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By: Hans Weitbrecht

Male, 37 years, came to me to have his gastritis treated. He was with the GP who diagnosed his pain as acute gastritis and gave him some antacid tablets to take. If that would not help he would further investigate for possible ulcers.

He described this pain as gripping sometimes burning, worse morning straight after waking, and worse after eating, particularly if he is in a rush. He feels full after eating small amounts. He also has trapped wind and is generally more constipated. Lying down with a hot water bottle on the stomach helps.
He has this problem for the past 3 weeks and the tablets from the doctor did not help.

I observed him being rather anxious and his face was fairly pale.

All symptoms were pointing to NUX-V which I was about to give, but STOP!!

Par.: 5 and 7 Org came to mind:
Useful to the physician in assisting him to cure are the particulars of the most probable exciting cause of the acute disease, as also the most significant points in the whole history of the chronic disease, to enable him to discover its fundamental cause, which is generally due to a chronic miasm. In these investigations, the ascertainable physical constitution of the patient (especially when the disease is chronic), his moral and intellectual character, his occupation, mode of living and habits, his social and domestic relations, his age, sexual function, etc., are to be taken into consideration.

Now, as in a disease, from which no manifest exciting or maintaining cause (causa occasionalis) has to be removed1, we can perceive nothing but the morbid symptoms, it must (regard being had to the possibility of a miasm, and attention paid to the accessory circumstances, § 5) be the symptoms alone by which the disease demands and points to the remedy suited to relieve it - and, moreover, the totality of these its symptoms, of this outwardly reflected picture of the internal essence of the disease, that is, of the affection of the vital force, must be the principal, or the sole means, whereby the disease can make known what remedy it requires - the only thing that can determine the choice of the most appropriate remedy - and thus, in a word, the totality2 of the symptoms must be the principal, indeed the only thing the physician has to take note of in every case of disease and to remove by means of his art, in order that it shall be cured and transformed into health.

So I asked him: what happened around that time, when you started getting those pains?

He answered: I got a letter from the tax office.

--- What was this letter about? -- Last year’s income tax.

He appeared to get even more nervous and anxious, so I asked him:

What is the problem with that letter?

Well, -- I am after building a house and I used some money from foreign accounts to finance it. Now the tax office wants to have an explanation, -- and if I cannot come up with One I will be taxed 50% on the amount.

What have you done about it so far?
Nothing, I simply don’t know what to do – I don’t trust these Irish accountants.

So—I told him to come back next evening and bring along all the paperwork, and I will do the returns for him. I told him, that there are legal ways for bringing money into the country, and if it’s done somehow according the rule, they usually are not too sticky.

That’s what we did. He returned the form to the tax office the day after and got the all clear after 3 days.

By then the stomach problem was already much improved – without any remedy – and subsided within the next week completely.

I met him a year later on the street. He told me that the pain never returned.

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Comment by Heidi Stevenson on November 20, 2009 at 11:31am
Delightful tale! Undoing the inciting cause solved the problem - and it wasn't a homeopathic remedy that did the trick.

I think it points to the idea that the best or only way to take a case is by not interacting with the patient. Had you followed that rule, that patient wouldn't have been cured.
Comment by Debby Bruck on September 18, 2009 at 1:29am
Amazing! I hope you will continue these stories and each one will have the same ending which will be your trademark, "All symptoms were pointing to ------- which I was about to give, but STOP!!"

This would be so much fun! Then we find out the mysterious ending.

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