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“I want a leave to be able to go back to my village” said our gate-keeper with a worried look on his face.
“But, why so soon? You only came back less than two months ago! ” I exclaimed.
Sir, my wife is pregnant, is in her nine month and when she was taken to the city for a check-up the lady-doctor told her that the child was in wrong position and they will deliver through big operation (meaning breech presentation and a need for a caesarean section )”
“I am poor and the operation will mean a heavy burden for our pockets. Moreover the big hospital is in the city which is at quite a distance from my village and I am very worried” he said gravely.
After a few questions I learned that it was the second pregnancy and the first one terminated normally with birth of a healthy baby.
I was glad to hear that because the normal delivery of the first child meant that any mechanical cause could be ruled out. From further probing all I could gather was that the mother to be was otherwise in good health.
I said, “look here, many cases of child in wrong position have been treated successfully and God-willing her case may also be resolved without the need for the big operation. Make preparations to leave soon”.
After a couple of days he was off, carrying the phial with Pulsatilla 200 and instructions to give a single dose of five to ten pellets first thing in the morning for three consecutive days and then stop. He was also instructed to dispense the pellets without touching them. It was necessary because villagers are not used to taking homeopathic medicines and usually take all pills by placing them in their palms before gulping them down.
Six days later he informed me on the phone that the medicine had been taken according to instructions. I advised him to wait for four days and then take her wife to city for an ultra sound check up. I kept my fingers crossed in the meanwhile
A week later I got the first good news. The fetus was now in a normal head-first position.
After a few days I had phone call from him brimming with excitement and joy, “Sir, today we had a healthy baby girl . The child was delivered at our home(by a midwife, which is the norm in most villages), it is all because you and the wonderful medicine that you gave us , I owe you much gratitude”
“Congrulations ! Your gratitude should all be to God almighty who made this all possible”
“ And yes after feasting and celebrations, make preparation to come backs soon because your one month leave is almost all use up” I reminded him jokingly as I also thanked the Almighty for everything.

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Comment by Muhammad Noor Asi on October 17, 2009 at 4:18am
yes, homeopathy is the name of miracles.

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