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A Materia Medica Love Story Of Natrum Mur with Phosphorus

Inqlab sindabab….


The procession on the road was literally attracted by one and all. People were not only watching the procession eagerly but watching the man who led the procession. It was Mr. P (phosphorus) who leads the procession and simultaneously mingled with his team of members by communicating with them. He even won the heart of spectators by waving his beautiful hands in air. As he is the tallest of the entire team people can see him from any angle. Though there is a stoop on his shoulders, people took it as a forward lean showing his humbleness. In between it he just went to the crowd and touched cheeks of a little girl who was standing there with a lady. It was his wife and daughter. There were lots of fans of him among the crowd.


At that time a lady was going alone on the sides of that road, not listening to the noises of that crowd. She was lean with curled hair with gesture that she would like to hide her head and long neck underground like ostrich hiding from others. It was Miss N [nat mur] on the way to the school. But when she reached near to the procession, she saw the handsome tall man who was leading the procession. A smile flashed in her face and she wished to wave her hand towards him, but controlled herself because she can’t tolerate if he would not wave his hand back to her. She continued her walk fast to school.


When she went to the office the principal asked about her health because she was on leave the last day due to a headache. She answered in a few words and went to the staff room. In the afternoon, when the bell rang for lunch she went alone to the lunch room. There was not many friends for her in school or near her home. She had a habit of avoiding making relations from childhood. When she started taking food one said a jokingly, ‘hi madam, although you are bringing a big pack of food, it is not seeing on your body.’  One senior teacher advised her to consult a doctor immediately and check her blood sugar level because she was looking week, tired and anemic. She answered all this only with a smile on her face.


In the evening on the way back to her home she saw Mr P with his child. She tried to smile at him and become happy to get a smile back from him but not showing it. She was very much impressed on seeing his affection to the child. She remembered about her terrific childhood on the way back home. Her mother was having some illegal relation during her youth. Her father married another lady when she was only 2 years old. Her mother married another man who was a drunkard. He used to beat Miss N and her mother. So, her childhood days were not so terrific. Her stepfather committed suicide when she was 13 years. Her mother changed to a spiritual life after this. Miss N lost her mother some months later to breast cancer. Her death caused a great shock in her mind. Due to the lack of love in her life she had a craving for love from her childhood on. But she couldn’t express it to anybody. Even though she tried to reveal it many times without success.


She met Mr P several times on the way to home from school. His daughter was studying in that school. A romance was growing in the heart of Miss N although she knows that he is married and having kid.


Miss N used to support the children in their cultural events too. The school auditorium was crowded for the annual day celebrations. She saw the children coming for the cultural events with their parents. Her childhood days flashed through her mind and she became sad. She went to the staff room crying. Mr. P passed outside the windows of that room and saw her with tears. She wiped her tears and smiled at him. He entered the room and sat on a chair there and tried to console her, but could not give relief. Mr P collected her contact number and left the room.


In the morning, he phoned her and asked about matter of crying yesterday but she replied it with a cry. At last, she wrote a letter to him and handed it to him. He became very sympathetic on reading her story. The next day he invited her for a cup of tea. He ordered two bowls of chicken soup. When the soup arrived, the both of them started putting salt again and again into it. She was really amazed to see the same food desire of salty things in him, but felt irritated to hear his phone ringing many times. She became angry to hear that one phone call was from a lady who he met on the train last week during a journey. She became very possessiveness about him. The relationship lead to a two-way romance.


Miss N became mad about that relation which affected her daily life because Mr. P continued his habit of making new friends. This created problems between them. Also, the relation between Miss N and Mr. P created problems in his family. In the end, Mr. P loved his family very much and so was not in a condition to continue the relation with Miss N. These things were very much annoying and she resigned from her job and stayed home alone for a week.

After some days news came in the news paper about the suicide of Miss N.

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Comment by Dr. Nritiya Dave on August 10, 2012 at 3:35am

innovative nd easy to digest !! gr8 job !!

Comment by Dr. Sanjay Solunke on May 29, 2012 at 5:09am
excellent!! Sis shibi...:)
Comment by Heidi Stevenson on February 1, 2012 at 9:15pm

Very nice pictures of Phos and Nat mur. 

Comment by Dr. Prabhat Kumar Dasgupta on December 1, 2011 at 9:15pm

A clear picture of Nat. Mur. ( lives in past ) & Phos. ( lives in present).

Beautiful Presentation ... 

Comment by Dr Amit Sahani on May 5, 2010 at 8:26am
Nice illustration of the different aspect of the personalities of both medicines through stories. The students would definitely benefit from it

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