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Basics In Homeopathy - Summarizing 22 Years Of Experience

(Some bodies don’t want us to be healthy)

  • “When the balance in the body i.e. the balance of the soul (spiritual and mental) and the body (physical symptoms of different maladies) has been put in repair by the immune system, then the cause mends and the effect(s) lapses, and the individual begins to subsist among other individuals in various societies and starts to communicate without doubts. Animals who are healed with Homeopathy at the same time will visibly and positively steady down and the natural aggressiveness and awe from the man will be converted into pliancy."

The actual situation of health-care worldwide, - excluding those few good exceptions - is tragic, thanks to a typical outlook and of no avail endeavoring of different chemicals and not alternative medicines manufacturers.
However, motivation to find medicament for sick individuals/souls or help each other or release the pain is our ambition towards perfection. God continuously attempts to lead the people to find the right direction. One of God’s gestures is the way of Homeopathy, a non-violent way to liberate a part of our selves from our sidetracked lives. This science, medical art, lifestyle needs accurate explanations and determinations, which base is Love, humbleness, honesty, experience and wide knowledge of the long standing alternative/ancient curing techniques. Homeopathy helps to the people and families in reunion of their disintegrated lives within one harmony because homeopathy needs both from the patients and healers honesty, trust and patience, and this makes possible clear communication. When somebody is cured with homeopathy, that individual must recall and face her or his life in the past and the present, which isn’t an easy task at all.

Let’s face with the fact that the majority of people are overly snug in their private lives, including their secrets and those thousands of details concealed within. Today’s world is full of individuals who are thinking of themselves too much and who unjustly, in many cases cowardly and villainously use the human weaknesses of others to reach their own material objectives or simply for getting hold of advantage. But that life is full of constant fears and worries. Those who live like that, somehow, know that their lives are built on not stable fundamentals. The only thing that can save the final disintegration of the societies is a verve, which spurns misdirection of each other, and here can be placed an extended sentence on terminology, that is, …homeopathy is a method of communicative denudation of the individuals’ redundant mental dams using its extraordinary curing possibilities during which, those ailing individuals are safely (Healer-Patient relation) facing with personal “shames”, so-called “secrets” that hold back from continuing on personal ways. Its tool is the specifically produced concentrates of different substances, which are added to little globules made from white sugar or there are cases when the homeopathic medicine is in liquid form, and besides the remedy.

“Western” Endeavoring and Alternative (Eastern) Therapeutics
Healthiness from the healer’s viewpoint primarily means one thing: “Free of distress and pain of any kind”. How can anybody heal an individual if they study something what is proclaimed to serve us but with that knowledge and tools they elongate the suffering and generate more and more pain with additional transcriptions.

In recent times, people are so polluted (minds as well), which already in the beginning curtails of their organisms from the opportunities of being healthy and able to admit homeopathic remedies without the unnecessary rid of process of so-called muddiness that stashes the real reasons of their sicknesses. The muddiness in this homogeneity means all the evolved additional physical signs, like unnecessary rituals, excessive manifestations in the habits, state (positive or opened and negative or closed), and these signs in translation are side effects caused symptoms, which in their singularity would correspond to a sickness. Did you ever read the handling guide of the “western” medicines, the manufacturer’s statement regarding the possible side effects? Isn’t it that all that absolutely contradicts with the contents of the original Hippocratic Oath?

If healthiness is a state in which the living beings are free of distress and pain of any kind then healing must be:
- Smooth (no necessary cutting, dragging)
- Analgesic (pain vanishes within a short time)
- Long-term (the real medicament cures you and not makes you gear and more sick).

Take a tablet - Make some thrills i.e. when the things go wrong
In my life, I saw several horrifying incidents. Many of those cases would be connected to the modern medicine and its applicators. I’ve never seen such a bulk of pain caused by words, guns and naturally, the “modern” medicines and its applicators, even if some of them want to help/heal. (PS: …but help in what exactly?) Most of the people disposed to give up their persuasions to save their lives or rates of living when the things go wrong. But what they do if their beloved ones are dying and the “western” medical practices can’t help anymore. How “far” would they go to save their children, beloved ones or best friends or when they can see that the “modern” medicine is incapable to help, not to mention the healing? They don’t have to go far as in those cases somehow from somewhere somebody (God) will appear to help and a telephone number of a good homeopath or an alternative therapist will land in your hands or email in-box. Homeopathy can handle the extreme cases very well.

