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An extract form "A visit with Samuel Hahnemann ... in a Dream" - Author: Peter Morrell

Recently I read a Article of Peter Morrell - " A visit with Samuel Hahnemann a Dream" , from the QHD journal where the author describes a dream where he was in coversation with Dr. Samuel Hahnemann - The founder of Homoeopathy.

In that article a small part explains some situations and qualities of a Doctor . It is presented as if Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was narrating to the author. It impressed me much... So i would like to

share that part of the article with you all...

We should say many thanks to the author for this Wonderful Article...


Many people outside medicine do not realize what an emotional and serious business medicine really is. When you commit yourself to medicine, you are committing yourself to aiding sick humanity. That is a very serious calling. Death stands close to a doctor all the time and follows him wherever he goes. He has seen worse cases;he knows the worst that has happen. In truth he is a lonely and isolated figure with only his conscience and inner voice to guide him. This is a deeply emotional matter. There is no getting away from it. Therefore, the idea that medicine can somehow be a strict science and emotionally detached is nonsense.When you stand near a dying child or a close friend who is in high fever or desperately ill, you know that can happen, you know the worst thing that can happen. Death stands close by you, it hovers close and yet you are expected todo something, to perform a miracle, to cast death out, to see it off. We cannot perform miracles every day, nor even regularly.

“You are emotionally connected to every patient and the eyes of their relatives are upon you. They expect you to do good, to cure the sick and that your intervention will help. In only a slightly diluted form, you feel what they feel. You want to bring benefit for the relief but this is also an enormous emotional burden to be placed upon you; it weighs heavy. A doctor carries that inner burden all his life and for many it carries them off to an early grave; they die young, because you cannot escape your conscience. Every good and bad thing we said is or did is held within us and invisibly we take with us and are held to account. This is the problem with being a doctor: we carry all the secrets about life, death and suffering and on the deep emotional level; we are accountable for our actions. It is a very serious and emotional calling and not one to be carried lightly.”

“The doctor is thus a burdened man. He is burdened by his duty to the sick and ultimately accountable for his decisions and actions; his conscience keeps reminding him of any failures he may have been guilty of, and the real sense of failure hangs heavy on his heart. This is an inescapable fact. He blames himself for every loss. Therefore, it is clear that a good doctor and a man of conscience may not make very good bed fellows. They make for much trouble and strife and much inner wrestling with one’s conscience. It is a great mistake to imagine you do not have a conscience, for we all are built this way. It is inevitable that a good man will reflect on the bad things he has seen and witnessed and have regrets over certain errors, misjudgments, decisions or mistakes. This is fact of life for every doctor. We sometimes appear arrogant or cavalier in an attempt to make light of it and think we can shrug it all off, but at night and late in life many of these things come back to haunt you. It can at times be a pretty miserable and lonely calling.

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Comment by SHASHIKANT K. GUPTA on April 5, 2010 at 3:44am
Dr. doing a great job please continue your effort to grow Homeopathy.

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