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An open message to the president of USA on health care change.

Sub: A newly invented alternative medicinal formula which can solve the health care problem of the world by the process of immunomodulation.


The Honorable President of USA

My best regards to you.

I am going to make this approach to you because America is a country which needs a suitable health care system for people of your country. I am a researcher in alternative medicine and after a research of about 30 years, I have developed an alternative medicinal formula, by combining all the existing systems of medicine, to overcome the impediments of conventional Allopathic system of medicine to combat diseases caused by
immunological disorders, by the process of immunomodulation. The failure in the application of immune modulators like cytokines caused great set back in the achievement of the long cherished goal of the scientists of modern allopathic medicine. This failure has compelled them to adopt the process of palliation
which is causing immunocompromized condition in human body leading towards all the malignant diseases. I was looking for a suitable country where this newly developed alternative medicinal formula will receive proper patronization forits utilization and expansion globally.

With your kind assistance, if we can implement our newly developed alternative medicinal formula in USA, we can save human race from the catastrophic condition caused by the existing system of Allopathic medication and USA can play the role of spreading the proper system of medicine to prevent and cure the most obstinate diseases and can resist any sort of opposition from the most powerful and dominant school of Allopathic system of medicine.

Since USA is a country which patronizes new thoughts and ideas from the early period of human history, I consider USA as the proper place to ask for asylum for such a mission and we urge for your
kind co-operation in this regard as one of the most powerful scientifically developed countries of the whole world.

If you allow us to supply you with complete details of our invention, we shall be pleased and grateful to you to give us an opportunity to be of service to your nation as well as to the humanity.

Yours sincerely

Dr. S N Rashid MD (Alternative Medicine) India.

Homeopathic Immunomodulation Research Center

804-805 Suvastu Aroma Center (8th Floor)

370 Elephant Road, Dhaka-1205


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Comment by Gina Tyler DHOM on August 9, 2010 at 1:44pm
great effort in writing tthis letter,i hope you the best.
Reality is this- big pharma has billions $ in their budget to suppress alternative medicine,these billions of $ are used to manipulate
medical universities
bills in congress
etc-yes including the president of the usa
Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on August 6, 2010 at 12:20am
I hope your message will reach the White House one day.

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