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here i submit another case.. . to show how combination of medicines can work wonders... ..

one army officer from Kolkata,India.,a city made famous by Mother Teresa. A gentleman turned into a very obstinate angry husband and father due to various reasons.. but one thing that prominently figured in history taking was his habit of drinking alcohol ,
He was just a social drinker initially but slowly that turned into habitual drinking and then compulsive drinking..
he was suspended from his duty due to some reasons and that triggers the anger and depression..
He started behaving badly with wife and children.
At this juncture, i was consulted by one of their family friend, a patient of in Delhi.
I prescribed..
Walnut and vine for first week...(( without telling the patient, the medicines were administered.)). !!
walnut and holly and elm for next two weeks.with Acid Sulph.

Then i got a call from the man himself that he wanted to come to Delhi to see me.!!! Eureka.. !!

When a person himself wants to willingly take the medicines half the battle is over .
It was amazing recovery for the man and his family was also given medicines like.. rock rose and gorse.. and bear the pressure to cope up with a sick person in the family better.. pine and sweet chestnut.. finally cured the man.. of his addiction to alcohol..He still drinks but only on sundays that too only 30 ml. x2...:)

Certain medicines for other ailments were also given along with Bach Flower Med. like for his anger related illnesses i supported him with causticum ,for his keloid silicea and for his hypertension Rauwolfia s. Q.. was given.. at different times.

It took almost half a year, but the case was solved beautifully and most of all his children are very happy with me .!!

((At one point of time during one of his remissions i asked that man to write his history... but for obvious reasons... he do so.. ))

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Comment by Debby Bruck on June 2, 2010 at 4:27pm
Nalini - thank you for presenting this case. Here is an example where I am wondering what was it that actually moved this angry man forward into a better place? Was it the Walnut, Holly, Elm, or Sulphuric acid? As we are studying the Organon it confuses the practitioner to know how to replicate the effects for future patients. It is truly marvelous that the person is doing better.

I'm wondering if the Bach flower remedies could have been given [looking back of course] for a few weeks to months to see any change, and then to give the homeopathic remedy. This way we learn the action of the flowers essences and then the action of the homeopathy.

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