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By: Hans Weitbrecht

It was start of December 2001 a 58 year old male came to my clinic. He was terminally ill with cancer of the stomach and esophagus. After undergoing the usual procedures he was left with most of his stomach gone and his weight was down from 100 kg to 65. He was only able to hold a small amount of food down and was put on astronaut’s diet. Any amount of liquid was vomited almost immediately. He had a almost constant burning in the stomach, sometimes accompanied by a burning in the spine. For this he had a morphine pump, which he used quite frequently. He also was on sleeping tablets; otherwise he would have been sleepless. He was quite listless and hardly able to walk 20 steps. He appeared to be restless, moving about and pretty tense. The colour of his face was ash gray.
He was fully aware, that live could be over any moment.
However, he had two wishes: one to see his family once for a last time – and to have one last pint of Guinness which he loved in his good days, but was unable for the last year to take at all.

He received ARSENICUM LM 1 to be taken once a day / first glass / one teaspoon to be increased by one extra a day, if this is tolerated. I told him to reduce on morphine and the sleeping tablets as things would improve.
Phone call two days later: remedy is tolerated well.

Follow-up a week later:
He arrived in better spirits and reports the following:
Last night he had a good night’s sleep without any sleeping tablets. The energies are up and he is able to go for a 10 minute walk outside. The stomach burning is still there, but he can keep some liquids down. He is using the morphine twice a day whenever the pain becomes unbearable. Now he has a cough, which is dry during night but brings up some pussy stuff during day. This comes along with at tightness in the chest worse outside. He used to have this cough before, used to smoke. He is still losing weight. He was much calmer in himself and the color of his face was just pale.

Now I changed to LYCOPODIUM LM1 to be taken as above.
Phone call two days later: cough improved, -- continue.

Follow-up a week later:
The sleep remained good though short – 6 hours only. The stomach has settled further, -- there are times where he hardly notices the burning. Small amounts of liquids are tolerated. The cough is still there, but to a lesser degree. The energies are still poor enough, but giving the condition he is in they are steady. He had one day without morphine, and he tried half a pint of Guinness – and it stayed down. Weight still the same. He goes for small walks 3 times a day, but needs an hour’s rest afterwards.

Continue LYCOPODIUM LM 2 as above.
As this was only a few days before Christmas, and he was not too sure if he can make it in-between the years, I left Lycopodium LM 3 with him as well.

He rang on Steven’s day, saying that he is almost free from pain. The cough has subsided. The energies are middling, but he is in great spirits. His relatives arrived.
He lost some weight. Sleep is good --6 hours--. Has not taken any morphine or sleeping tablets since the last meeting. Feels great clarity in his mind. Did not try more Guinness yet, --

Continue with LYCOPDIUM LM 3 as above.

His wife rang me on the third of January 2002. He passed away peacefully on the second of January around midday. He had a pint of Guinness on New year’s night and kept it down. His energies slowly lessened, and so did his appetite. He died with a clear mind and without any morphine or other drugs.

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Comment by ingrid wawra on August 29, 2011 at 5:02am

hello !

thank, you for a case protocol, HANS, and for clarifying questions. It is always a good help to "see" other collegues work. Regards Ingrid

Comment by Heidi Stevenson on November 20, 2009 at 11:15am
Thank you for this frank discussion. I appreciate how it demonstrates the homeopathic focus on the patient's welfare, rather than on someone else's ideas of what's best for the patient.

Also, thank you for your responses to Debbie Bruck's questions. They helped clarify the choices you made - and help me in my ongoing development of case analysis.
Comment by Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj. on September 17, 2009 at 8:15am
I agree. Like in India people eat very spicy, but they do so from the start. It is not part of the disease pattern. However, a remedy that is antidoted by pepper, will in such a case also not be antidoted, unlike when you have the same situation in a westerner, who eats spicy food only now and then.

I have noted a similar thing with habitual coffee drinkers, whose remedy will not be antidoted by coffee, while in the occasional coffee drinker it will.
Comment by Hans Weitbrecht on September 17, 2009 at 3:57am
Hi Kaviray

Desires beer was not used for the remedy selection in this case.


