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An Easy Way To Prevent and Cure Cancer In Homeopathy

A healthy human body contains two types of cells called B and T cells. These two types of cells are engaged in a continuous process of war against bacteria and viruses. When a virus enters into a human body and comes in contact with a B cell, the B cell produces a substance called cytokine (vide internet), which spreads the message of the attack by the enemies very fast to all the defending cells (B and T cells).

Due to the production of the cytokines, the human body produces substances called prostaglandin, histamine etc. to excite the human body to increase the temperature to cause fever and produce symptoms of allergy like cold, cough, sneezing, pain, etc. We call these symptoms as allergic symptoms. Actually, these symptoms are produced to excite the human body to invite the defending cells from the resting places of the cells (Lymph nodes) and to bring them to the places of entry of the bacteria and viruses (normally the nose and the mouth).

The B cells produce very minute substances called antibodies, which rush to the places of entry of the viruses and attack the enemies. Some of the antibodies can destroy the enemies. If the antibodies cannot destroy the enemies, they give a signal to the T cells, which are more powerful then antibodies. After receiving the signal, the T cells reach the desired place of attack and ingest or swallow the viruses. Then the T cells destroy the enemies by digestion. Thus we get rid of the attack from the microorganisms. But this process of total elimination of bacteria and viruses need few days and the sufferings become unbearable, if we do not use any medication.

When the enemies enter into our bodies and the allergic symptoms start to invite the defending cells to destroy the enemies, we feel disturbed and try to get quick relief and take allopathic medicines called acetaminophen or Tylenol and antihistamine, etc. These medicines stop the production of prostaglandin and histamine and give us prompt relief from the disturbing allergic symptoms. But this stops the process of war between the defending cells and the enemies. People become happy by this process of treatment, but in fact, this helps the enemies to escape from the attack by the killer cells (B and T cells) and enter deep into the tissues and enter into the healthy cells to change the human DNA into viral DNA. This conversion of the DNA changes the healthy human cells into cancerous cells. These cancerous cells increase in number very fast by taking the nutrition from the human body and spread all over our body to kill us by cancer.

So we can understand, how we are proceeding towards cancer due to using some medications which do not help to kill the invading enemies rather this process of getting quick relief help the enemies to reach their desired goal of making themselves immortal by establishing themselves permanently inside the human cells and converting the cells into cancerous cells.

But instead of conventional medication (acetaminophen or Tylenol and antihistamine) if we use homeopathic medicines like Aconite, Bryonia, Belladonna, Rhus Tox, Ars Alb, etc. to get relief from the allergic symptoms, we can also get quick relief but in a different way. These drugs probably react with B cells to generate the right type of antibodies to attack and destroy the viruses instantly without stopping the process of war.

Since this concept of homeopathic cure is not approved by the principle of homeopathy, we shall have to draw the reference of a scientific document called “Freund’s concept of immunopotentiation by the complete and incomplete adjuvants” developed by the American scientist Dr. J. T. Freud. The purpose of this new concept is to show the beneficial aspect of homeopathic cure over the conventional system of medication. In 1940, the scientist Dr. J. T. Freund used natural substances with killed mycobacteria to eliminate cancerous tumor in an animal model by injection.This invention of the concept of stimulating the B and T cells by foreign toxic substances to destroy cancerous cells could not be applied on human body by injection as it produced necrosis. This system was tested for a period of 20 years and was abandoned. But unfortunately, the application of the toxic substances by the oral route was never tried for human being instead of injection. However, due to this research, the cytokines were developed and used to attain the effect of stimulating the immune system.

By comparing the system of homeopathy and the concept of Dr. Freund’s immunotherapy on animal model, we can conclude that the use of natural toxic substances from animal, vegetable, mineral, and bacterial origin used in naturopathic and homeopathic systems of medicine used to cure diseases for the last few centuries probably acted on the same principle of stimulating the B and T cells of immune system and generating the right type of antibodies to indentify the invading bacteria and viruses and the toxins and to destroy them by ingestion by the T cells.

If this hypothetical concept of homeopathic cure by killing the micro-organisms by using the components (B and T cells) of the immune system to destroy the viruses and their toxic products to make human body clean and free from toxic ingredients, can be scientifically established by Freund’s concept of immunopotentiation by the help of adjuvants, the ability of homeopathic medication to help its user remain free from malignant diseases and to achieve a prolonged disease free life, can be successfully materialized. As Dr. Drysdale rightly said, “He who proves homeopathic medicines in high dilutions on one’s own self, can live a long disease free life like a ripe old man”.

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