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Cardio Vascular Diseases Part 4: Angina Pectoris

Angina pectoris

By Dr. Guillermo Zamora MD, Homeopath

The symptoms of angina pectoris are retrosternal pain, discomfort, tightness, heaviness in the chest area that radiates to the neck, jaw, face (left side), teeth, shoulders or arms, its duration is 2-5 minutes. Generally, angina is precipitated by effort, exercise, stress, cold, heat, and emotional excitation, and relieved by rest. Other symptoms are often associated: Dyspnea with oppression sensation around larynx or upper part of trachea, diaphoresis, nausea and vomiting, and sporadically palpitations or dizziness.

Unstable angina

It is characterized by new onset angina, angina at rest or with minimal effort or angina episodes in crescendo frequency, severity and duration progressively larger.

The following remedies are the most useful that I have found in my practice:

Gelsemium Semper:

These are patients with an emotional cause due to bad news. Generally, they want to be alone. Fear of death. This remedy has a sense of headband and suffers from headaches and dizziness. You can see great prostration and weakness, trembling. Is aggravated by heat, damp heat, smoke snuff, smoking. The patient feels that his heart will stop beating if he stops moving.


Good choice at the moment of pain. Traditionally occur, fear of death, agitation and unbearable pain. Hard and full pulse.

Strophanthus Hispidus:

The main field of action is the heart and circulatory tree. Weakness or heart failure, with tendency to edema or anasarca. Intense efforts palpitation. Stitching pain in the chest region. Pulse quick, weak, irregular. Mitral regurgitation. Fatty degeneration of the heart (Aurum). Valvular diseases. Dyspnea especially when climbing stairs.

Strophanthus Sarmentosus:

Acute precordial pain, punch in the left chest region, forcing it to stop and taking her breath, or cramping. Strong heartbeat, slow pulse. Aggravation by efforts, leaning forward and emotions. Best arched backward.


As a remedy to many fears (eg the dark), also circulatory and left side, is a frequently indicated remedy.

Veratrum Album

Patients fearful, aggressive, violent. The patient tore his clothes saying lewd things, religious or erotic.

Cactus, Lactrodectus, Arsenicum album, Calcarea carbonica, are usefull in Potencies ranging from 30c to 200c.

Spigelia Anthelmintica:

Heart pains of this remedy are as intense as the cactus, but the beats are even more violent than those of cactus or digitalis sometimes so violent that many times are visible through her clothes, and shaking the entire breast, and heart sounds are often audible to a distance of several centimeters from the chest area. Not only is it a remedy of great value in acute heart disease but also in chronic valvular disease consecutive to acute process.

In these conditions it is common that the patient could only lie on the right side (Phos, nat-m) or with their heads held high, aggravated by the slightest movement (naja).

Lithium Carbonicum:

Patient with chronic rheumatism and valvular heart disease. Symptoms: Rheumatic pain in heart region. Violent pains in the heart when the patient bends forward. Tumultuous action of the heart with mental agitation.

-Digitalis purpurea:

Extremely slow and intermittent Pulse, weak heart, or rapid and irregular pulse. Severe jaundice, accompanied by weak cardiac activity. The patient has the impression that he will die if he moves.

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