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Bacteria viruses and many other microbial agents are not the true cause for disease, these are came after the we sick. And we are not sick by physical causes the cause of sick is sickness of spiritual level (mental level).
As Hahnemann give us the best way to understand the healing art, he said that the sign and symptoms the crying of vital force and disease is nothing just a derangement of the vital for in which we fee DIS-EASE.
Medicine is not only a science, it is also an art; it deals with the very processes of life, which must be understood before they may be guided----Paracelsus (1493-1541)
Many allopaths confirmed the statement of Hehnemann
1. Harrison's authoritative text-book of modern medicine says,"The profound influence of 'host factors' upon the infectious process make it clear, however, that if our understanding of them ever reaches a point that enables us to control them in a predictable fashion, we will enter a new era in the management and control of infectious disease. There is no more important and fertile field for investigation in medicine." The host factor is referred to is the individual response or what we call vitality.

2.Sir Robert Koch discovered the bacteria vibrio choelra as a causing agent of Cholera. To test this famous scientist Pettenkoffer of Munich and his research assistants swallowed live culture of the vibrio cholera, but not one of them got cholera. Later at the Pasture institute a dozen person swallowed the bacillus, but only one of them got an attack of cholera. This shows that Cholera and oter infection can affect you only when basic vitality is disturbed.

3. Dr. Augustus Bier (Berlin), the celebrated surgeon and writer said, " Bacteria are of secondary importance in infections, a healthy individual doses not become infected".

4. Harrison's text book says that the mere presence of the organism in the human body does not invariably lead to clinical illness. Indeed, it is now obvious that the production of symptoms in man by many parasites is an exceptional event rather than rule."

5.Rene Dubos in his book 'Anatomy of illness' writes," Even under the most urbanized conditions we retain the genetic constitutions of our stone age ancestors and therefore, can never be completely adapted, biologically, to the environment in which we live. We cannot avoid being exposed to multiplicity of physio-chemical and biological agents of disease and psychological mechanisms that enables us to responds adaptively to an immense diversity of challenges. The adaptive measures may be so effective that most challenges do not results in the disease. If disease occurs, the adaptive response commonly bring about a spontaneous recovery without the need of medical intervention.

6.Dr. Rene Dubos, a medical Scientist at the Rockefeller Institutes. New york, in his bool 'Mirage of Health' and Dr. L.Meyler in his book 'Side Effects of Drugs', pointed out that immediate beneficial effect of the drugs is only a suppression of acute distress; and repeated suppression of acute trouble, be it as minor as a head ache- leads to chronic and degenerative ailments in the long run.

7. Albert Schweitzer of Lambarene " Each patient carries his own doctor inside him. They come to us not knowing the truth. We are at our best when we give the doctor who resides within each patient a chance to go to work".

8. Dr. Alexis Carrel is Physiologist and author of book 'Man the Unknown", says,"The physician's lack of success come from his living in an imaginary world. Instead of patients he sees the illnesses described in the treatises of medicine. He does not realize sufficiently that individual is a Whole, that adaptive fuctions extend to organ-systems and that anatomical divisions are artificial. The separation of body into parts is dangerous and costly for the patient and ultimately for the physician.

9.Sir William Osler said, 'The individual, not the disease, is the entity".

10. Dr. Alexis Carrel in his of book 'Man the Unknown', writes, "A disease is not an entity. Disease is a personal event. It consists of the individual himself. There are many different diseases as patients. Immense regions of our inner worlds are unknown. The science of man is the most difficult of all science and medicines will have great contribution to make thereto if, as doctors we take off our blinkers and study "Man" and not merely his disease".
"The physician's role is to discovered characteristics of the sick man's individual as well as the disease. Medicine to take into account the nature of man, of his unity, and of his uniqueness.Must enter with each individual, a different world. They must use the expedient of indiscriminately applying their scientific knowledge to each patient, as, for instance a salesman trying to fit the same ready-made coat to people of different sizes. But they do not really fulfill their duty unless they discover the specific peculiarities of each patient. Their success depends not only on their knowledge, but also on their ability to grasp the characteristics which make each human being an individual".

