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By Dr. Guillermo Zamora,
Medical Doctor from Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara
Homeopath from Homeopatía de Guadalajara, A.C.

In U.S.A. more than a million people find each year that have some form of Cancer. According to estimates by the American Cancer Society, in 1998 there were for this causes some 564 000 deaths, equivalent to about 23% of total mortality.

Definition: Neoplasia literally means "new growth" and the new growth is the tumor. The term was first applied to tumor= swelling due to inflammation. Neoplasias can also result in swelling and due to lack of use, the meaning non-neoplastic of tumor expired long ago, so this term is now equivalent to neoplasia. Oncology is a word derived from Greek, oncos = Tumor. Cancer is the common designation of all malignancies. Although the ancient origins of the term are not known with certainty, probably derives from the Latin word for cangrejo (crab), cancer, because the tumor is "anything that adheres to grips with the same stubbornness that a crab.

In turn, neoplasias are divided into benign or malignant and are classified by histological or excised by the name of its discoverer.

From the viewpoint of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann classified cancer as a disease arising from the Psora. In paragraph 80 of the Organon is a special reference. Kindly, let me quote the entire paragraph

§ 80
Incalculably greater and more important than the two chronic miasms just named, however, is the chronic miasm of psora, which, while those two reveal their specific internal dyscrasia, the one by the venereal chancre, the other by the cauliflower-like growths, does also, after the completion of the internal infection of the whole organism, announce by a peculiar cutaneous eruption, sometimes consisting only of a few vesicles accompanied by intolerable voluptuous tickling itching (and a peculiar odor), the monstrous internal chronic miasm - the psora, the only real fundamental cause and producer of all the other numerous, I may say innumerable, forms of disease1, which, under the names of nervous debility, hysteria, hypochondriasis, mania, melancholia, imbecility, madness, epilepsy and convulsions of all sorts, softening of the bones (rachitis), scoliosis and cyphosis, caries, cancer, fungus nematodes, neoplasms, gout, haemorrhoids, jaundice, cyanosis, dropsy, amenorrhoea, haemorrhage from the stomach, nose, lungs, bladder and womb, of asthma and ulceration of the lungs, of impotence and barrenness, of megrim, deafness, cataract, amaurosis, urinary calculus, paralysis, defects of the senses and pains of thousands of kinds, etc., figure in systematic works on pathology as peculiar, independent diseases.

Thus, we can also see in Hahnemann´s book "Chronic Diseases” in the charpter of Latent Psora, the author includes cancer again within the internal Psora that is emerging from its latency state ... Please read carefully the footnote:

“These are some of the leading symptoms observed by me, which, if they are often repeated, or become constant, show that the internal Psora is coining forth from its latent state. They are at the same time the elements, from which (under unfavorable external conditions) the itch-malady, as it manifests itself, composes the illimitable number of chronic diseases, and with one man assumes the one form, with another another, according to the bodily constitution, defects in the education, habits, employment and external circumstances, as also modified by the various psychical and physical impressions. It thus unfolds into manifold forms of disease, with so many varieties, that they are by no means exhausted by the disease-symptoms enumerated in the pathology of the old school, and erroneously designated there as well-defined, constant and peculiar diseases. [*]”

“[*] They bear the following names: Scrofula, rickets, spina ventosa, atrophy, marasmus, consumption, pulmonary consumption, asthma, tabes mucosa, laryngeal phthisis, chronic catarrh, constant coryza, difficult dentition, worms and consequent diseases, dyspepsia, abdominal cramps, hypochondria, hysteria, dropsy, dropsy of the abdomen, dropsy of the ovaries, of the uterus, hydrocele, hydrocephalus, amenorrhœa, dysmenorrhœa, uterine hæmorrhages, hematemesis, hæmoptysis and hemorrhages, vaginal hemorrhages, dysuria, ischuria, enuresis, diabetes, catarrh of the bladder, hematuria, nephralgia, gravel of the kidneys, stricture of the urethra, stricture of the intestines, blind and running piles, fistula of the rectum, difficult stools, constipation, chronic diarrhea, indurations of the liver, jaundice, cyanosis, heart diseases, palpitation, spasms of the chest, dropsy of the chest, abortion, sterility, metromania, impotence, indurations of the testicles, dwindling of the testicles, prolapsus uteri, inversion of the womb, inguinal, femoral and umbilical hernias, dislocations of the joints from an internal cause, curvature of the spine, chronic inflammations of the eyes, fistula lachrymalis, short-sightedness and long-sightedness, day blindness and night blindness, obscuration of the cornea, cataracts, glaucoma, amaurosis, deafness, deficient smell or taste, chronic one-sided headache, megrim, tic douloureux, tinea capitis, scab, crusta lactea, tetters (herpes), pimples, nettle-rash, encysted tumors, goitre, varices, aneurism, erysipelas, sarcomas, osteosarcoma, scirrhus, cancer of the lips, cheeks, breast, uterus, fungus nematodes, rheumatism, gout in the hips, knotty gout, podagra, apoplectic fits, swoons, vertigo, paralysis, contractions, tetanus, convulsions, epilepsy, St. Vitus' dance, melancholy, insanity, imbecility, nervous debility, etc.”

