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Creating Waves of Awareness

From the broad window of the B&B I look over the greyish water under the greyish sky. The morning dawns quietly with orange stripes and the land is but a thin dark line in the distance. Herons meditate at the coast and swans glide into timelessness.


Yesterday was a still day as well as I walked alone through the Eemdpolder. The only living creatures I saw were swans, geese, birds of prey, and as a matter of fact thousands of other birds. There were sheep grazing slowly and hares jumping away almost from before my  feet.

It was the perfect counterbalance after a warm hospitable stay at Marjo Oosterbaan’s  and Jozefien Eussen’s with good food, good talks, Thai massage (!) and a beautiful case.  We had a great consultation with six homeopaths joining in.

Once I read an article from somebody who fulminated against this ‘beautiful cases’. Why the hell would a case need to be beautiful? Weren’t we supposed to heal people and not chant about the beauty of the case? What beauty was there in sick people telling their misery anyway?
How he missed the point!
Time and again, when the patient shows his inner world and we can see the pattern in it, and we know the similar pattern that matches perfectly, it’s pure beauty. When then we feel our hearts jumping with joy because we anticipate the feeling of wellbeing and OK-ness the patient will experience soon, it’is sheer happiness.
And such a case it was last Monday, a beautiful case indeed.

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