11. In 1929, Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin and ushered in the Antibiotic era. The wonder drug was used for all infection. However many strains of bacteria became resistance to penicillin. Also the continued use of penicillin brought out it dangerous toxic manifestation.Antibiotics are known to depress the bone marrow, they kill the useful microorganism in the intestines leading to further infection, they can cause malabsorption, allergies, shock and even death. Davidson's Textbook 1977 warns "Antibiotics must not be prescribed unless absoluteky necessary" and "Many adverse effects and even death may result from the use of antibiotics"

12. Dr. Ronald J. Glasser is specialist in pediatric kidney disease at University of Minnesota,USA. He wrote in his book THE BODY IS THE HERO, "Like all antibiotics, however, these medications only buy time. They hold organism in check, they retard their growth, they even kill a few but in the end it is the body itself that must clean up the battle field, seek out and destroy that last final microbe. All great medical breakthroughs in the infectious disease, all the drugs and technical achievements have done nothing more than assist the body's own immune mechanism. They give us an edge, a time to mount a defense but nothing more.

13. The Third International Congress of Psychosomatic Medicines in Obstetrics and Gynecology ended in Landon on 2nd April, 1971, published report in British Medical Journal (page 120 1971). One pf the paper by Dr. Eva Formmer. She made a study of mothers who were separated from one of their parents before the age of 11 years. She showed conclusively that these women had greater trouble during pregnancy that the women who were not deprived of their parents. Not only that of babies o the undue crying and irritability. This show that mother's emotional problems may cause trouble in the babies.

14. William Boyd in his book "Textbook of Pathology" 8th edition 1970," But the student in his new found enthusiasm for pathology must not forget that it is the whole patient who come to consult the Doctor, a human being with past, present and future, not just a disordered liver, a cardiac lesion, lump in the breast or an electrolyte disturbance"

15. Romeis (Biol-Zschr 1923, p 141) states that Thyroxin influence the growth and develepment of tadpoles in dilution of 1 in 5,000,000,000. Jakoby shows that Potassium cyanide activates the ferment urease in a dilution of 1 in 1,1000,1000 (Biol-Zschr 1927 p 181). Cobra venom has been show to haemolyse the RBCs in a dilution of 1 in 10,000,000 (Journ infect Dis. 1915 pg 357). Dr Cabot of New England says,"The tuberculin is a form of vaccination (the B.C.G vaccine) which better than any example known to me the approval of homeopathic principles in our school, The use of bcaterial vaccines recently produced by Sir A Wright is distinctly Homeopathic.

We have been lulled into a sense of security by medical achievements, as if the achievements themselves were the answer. But nothing works for the baby born with immunodeficiency disease.
The above statements made by various doctors of orthodox school is the proof of homeopathy is not a quake system, It is the system with definite principles and rules, and these above statements shows the Hahnemann accuracy in medicine. There a lots of more examples in our world which proves the truth of homeopathy.

Dare to be wise

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Comment by Gina Tyler DHOM on April 5, 2010 at 7:45pm
Ravindra posted:"All great medical breakthroughs in the infectious disease, all the drugs and technical achievements have done nothing more than assist the body's own immune mechanism. They give us an edge, a time to mount a defense but nothing more....................."
My reply:With all due respect-" I dont agree,sorry"
Instead these Modern allopathic meds cause a systemic faulter of the body's immune system. The initial breakdown of organ function.
Its called IATROGENIC symptoms.

There is suppression and palliation caused by modern allopathics but nothing more than that,No cure. The patient is nOT better off-in fact the patient is worse off-
Comment by Dr. Satish Kumar Rana on April 3, 2010 at 8:35am
I confirm the title "Allopaths ......... Homoeopathy".
It is true but how they have accepted ............... half heartdly. They mostly seek treatment for their kids [being aware and afraid of the side-effects of their own drugs]. But never say about the benefits outside the cabin of a treating homoeopath.
They know the harms of a vaccine and hence urge the homoeopath to counteract it with Arnica, Thuja or Sulphur but never dare disclosing it to the world that vaccine is dangerous.
They ridicule homoeopaths and homoeopathy because of the fault of our homoeopaths who do not believe in answering the guys in their own language.
We need to be wise - Dare to be wise. We are the superior ones.

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