Although not directly to the cancer, but referring to the Psora, Hahnemann says some factors that are contributing to its awakening (Psora), as the physical constitution of the patient, hereditary disposition, the number of errors in his/her education and habits, his/her lifestyle and diet, occupations, mental changes, his/her morality, etc. (see Paragraph 95, Latent Psora Charpter, "Chronic diseases")

In our times, to the growing number of allopathic drugs also would have to be considered as factors in the oncogenesis of certain tumors, such as certain antibiotics, steroids, immune suppressants, vaccines, to produce immunosuppression leaving the body at the mercy of certain tumors by example, Kaposi's sarcoma (associated with herpes zoster virus subtype 8), Cancer Uterine-Cervix (related with HPV) and that makes me to recall what James Tyler Kent said about it: -"Most doctors are going crazy about the bug and have been made a vice to say that this is the cause of the disease and think that these" young friends "are extremely dangerous." Also said:-"The bacteria are innocents colleagues and if carry diseases they carry the simple substance that causes the disease like an elephant would do it”. Any way, or medicines that have direct oncogenic effects to embryos or fetuses, and to patients. The truth is that Hahnemann also considered, the iatrogenic as generators of disease but not classifiable as miasmas.

Please see organon, Paragraph 74:

74..." Among chronic diseases we must still, alas!, reckon those so commonly met with, artificially produced in allopathic treatment by the prolonged use of violent heroic medicines in large and increasing doses, by the abuse of calomel, corrosive sublimate, mercurial ointment, nitrate of silver, iodine and its ointments, opium, valerian, cinchona bark and quinine, foxglove, prussic acid, sulphur and sulphuric acid, perennial purgatives, venesections, leeches, issues, setons, etc., whereby the vital force is sometimes weakened to an unmerciful extent, sometimes, if it do not succumb, gradually abnormally deranged (by each substance in a peculiar manner) in such a way that, in order to maintain life against these inimical and destructive attacks, it must produce a revolution in the organism, and either deprive some part of its irritability and sensibility, or exalt these to an excessive degree, cause dilatation or contraction, relaxation or induration or even total destruction of certain parts, and develop faulty organic alterations here and there in the interior or the exterior (cripple the body internally or externally), in order to preserve the organism from complete destruction of the life by the ever-renewed, hostile assaults of such destructive forces."

Even in the paragraph 76, Dr. Hahnemann Opens a window of hope when he advice us to help trying the psoric element in the background of this kind of patients...But if you see, always with reservations and separating of one iatrogenic disease and natural.

Please read the paragraph 76, if I may, let me put it complete:

"Only for natural diseases has the beneficent Deity granted us, in Homoeopathy, the means of affording relief; but those devastations and maimings of the human organism exteriorly and interiorly, effected by years, frequently, of the unsparing exercise of a false art, with its hurtful drugs and treatment, must be remedied by the vital force itself (appropriate aid being given for the eradication of any chronic miasma that may happen to be lurking in the background), if it has not already been too much weakened by such mischievous acts, and can devote several years to this huge operation undisturbed. A human healing art, for the restoration to the normal state of those innumerable abnormal conditions so often produced by the allopathic non-healing art, there is not and cannot be."

Following, we will see, what is the homeopathic approach that could be applied to our patients with cancer. Applying these criteria, I have found that there is an equilibrium point to bring our patients through the safest road.

Personally I have adjusted, overall, to the Cancer management protocol established by the famous homeopath Dr. AU Ramakrishnan, as following, please read:

A. States-pre-cancerous: homeopathy is the treatment of choice. (Conventional medicine has little or nothing to offer)

B."Cancer in very early stage: Only homeopathy.

C.-Bump small, operable, no glands, does not extend: Surgery followed by homeopathy.

D. - Bump-operable with lymph nodes that are also operable.

E- Operable primary lesion. The secondary in the glands and organs: Try homeopathy 3-4 weeks. If no success, radiotherapy followed by homeopathy.

F.-Stage 4: primary fixation with pressure effects on surrounding areas and secondary spread in the body: Homeopathy for palliation.

In the other hand, if I may, in the case of cancer, homeopaths should be cautious and be aware of the results that have been taken with allopathic medicines, for example: In the case of Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia in children, chemotherapy is 95% of success (complete “cure” or suppression) and it would be a great omission not to give this great opportunity to a child with this disease.

As for the technique to prescribe remedies I also agree with Dr. Rama regarding to alternate the remedy that has higher affinity for the organ affected with the background (or Deep) remedy. I've done, alternating weekly, and using the plus system (with potencies 30 and 200 CH) of Dr. Rama, with great effectiveness to cure (if curable) and for terminal cancer pain palliation.