Finding the Homeopath

Normally, when we found the homeopath who matches to our criteria, the next step (will be constant in the future) is to help to the expert to establish our Life-Diagnosis and within that story our sick states are to be found. The essentials are among the details, which are less important for today’s always running people. An excellent homeopath is excellent in introducing the homeopathic treatment in phases and getting us across the main rules, and all that in 10 minutes. In homeopathy there are two biological signs that reflect our physical and spiritual states.

First, Symptomatic Signs, which are caused by what I call “smart impacts or situations”. Those impacts generate instantaneous temporary symptom within/on the body. Those are visible signs, and can be herpes, hangover, physical injuries caused by different activities, physical pain caused by different activities, sunstroke, sunburn, grippe, chill, sticky drip, bee pinch, indigestion, bleeding when you cut your finger (or even in case of more serious injuries that can cause bleeding), etc. There are other types of Symptomatic Signs, which are very serious and might be deadly but homeopathy treats those symptoms in most cases with one simple substance. Few from those are the: infection, contagion, (most of the contagious diseases), insalubrities, suppuration (festering, purulence, ulcer), poisoning, plague, virus, retrovirus, bacillus, bacteria, food poisoning, cholera (most digestive disorders), yellow fewer, malarial fever, malaria (tropical diseases), infectious disease, cold, common cold, influenza, flu, infective hepatitis, rubella (german measles), whooping cough, mumps, chickenpox, smallpox (variola), scarlet fever, scarlatina, roseola, fever, typhus (fevers), PEST (plague), glandular fever, tetanus, etc. Otherwise, the Symptomatic Sign is nothing else than an injury that is easy to detect and relatively easy to cure. The formation of the majority of symptoms can be prevented with a smaller store of homeopathic remedies, an own medicine cabinet, which is continuously remounted (please, consult with your homeopath). Subsequent upon the hectic lives of the people, more serious and acute problems create sick states of the soul and body. Those arise within a longer period and have dozens of signs and effects and if you touch the spot, it behaves as a domino. Take every symptom seriously and consult. So, when it starts to tumble, all the artificially built/evolved syndromes will disappear by time. Therefore, the second is Constitutional Signs, which are caused by the “battles of life”, and those syndromes make more extreme changes in the mood, habit, daily routines and then in the body and the life-energies flow.

Important principle in the course of living days i.e. the neutralizing elements
The principle of not using and consume foods, drinks, perfumes, hygienic products, which contain mint (peppermint), camphor (in addition, it’s destroying the red blood cells), coffee or coffea (caffeine) and eucalyptus (because many companies ad mint in the ingredients of the products but not mark that) permeates the course of living days of the practical users of homeopathy because these elements neutralize the positive/healing effect of the homeopathic remedies. In the beginning it’s difficult. After the first weeks you are going stronger. It teaches you on attention and that resignation in some cases may open hidden doors to the world because with that, you will learn how to organize your life better as you will have to open your eyes better to find products, which not contain those few components. Finally, you will get use to live and eat without them.

The most difficult thing for modern people is to give up consuming meat and drinking of coffee. I ease your situation. This evergreen shrub requires a hot, moist climate and rich soil and that can be found on the tropics. Coffee contains caffeine, which is a stimulant, which causes irritability, depression and indigestion if taken in excess. This is the public version…but seriously, coffee is originally grown in Ethiopia, Yemen, Arabia and later South America, to be exact, tropics. Tropic is a zone that receives the sun’s rays more directly than the areas, which lay far from the equator. The average annual temperature there is higher and the seasonal changes in temperature are less. Prevailing winds and elevation causes several characterized lurid climatic types, like rainforest, savanna, desert and steppe. Rainforest is humid and warm. Savanna is grassland with rains in summer and dry weather in winter. Desert is sandy and dry region with, extreme temperatures and little precipitation. Steppe is temperate grassland or treeless plain. Thereupon, the coffee equalizes the constant tropical climate caused biological effects like, early fatigue and then inordinate hardship, which causes abnormally high concentration of glucose in the blood (hyperglycemia). And one more little detail: Tropical people don’t run all the time and their living days are even-tempered. So, the body/organism of those who live in the tropics react without exaggerations but if other ones who live far from the tropics consume coffee, their organism will handle it as a light drug then as a drug, which confuses their lives. It’s too much and too drastic for them. These plants can be harmful for those people who live out of the tropics (of course, the above mentioned apply no to all but to majority) and helpful for those who live in the tropics.

