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In the empirical system of medicine it is taken almost guaranteed that the antibiotic medicines can combat all kinds of infections and wonderful healing agents. As a matter of fact this assumption is not totally unfounded. Yet I have seen cases where these antibiotic medicines utterly failed; and a number of such cases when afterwards sought the homoeopathic help got miraculously restored to health. Out of such cases I am relating one case hereunder.

On 2nd May 1991 one of my acquaintances an Ayurvedic physician came to my office with another person whose wife met with an accident about two months ago whence she got her left thigh crushed. She had been admitted in a Nursing Home, a large amount of bad smelling sanguineous matter was oozing from her wounded thigh, so much that a thick wad of cotton wool dressed around the wound used to soak completely within 24 hours. The wound was not drying up even after the best efforts of the surgeon in-charge who used the best ANTIBIOTCS then available. So the surgeon in-charge in desperation stopped all medication apart dressing the wound.

Skin grafting and further treatment could not be done till the wound dry up. At this stage my help was sought.
Apart from the discharging wound she had stitching pain in her anus. Occasional afternoon chills.

On 2nd May 1991 I prescribed a dose of Hypericum 10M to be followed after 24 hours by a dose of Silicea 200.

On 4rth May 1991 it was reported that the discharge has reduced a lot and the chills gone.

One dose of Silicea 200 was repeated. No medicine on 5th May 1991.

On 6th May 1991 the report came that the discharge of the matter further reduced and the stitching pain of the anus also gone. A dose of Hypericum 10M to be followed after 24 hours by a dose of Silicea 200 was again given.

8th May, the wound has much improve with very little discharge now. A dose of Silicea 200 was repeated. No medicine on 9th May.

!0th May 1991 it was reported that the wound has completely dried up and the skin grafting will be done in the afternoon today.

On 16th May it was reported that on removing the dressing it was found that the graft has taken nicely.

N. B. The wound which was not responding to the ANTIBIOTICS for a period of two months, dried up completely in a week under the effect of few infinitely small doses of homoeopathic medicines.

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