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In 1925, a book was published under the title of - “PATHOGENETIC
, authored by
Dr. Miguel Balari Costa.

It was considered as the next edition of Rollin R. Gregg's “An illustrated repertory of
pains in chest, sides and back.......”. In this book, Dr. Balari had
advanced the graphic representation of symptomatology by including the
aid of colour.

Unfortunately, I don't have this work in my library. If anybody out
there has any knowledge about the same, please
respond.......................................... ARINDAM.

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Comment by Debby Bruck on February 9, 2010 at 4:51am
Homeopathic physician is probably the most internationally recognized Catalan.

Born May 31, 1871.

Dr. M. BalariPracticed by ophthalmologist in Barcelona. Introduced in homeopathy homeopath by another ophthalmologist, Dr. Borrell.

Since then, fully devoted to homeopathy. He entered the Homeopathic Medical Academy of Barcelona in 1901, occupying various positions (Treasurer, Vice-President i President (1921-1927).

In his time as President the Academy experienced its most brilliant moments.

Described by his colleague Dr. Vinyals as a man of clear mind, tireless activity, an amiable character, great teacher and a great diffuser of homeopathy.

Iconografias PatogenéticasHe published many scientific papers in national and foreigners, some very celebrated (Pathogenesis d'Arsenicum Album, Artwork pathogenesis).

He directed the Revista homeopathic Homeopathic Hospital opened on the Nen Deu, chaired the International Congress of Homeopathy in Barcelona (1924) which was described as exemplary, a device designed for easy use rerepertorizador repertoire of Boenninghausen ...

Ill after the death of his wife and 45 days died on 30 March 1933.


of Homoeopathic Review. N ° 50 | March 2004 Aparato repertoritzador

Ill after the death of his wife and 45 days, died on March 30, 1933.


of Homoeopathic Review. N ° 50 | March 2004

Born in Barcelona on May 31, 1871. He studied medicine at the School of Barcelona, earning a place as a boarder of this College on Dec. 1, 1891. He was awarded the title of Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery with the note outstanding on November 11, 1895, at age 24.

The same year 1895, became an intern in the Insane Asylum of New Bethlehem of Barcelona, a position he held for five years. There he had the opportunity to study in depth the importance of mental symptoms and its various manifestations.

After achieving an impressive clientele practicing as allopathic specialty of ophthalmology and convinced of the great efficacy of homeopathy from the observation of several therapeutic successes and the explanations given by Dr. John Borrell, homeopath and distinguished ophthalmologist, decided one day to the final step and no concessions to the practice of homeopathy, without fear of economic uncertainty, despite being married and take responsibility for several children at that time.

He devoted the best of his life to the performance and the active propaganda of homeopathy, and it is in this area where he was the best professional laurels.

He entered the Homeopathic Medical Academy in Barcelona in October 1901, he occupied various posts in the state with the greatest success:
Treasurer in 1917 and 1918, Vice President in 1919 and president from 1921 to 1927.

In these years of presidency for the Academy was outstanding splendor logradohasta never far. During his tenure the institution was conspicuous by his Hahnemann and good camaraderie developed among its members.

Edit sent at the expense of the Academy Dr. Suriol work on homoeopathic dynamization, in relation to the modern conception of the architecture of the atom, which was widely distributed. Formally opened the new Children's Homeopathic Hospital and gave God to achieve unified efforts of all colleagues and overcome a number of obstacles hindering the smooth functioning of the Hospital. Under his presidency took place on April 10, 1924 a banquet attended by almost all the homeopaths Catalans. He chaired the first Hispanic-American Congress, which was attended by eminent homeopaths Mexicans Higinio G.Perez and Rafael Romero.

He was also president of the International Homoeopathic Congress held in Barcelona in 1924 in which there was the official representation from nine countries and across borders hailed the success of organization found. He edited the book of records, papers and preparations for the Congress, and in 1991 was reissued in conjunction with a detailed history of homeopathy and homeopathic physicians of the Spanish State from 1827 to 1924 written by Dr. Augusto Vinyals. The reissue of this book to mark the centenary of the Academy in 1990 and the 45th Congress of the LMHI from 10 to 13 May 1990, currently occupies a large space on the shelves of the Academy. He developed a tireless activity, the mere enumeration of the many positions held give an idea of the greatness of this great man. Among many others highlight the following: He was President of the Homeopathic Institute of Barcelona in 1911. Deputy editor and later director of the Journal and the Journal Homeopathic Homeopathic Practice (1920-1921).President of the Academy of Hospital and medical director of the Christ Child, the Clinic also organizing and service specialties. He served the Vice President of the International Homeopathic Council. Honorary President of the League Homeopathic Internationalis.Honorary Professor of the Institute
Homeopathic Hospital San Jose de Madrid. Honorary Member of the French Society of Homeopathy, Hahnemannian Brazilian Institute of Homeopathic Institute of Colombia, etc..

He worked in various homeopathic journals with doctrinal and clinical articles among which we highlight:
- Case of a remarkable cure for breast cancer with a reputation for incurable.

- Case study of typhoid fever in darkest period. 1905

- Effects of anti-diphtheria serum administered by gastric tube. 1907.

- Ammonium phos as an abortifacient in certain coryza. 1920.

- Tarsal tuberculous osteitis. 1922.

On the doctrine include the conference in Madrid in 1928 with the title "Experiments on healthy volunteers as the first foundation of homeopathy. The relevant article was reprinted widely in the medical journals of homeopathy.

They were very pathogenetic held its iconography, which reveal its artistic and educational qualities, because in the midst of patterns and colors graphically presents the homeopathic provings, comparing each other, the graphs of various homeopathic medicines, highlighting a glance their similarities and differences .

He invented a device Repertory, based on the repertoire of Boeninnghausen, so we can consider, with appropriate reservations, a precursor of the current software repertorization.

He died at age 61, on 30 March 1933, 38 days after ending his wife Carmen, who was deeply attached.

The goodness of his character, the energy used in the defense of homeopathy, its repeated successes in the Clinic and Clinical Hospital of the Holy Child earned him the affection and recognition of a multitude of people from all social classes.

Note: This biography was prepared principally from information found on the website of Dr. Séror, who is a splendid tribute to Dr. Balari Costa, devoting ample space to his person and allowing its spread to a vast online public.

We targeted the website of Dr. Séror which contain a large number of articles on homeopathy of great interest, as well as the biography of several authors and a "library" with images of famous homeopaths is of great interest.


Comment by Debby Bruck on February 9, 2010 at 4:46am
Comment by Debby Bruck on February 9, 2010 at 4:42am
Is this of any help ~> CLICK HERE
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on February 9, 2010 at 1:33am
When I search in the net, using different search engines, the one and only information i am getting is, one great homeopathic teacher, is searching for a book titled Pathogenic Iconography. His name is Dr ARINDAM DUTTA!!!

I hope some senior homeopaths can help you.

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