Pale Blue World i.e. grazed by faith
During the past two decades, I frequently used the opportunity to introduce the possibilities of homeopathic treatments for friends and many other people who were enough brave to believe in its supporting vitals and who wanted to have healing without byproducts and side effects. None of those people have had any so-called side effects or that the sick states went from bad to worse. The positive amelioration was veracious in every single occasion when they used homeopathic pills for a sickness, which means, less and less sicknesses touched them.

As soon as you understand a thing, you become more familiar with it or, fully familiar but the understanding don’t always come from your brain. It may be escorted by what you see, apprehend and feel. The homeopathic healing is very similar to the before written two sentences. The homeopathic impact can be described as successful aligned interference of the work of different built-in modules and the huge database of a modern multitask security software that initiates fully automated scan with repairing in the very moment when someone takes the homeopathic remedy in. Inside of the body then (the substance liquefies and enters into combination with different biological elements but!! the homeopathic substance’s info/frequency keeps the lead) it psyches on the personal life-database and starts to search for deviations. When it finds the deviation, it (the already liquefied homeopathic substance) begins to repair the decayed and leaky energy field of the immune system only till that particular point of improvement, from which the individual’s immune system can take over the lead from the so-called outer but natural interloper and finish the healing per se.

When I talk about the natural interloper, I mean that it’s made from natural ingredients, even if they are toxic because all those toxic ingredients went through some procedures that decontaminated them from deadly or harmful elements. Just take the unpeeled potato as an example or when you wash your hands after the toilet or the “ritual” of importance of bath. If our immune system is healthy, our body will be more resistant to sicknesses or the different outer interferences that can cause sickness. So, from the moment that the individual’s own immune system takes over the lead, which means that the individual’s personal database by now have the appropriate information on how to handle the deviation caused sickness, the improvement is on its way. The constant feedback to your homeopath about your improvement are very important as well as to write your own memo on your actual treatment. Just keep those few important rules to care for. Those rules are vital in homeopathic curing and will smooth the progress of the next homeopathic involvement, if any.

Homeopathy is more than a curing without side effects

At the end in short: Homeopathy is more than a curing without side effects, it teaches to find the personal, therefore, to reach the collective right ways. “Conceding and accepting the personal weaknesses is the forthright to healing or a stairway up to a higher level of personal development, which may lead closer to God.”
If you want to know more about the world of alternative healing, you arrived to the right place. Discover the wonders in independent (personal that is supervised by your inner self and assisted by the Healer-Homeopath-Doctor who is the extended hands of God) indolent healing. Homeopathy cures, but really!!

HOMEOPATHY - The way (path) back to the right place (home / God)

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Comment by Dr Rajneesh Kumar Sharma MD(Hom) on August 12, 2016 at 10:59pm

Too nice... Very good article indeed.... Congrats

Comment by Regina Rianelli on May 21, 2012 at 10:39pm

CONGRATS: this is a very enlightening text, Viktor... Thanks for sharing! One should always look up the gentle homeopathic impact in our Lives: CHEERS!

Comment by Dr Ravindra Saraswat on January 16, 2011 at 1:17pm

HOMEOPATHY - The way (path) back to the right place (home / God]

Very good. It is my belief that anyone who does some thing and believes in it – Who ever G_d is to them – will work. Without God and the laws he put into motion on this earth we would NOT have homeopathy. We would simply be masking the symptoms. What would we do without the law of gravity or what happens when we attempt to defy the law of electricity? Keep doing what you believe is right in your heart. Allow others the freedom of chosing BUT let’s see which gets positive results.


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