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Are you fully satisfied with the hard tablets?

Most of us use the homeopathic triturations and Biochemic medicines in tablet from. Initially, when I started my practice, I used to get tablets from one of the pioneer institutions in Kolkata (India). Their tablets were very soft and easily dissolving in the mouth, but were not good looking due to easily breaking edges and lack of whiteness. However, the result was excellent with those shapeless tabs. But now the situation is really bad. We are getting the tabs made by some modern companies, which are more harder than the modern medical tablets. I have conducted a study on different trituration products and found that almost all companies are making tabs by adding starch, gum, whiteners etc. Even colored tablets are also available in the market. Why should we imitate Modern medicine by making hard colored tabs? If we keep these hard tabs in the mouth, I am sure, it will take minimum 20 minutes to get dissolved!

As an experiment, I purchased the triturated medicines in powder form and found much better results than the tablets. I feel that the heating of truturated powder in tablet making machine and addition of gum and whiteners, and above all, the hardness of tablet is responsible for the bad results. Some companies are keeping the crystals of silica in each bottle to absorb moisture to prevent the tabs getting damaged, which can also affect the medicine.

It is true that giving the tablet is more convenient for the pharmacists as well as the patients. But the result is more important than anything else, hence we should use the powder in its original form.

[The intention behind this post is not to hurt any pharmacies or agencies, but to emphasize on the necessity to maintain the originality of our medicines]

Dr Muhammed Rafeeque
Family Homoeopathic clinic

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Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on May 29, 2010 at 6:52am
Comment by Dr.Vikas Verma on May 29, 2010 at 1:01am
Hello , Dr. Rafeeque , After Suggestion from you i immediately started using powder instead of tablets and really the results are quicker . Thanks for sharing this .

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