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Alcohol addiction
A man is addicted to alcohol suddenly or gradually depending upon the miasmatic strength in him. We all know that alcoholism is coming under syphilitic miasm. In addition, we are aware of the miasmatic suppression theory of Dr Profull Vijaikar. If we draw the miasmatic picture of most of people including us, we can see how deep rooted is the syphilitic miasm comparing to the psoric predominance in our ancestors. Psora is very rare now even in new born children. Increase in suicide, homicide and violence are best examples of the dangerous faces of the prevailing syphilitic miasm around us.
Types of alcoholics
1. There are people in upper class in society who take alcohol in parties or occassions.
2. There are large group people in middle or lower class who take alcohol daily, in the evening after their work.
3. Another group ,who are deeply addicted to alcohol and they are real nuisance to the society.
The first and second class of people may slide into third group depending upon the miasmatic tendency in him.
Alcoholism is considered to be a major problem in males, but the females in these families have a tendency to develop depression, epilepsy etc.
Causes of Alcoholism
1. Family history: According to the study conducted by Oscar Parsons, a famous psychiatrist, family history is the major cause of alcoholism. If the father or any close relative in the family is addicted to alcohol, then 50% more chance is there in the next generation for alcohol addiction in males or depression and epilepsy in females. If we examine the EEG of alcohol-addicted persons, we can see the waves are comparatively week. Another interesting fact is that the EEG of their children also shows similar finding. This shows that alcohol destroys our brain cells and this in turn transmitted to the next generation. In other words, this will affect our miasmatic level and we automatically pass this to next generation.
2. Environmental & Domestic factors: Family matters and social status also are causes for alcohol addiction. Problems between partners, bad family environment, divorce of parents etc are common now leading to alcoholism. Alcoholism totally changes the personality of person. It is becoming one of the major syphilitic discretion in the society. By drinking this poison we are not only destroying our self and society but also the coming our next generation.
Effects in children
Children born to alcohol-addicted parents are facing many physical, social and domestic problems in their life. Physical problems as mentioned earlier includes similar alcoholic tendency in male children and depression, epilepsy, psychiatric ailments etc in females. Divorce or problems between the parents or label as the children of alcoholic etc will cause mental shock in them. These will cause introversion, anti social behavior, personality disorders etc in them. Therefore, the constitutional treatment should start from childhood itself so that we can save them from a fast miasmatic progression.
Many authors are telling various treatments or medicines for alcoholism. In the book 'homoeopathic treatment of alcohol', Dr Gallavardin mentions two important points from our master Dr Hahnemann's teaching. They are as follows.
1 Note the intellectual and moral symptoms presented by the patients and produced by the drug proved upon the healthy subject.
2 Give one dose of the remedy and let it act'
In conventional system of medicine, they are treated with ECT {electro convulsive therapy}, counseling etc . In our materia medica also some tinctures are mentioned for the treatment of alcoholism. However, neither ECT nor the tinctures are capable of affecting the genetic or miasmatic level of the individual. They can be used as temporary or immediate solution only. Constitutional treatment considering the person as a whole is necessary. Let us strike against this syphilitic monster with our blessed system 'THE GREAT HOMOEOPATHY'.

Dr. Shibi. P. Varghese
Matha Homoeopathic Speciality Center
Fort road. Kannur-1
kerala, India.

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Comment by Kavitha Kukunoor on September 6, 2009 at 11:00pm
Thanks Dr.Shibi for sharing nice information on alchoholism.
Comment by david hartley on September 6, 2009 at 3:48pm
Hello Dr. Shibi,

There is a group here on Homeopathy World Community, for discussing addiction, perhaps you'd like to join it and repost your blog entry on addiction..

warm wishes,
david hartley

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