes in cases which are not improving...try it sir check it sir. just i want to share my fruitful results to u all , as a well wisher of u nd HOMEOPATHY
thank u
Comment by Dr. Ravi Singh on July 27, 2010 at 1:42am
Dear Dr.Arvind and Saji
I must apologies here for my hard words, I have never critisised Sahgal's method, in fact I have only objection over this particular Rubric Light Desire for because it seems to me OVER EMPHASIS and prejudiced rubric.

I and every practitioner of classical homeopathy also draw inference from patient's verdict, some call it RH method some call by other name.
Hope u will Understand.

Here I have another strong objection over word DYNAMIC, did you want to say homeopathy is not certain because every practitioner perceives a case by his own way, then why it is said THERE IS NO SURROGATE in homeopathy. For a given case as I understand a remedy is fixed you proceed in either way.
Comment by Dr Prasad Arvind Rasal. on July 26, 2010 at 1:13pm
Dear Dr Ravi Singh,
at start of the discussion of this case I have mentioned that I am learning a new aspect which was absolutely unknown to me. Like you, I was also not understanding regarding this rubric because number of RH practitioners were using it so commonly.
But before commenting on it, I considered to utilize this aspect & then to comment because unless one experiment, he should not comment on anything especially when any one is using a dynamic aspect of treating a case. So, I experimented on it & found that things are not wrong or false. I never used to follow anything unless & until I experiment.
One more thing I want to discuss along with your comment regarding the DYNAMIC SCIENCE. If things are dynamic, how one can deny other because you cannot make a specific rule in dynamics. Let me explain about it.
If the 7 birds made up of mud are kept in front of you in one horizontal row & you are asked to shoot/ push them with gun, then how many minimum bullets will you need? Answer is dam sure at least 7.
But, if those birds are live (i.e. Dynamic Spirit), then how many minimum bullets will you need to shoot/ push them? Can you imagine? Can you say confidently one value? Definately not because some might says 1, some might says 2, some might says even nothing because jsut making a noise, they can be pushed away. So, you can not make a perfect rule in dynamics. And if you are dealing with the human being, who is gifed with logic & mind which are dynamic entities, how can one dare to make a very perfect rule. One has to accept each & every thing because anything can be possible in dynamics. One can react to any type of dynamic stimulus because of the presence of mind & logic. Naturally, one must respect other's thought instead of denying it. If any oneis in doubt, he should go for a experiment.
Same is true for your hair transmission method. So, let's learn, understand different aspects with open mind & share our dynamic science.
Thank You!
Comment by Dr K Saji on July 26, 2010 at 12:59pm
Dear Dr Ravi Singh

I too have a difference of opinion on that rubric.
But a method or a person should not be judged by a single rubric or a single case. Go through his other articles too before making such a strong comment. We should appreciate the efforts and sharing mentality of each and everyone. Take the positive of everything and neglect the negatives.

Comment by Dr. Ravi Singh on July 26, 2010 at 11:46am
How Funny Is (although i must not say like that) 95% of RH peoples take the rubric Light-desire for in almost every case?

I still don't understand in today's world who does not want to know, Doctor how many days It will take to be relieved/cured, what is my disease. etc
Comment by Dr K Saji on July 2, 2010 at 2:44am
Dear Dr Prasad

"Unless, we use good dictionaries number of times, we never find out a minute difference between the rubrics which is very important for perfect individualisation."

Depending dictionaries only for the understanding of a rubric - is it 100% correct ?
We should compare it with the proving symptoms no ?

Comment by Dr Prasad Arvind Rasal. on July 1, 2010 at 1:29pm
Dear Dr Saji,
Many thanks for a reply.
These rubrics I am successfully using in day today practise. They are not theoretical but have in depth meaning.
Difference between Secretive & Hide, desire to: Secretive is a nature of the person which reflects in each & every activity of the person while hide, desire to is related with a particular subject at a particualr time because of some of the reason. Unless, we use good dictionaries number of times, we never find out a minute difference between the rubrics which is very important for perfect individualisation.
Thanks once again!
Dr Prasad Rasal
Comment by Dr K Saji on July 1, 2010 at 3:21am
That's pretty interesting...
Is your above explanations ( of the rubrics ) just theoretical or on the basis of the study of the medicines under those rubrics ?
The sub-rubrics under 'Hide desires to' seems different from the above idea and why the rubric 'Secretive' was not considered ?

Comment by Dr. Natvar Pansuria on June 30, 2010 at 2:30am
Dear Dr. Prasad,
Very very very good understanding of the rubrics you have given in broad sense...This is the right homoeopathic understanding of the case ...what ever method you are using ...
Dr. Natvar pansuria ( Gujarat )
Comment by Debby Bruck on June 27, 2010 at 1:51pm
Dear Dr Prasad. This is quite fascinating information. There is in fact a group on HWC called "Translating Language" which might be an excellent place for your articles.

Please extrapolate upon the "RH" and what that entails so others can learn. many thanks, Debby

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