All his adult live he was a beer drinker, never too much, he just liked the taste. This did not change with the onset of his disease.

Only concommitant symptoms, which have occured with the disease and did not form part of his previous haelthy state are disease symptoms.

Symptoms which have been there all the live even on and off and form part of a healthy normality are not disease-symptoms. If taken as indications, they often lead to the wrong remedy.
Comment by Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj. on September 8, 2009 at 3:37pm
Lycopodium is said to like beer in Clarke and Boericke. Good choice of remedy in this case. One cannot always cure, but at least give peace of mind.
Cadmium sulph is said to be specific for cancer of the bowels, so not indicated, since the stomach is before the bowels and not a part of them. I would not choose it in any case of stomach cancer, but will use it in cases where the colon or small intestine is affected.
I have a case at present which responds brilliantly to Staphysagria - pain greatly reduced and mind now less obstinate and resentment gone.
Comment by Debby Bruck on September 6, 2009 at 1:17pm
Thank you for further clarifying your approach to this case.
Comment by Hans Weitbrecht on September 6, 2009 at 5:41am
For determining the follow – up remedy, we might have used the CONCORDANCES in the following way:

Ars: location concordant: (grade4 + only):
bell, bry, chin, hep, lyc, merc, n-vom, phos, puls, sep, SULPH, verat,

Ars: sensation concordant (grade 4 + only):
Acon, bell, calc, chin, lyc, merc, n-vom, puls, sep, SULPH,

Those two rubrics were chosen because the new remedy has to be very similar to the previous on in those areas.

This leaves us with the following going through:
Bell, chin, lyc, merc, n-vom, puls, sep, SULPH

Expectoration puss: bel(2). CHIN(5), LYC(5), n-vom(2), puls(3), SEP(5), sulph(3)

Leaves us realistically with: chin, lyc, sep.

Weight loss: CHIN(5), LYC(5), SULPH(5) = does not narrow it down further, so we need to go to the MMP and compare.

Here I found LYC to be the best.

I am unaware of the CONCORDANCES ( Boenninghausen TT 1846 ) being available anywhere else than in the original book. They form an important integral part of determining the remedies.
Comment by Hans Weitbrecht on September 6, 2009 at 4:47am
hi Debby
the cough which reapeared -- that specific cough is found in Lyc and not in Ars. Also, his mood did not indicate Ars anymore. Personality wise he was what i belief is a phos character. But remedies are not selected on the basis of personalities; it's the disease signs and symptoms, by which the live force calls forward th NOW needed remedy.

i find Murphy's fairly unreliable, to the point, that I am not using it.

The Boenninghausen TT 1846 rubric: Beer agg reads: (grades in brackets scale 1-5)

acon(2), Ars(3), asaf(2), bell(3), chin(2)colcoc(3), euphorb(2), ferr(4), ign(2), lyc(3), Mar(3), mez(3), mur-ac(2), N-vom(4), Puls(3), rhus(4), esp(3), sil(2), stan(2), staph(2), stram(3), sulph(3), verat(3), thuj(1)

Cadm-sulph was not indicated by the dynamic symptoms expressed by this patient.
Comment by Debby Bruck on September 5, 2009 at 5:56pm
This is a beautiful tutorial. The best way to learn the remedies is through actual experience. I would like to understand the reason for selection and change of remedies.

Arsenicum picture appears clear with BURNING pain, Loss of weight, Loss of appetite, restless, listless, sleepless, cancer and organ affinity.

Murphy only puts desires Beer as plain type and Lycopodium is not even listed. Perhaps I should write it in?

FOOD: Beer, general, agg. ars, lyc

Might not Cadm-sulph have been useful for cancer of this type? Only in hind-sight, because your remedies accomplished their task of getting patient comfortable, removal of pain, clear thinking and ability to enjoy beer and family in last days and months.

Please help with reasoning for moving to Lyc at that point. Was it the appearance of cough and inability to keep food down/digest food? What about personality?

Thank you for sharing this case.

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