The following are the remedies that I have personally used in Cancer:

** Mammary gland (cancer, fribroadenomas, fibrocystic breast condition):

-Conium maculatum: In the nodular formations and indurations of glands, with stitches and smarting after contusions or bruises. The tumors are hard as stone and heavy to the touch.

-Silicea Terra: In infected tumors, which ooze toward the nipple in the left side.

-Scirrhinum (nosode): The patient of this remedy is chilly, have a strong desire for cold drinks, many fears and have the sinking feeling at the navel. Useful in glands and bumps that are hard as stone. (conium)

-Phytolacca Decandra: This remedy, the breasts are very hard, very swollen and painful. The pain may spread throughout the body.

** Astrocytoma Brain

-Plumbum metallicum and Iodatum, if the tumor is infected. The oidatums are excellent antiseptic and can be used for any infected tumor.

** Lung Cancer: (Terminal)

-Conium, Schirrinum

** Cancer of Larynx

-Arsenicum album: Used when the patient has high anxiety, anguish, agitation and prostration. In a hoarse voice, burning pain when speaking that improves with hot drinks.

-Causticum: Useful in patients with rawness (sore) and tingling in the throat. Loss of voice. Nodules on vocal cords.

** Hodgkin's lymphoma (Terminal)

-Arsenic Bromatum: The Bromides and halogens have been found useful in glands, mamma infections and other tissues such as lymph.

-Carbo-Animalis: Great remedy of tumors following a malignant progression. Cancer affects lymph and glands. Tumors as well as stone harden. The skin becomes ulcerated.

-Condurango: Cancer that invades the nose, lips or tongue. Neoplastic infiltration invading the gastrointestinal mucosa.

** Leukemia: (Terminal)

-Phosphorus: In patients with great fear, blood, with readiness for weight loss and anemia.

-China-Ferrum phosphorica and Arsenic: Assist in the fever and musculoskeletal pain.

-Crotalus Horridus: Patient with jaundice, ecchymotic areas on the skin, bleeding from all orifices

** Osteosarcomna:

-Hekla Lava: Great affinity for bone, bone prominences, acts with effectiveness.

** Liver Cancer (Terminal)


-Hydrastis Canadensis: The symptom is subjective, is the "sinking feeling, weakness and languor of the stomach”, even not directly to the liver, but significantly improved constipation caused by metastases.

** Prostate:

-Thuja Occ: Particularly useful in cases of benign hypertrophy, includes symptoms such as: Bifurcation in the urine stream, pressing and tenesmus during urination, thin urine stream.

Conium: I found this very effective drug when PSA levels are high.

**Uterine myoma:

Calcarea Fluorica and Aurum. Mur. Nat. Although often through repertorization I have found marking to Silicea Terra.

** Medicines for pain palliation:

Arsenicum Bromatum, Radium Bromatum, Magnesia phosphórica, Plumbum Iodatum, Opium, Aconitum.

** Radio and Chemo Therapy:

Radium Bromatum: To the most of my patients receiving radiotherapy, I have given a few doses of this medicine for dryness, burning and itching. (When is homeopathically indicated)

It is very important to remember that our work is not only healing but also prevent, and of course, improve the quality of life of our terminally ill patients. It is very famous the great ability of homeopathy to alleviate cancer pain.


1.“Leaders in Homeopathic Therapeutics”, Dr. E.B. Nash; 4th edition, 1913, Editorial “El Ateneo”

2. EIZAYAGA, Francisco Xavier. - El moderno repertorio de Kent. Buenos Aires: Marecel, 1979/91.885p

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7.-Conferencias Magistrales Presentadas Por Los Laboratorios Homeopáticos “Hasler”

8.-Patología Estructural y Funcional, de Robbins, Sexta edición, Editorial Mc Graw Hill.

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Comment by John Board on March 6, 2014 at 7:45pm

I have Hodgkins Lymphoma in my right arm pit and my liver.  I want to find some cases for either infected site that were cured using Homeopathy.  

Comment by Hans Weitbrecht on January 19, 2010 at 6:08am
Dear members
Alteration of remedies: see par.: 169 and 171. (which does not support Dr Ramakrishnans allopathic protocol)
Even though above hints on various remedies may be helpful, they are too undifferentiated to decide on.
For the treatment of chronic conditions the following paragraphs are instrumental: 3, 5, 208, 209, 231, 232.
Comment by Dr.Sharad Shangloo on January 19, 2010 at 12:21am
Good work Great ARTICLE
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on January 18, 2010 at 6:18am
Once we diagnose the case as Cancer, the general condition of the patient starts deteriorating. The emotional trauma created by the disease diagnosis is sometimes more greater than the real disease. But, disease diagnosis is a must due to several medical, therapeutic and medico-legal reasons. I feel we should disclose the diagnosis only to the care givers, and hide it from the patients.
Comment by Ranga Sai on January 18, 2010 at 3:38am
Nice workup.

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