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CA-Gall bladder with Metastasis Liver : A Sharing

Homeopathy, the science of making impossibles possible, makes every student of homeopathy either the young one or the veterans tempting to treat such cases, to evaluate depth and range of homeopathy. Teachings of masters provides clues and directions for the stepping on this path of doubtful and difficult cases,for a homoeopathic physician.
Gall bladder the bag with a green colored juice bile helpful in digestive processes is a favourite site of derangements in altogether stressful biochemical environment of the body in the form of cholecystitis acute or chronic and/or cholelithiasis solitary/multiple which sometimes are painful and most of the times silent showing no signs or found accidently resulting in the sludge formation,coonverting the site carcinogenic if remain undiagnosed and untreated.
Such was the case with mr.satish malhotra ( changed name)66/male ,a railway officer whose family was treated homeopathically sometimes back before they get migrated due to departmental transfer.One day his son called me up and told me the proceedings about his treatment and referrals for the patients to different cancer hospitals in india and they were refusing out of the fact that he is having metastatic liver with primarily cancerous gall bladder;so they sort my help and advise in the case as no one is willing to proceed in this hopeless case.
I asked for scanned reports through email which were showing
CA gall bladder
metastatic liver disease
right pleural effusion

After gone through the details and narrating not to expect much beyond the limits to his son, i asked them to bring the patient to my end .
Patient was a withered person with medium height and wheaty complexion with sad looks and pale sunken face n complexion.seems to be having no hope at all about his life and having no interest at all in whatsoever was going all around.His son start narrating that patient is suffering from
Pain in the right hypochondrium +++
> ated by lying on the painful side
> ated by injection
This was the chief complaint and the associated complaints were
Appetite loss of,no app at all
Thirst less
Stool Constipated,no stool at all
Urine Pale
thermals not clear but chilly +
On asked about the patient,his life and circumstances its been explained that patient is a self made person who happens to belong from a poor family and after a great hardwork he self destined his position and respect .He is very helping but very to the point with every one.He is a religious person who follows a mentor divinely.he is having two sons who are earning independently but living together as a joint family where patient sets the rule of social dealing.He is a reserved person having not much friend circle or social circle.
He is retired now but in service he was very hard working as to do the overtime if necessary or doing extra job after the routiene job is always welcome for him to earn money as that was the one of the major stress in his life ,for his family.In spending he was not good especially on self but for others he was having no objection if its for the right purpose.
Circumstances wise he was having no financial problem or any particulat stress at present except an year ago when he started feeling some gastric disturbences.Here an incidence had happened when his religious Guru is called upon for a two days relgious address.All the arrangements were done with a collective contributions of all the locality members and meals were served by patient with night stay.After the completion of the ceremony when an honorary gift voucher was about to be given ,it was of very small amount.Patient objected that when a huge sum is collected then why honor is so avaraciously done especially to his guru,its an insult .
Clash raised upto a certain leval and amongst harsh exchange of words when of office bearer said that no one objected why you are so objecting,it seems as if you are adding your charges of serving the meal to the guru.This was very heartbreaking to him .He came back home and ordered everyone at home that no one will talk to that fellow and his family memebrs till he is alive.
That was the single incidence in his whole life where he reacted in such a way.Otherwise on the whole he was normally behaving .
He loves to watch TV all day without any work.That is his best time pass.He is not willing to work.Patient is not been told about what he is suffering from.As patient is very critical regarding every details in any matter so its been simply told to him that homeopathy is having no side effects so thats why we are opting it.

After been through with the best possible facts presented his general picture was fabricated as it emerges through was:--
ailments from indignation
ailments from mortification
moaning pain from
irritability pain during
thermals chilly
abdominal pain,lying ,painful side on amel
As the case is a frank syphlitic case and rubrics must be deep sated and related to the pathology of the case.Here in this case huis sensitivity has created the devastation as it seems from the details so the state of miasm continuing from an year is created the havoc,that was the understanding.
After repertorising COLOC was emerging as a possibility for the case.It appeared suitable too for the oversensitivity ,touchy and reserved reaction of displeasure so COLOC 30 TDS was prescribed for a week and asked for follow up thereafter with all the precautions been delivered by allopathic doctors were kept as such like liquids more,no frieds,salads etc etc

Follow up after 7 days
pain reduced considerabley ,now one injection/day at place of 3/day.
Pain was agg at night before mostly but now in the morning
start smiling and talking with family members'
Stool better,daily evacuation but hard then soft
urine is pale
sleep is deep and relaxed ,fresh in the morning
Irritation is only when no one is listening to him not coz of pain
started watching TV which he left since two months

Advise: Cont for another 7 days and report
f.up after 14 days
stool much better
pain still once a day with injection once day
lying is less and start sitting
irritating when he is not attended b'fore no will or desire was there,now
he is reprimanding for attending him
appetite is better than b'fore but stilll is less only taking when is given ,
not self asking for food

Advise cont for 14 days and report
F up after 28 days
app : start asking for food esp yoghurt and rice his all time favourites
pain still in the morng and once but is tolerable;now not shouting for injections
stool is soft and complete satisfaction with
less lying now and watch tv as b'fore
start asking about how much been spend on his treatment
still not talking to his neighbourer who insulted him but not insisting his family
to boycott that fellow
irritation is much less
call me and ask about my well being and report about his well being

advise cont for another month with same regieme and report thereafter

f up after 41 days
son called me and said his father started morning walk recently and one fine morning he accepted the wish of the neighbour which he previously was totally unwilling to even looking at or hearing the name of

This case is till on Follow up ..still no investigations advised and under observations
but the miasm and state of expression is changing in the case..still its the matter of investigation that this person is really a colocynth patient or need another remedy after a certain interval.But at present he is improving and i am crossfingered .

Dr.Meakin Mittu

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Comment by Dr. Rajeev Jain on August 31, 2009 at 4:37am
Congratulation for this achievement!
Now your question is either the patient was Colo or not? In this regard my opinion is, Product + environment + Producer( man in disease) = similimum. So here in this case all three things are very clear and of course followup clears the all truth.

Look many remedies we have are not very much clear about their constitution but are proved best for their reaction in particular circumstances/cause like bell, colo, staph, ign, aco, ant.tart, ipec, chin, arn, carb.v etc.

In this case you hit(goal) well. Another med. may be required as a inter-current remedy or anti-miasmatic if case is going back or remain stand still for a long time.

Here my question for you is Why so much repeatetion of colo in this case?
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on August 5, 2009 at 7:09am

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