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An Analogy to How Homeopathy Works and Hypericum to the Rescue

When treating a client, I usually expect a change within 8 minutes of giving the remedy.

I explain to clients first that our human body is similar to what we see outside. I tell them I am going to be using their electric lines to send a message to their brain suggesting a different recipe. The current recipe keeps putting out symptoms of dis-ease. I explain the reason they have not been getting well is that the other therapies just keep trying to fix the 'disastrous cake' instead of changing the recipe.
I explain that there are many ways the recipe could have gotten scrambled. It could have been before birth, vaccinations, an old injury, shock. I explain that each of my remedies has a symptom picture and that I am going to use the picture or 'recipe' that looks similar to theirs and if it is, their brain will recognize it and make the proper adjustments and we should begin to see a change immediately.
I try to explain as much as possible so that the fear that so many people have been living with can be replaced with understanding.The understanding is half the way to healing. A certain amount of ease needs to be first.
Client, 50 years old, developed a coccyx injury at 17 years old after a horseback riding trip.
Within a month after the trip she couldn't straighten her back because of excruciating pain, had to stay bent over for 3 weeks, was then hospitalized for 4 weeks and lost total control of muscles and nerves. Her life has since been plagued with all over body pain.
Her first appointment she presents with neck pain and swelling, pain in left hand, swollen thumb joint, sensitivity to touch all areas of the body, a dull ache everywhere, tilting head causes dizziness and pain, , bending over causes excruciating thigh pain, when joints crack they are painful. 1m Hypericum and within minutes this entire picture improved 80%!
In one month with continued use of Hypericum and Arnica she reports no pain and shes dancing and going to concerts!
Thank you Samuel Hahnneman!!

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Comment by Diana Dewan on May 17, 2009 at 10:08am
Thanks Debby!
Comment by Debby Bruck on May 17, 2009 at 9:54am
Thank you Diana for this story of healing and the analogies you use to help the client understand how homeopathy addresses energy patterns.

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