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A case of Lender old man


It is says that young age goes as time passes but old age never goes, sometime some problem stay with old age till death but with the homoeopathic medicines it is possible to conquer& one can live his peaceful life.


Mr.RD, age 69 yrs referred to me one my patient for multiple c/o related with old age on 15/08/08 with following complaints.




Sensation & pathology

A/F & modalities



15 days








Since 7 yrs





Abdomen(inguinal region)

Since 3 yrs






Since 1 YRS

RT then LT sided



45 yrs

Has to press the urine for passing,

First drop by drop followed by normal flow,


Burning +, dribbling++



Prolapsed ani,

occasional constipations,

Stool unsatisfactory




Left sided hernia,

no pain






Swelling ++


Pain +



Epileptic convulsions,

Foam in mouth,

sometime tongue bite

<During urination’


>passing urine





<Stool during,















<Sleep during































Memory loss














Past history:


Right sided inguinal Hernia operated,

Hydrocele right sided operated.


Family history:


F- Convulsion (dead in their early age);

M- Joint pain


Patient as a person


Appetite: good,

Thirst: N

Desire: Sweet D++

Eggs: D+

Tea: twice a day.

Urine: Smelling++

Perspiration: Axilla, Yellow Staining.

Stool: Occasional Hard+


Sleep & Dreams:

Disturb with dreams of some one pressuring over his chest,

Sometime shouting in sleep, cry for help




Fan- D+

Covering- Whole body,

Bath: tepid Water,

Season like: Winter.


Mental state:


Person is from Lower class society with poor socioeconomic condition. Father left her mother & married with another woman, died early & since then he was living with his MAMA(mother’s brother). Mama did his education & look after his father, since then he is thinking that he has to lend something to his mama.


Got work in BMC, married in age of 25.Having 2 younger daughters, one Elder son. Son had got job in BMC when he gets retired in 1998. Then he did son’s marriage in 1999, but daughter- in -law’s mother & father deceived them. She is not good women. She knows hypnotism (Kala Jadoo) once she had tried to give them Poison in their meal. They did the police Case over her but she did police in her favour. Now she is not living with them, she left his son, Because of all this his all family members are disturb & he also get very much irritated results convulsion at night. He sys that he is responsible for all this, he did wrong, Shout over small matter, anger from contradiction but he couldn’t do anything, keep quite & want leaves away from home & Irritate over himself.


Daughters couldn’t marriage because of his daughter- in –law behaviour & dids. Neighbours & relatives know her nature. They are about 30 to 32 years. We couldn’t divorce her because of daughter’s marriage & also he says ‘What will society think about me? Since then he leaves away from society, he said that people are selfish, weeps sometime when alone, he thinks sad things & about family matter. WEEP WHEN CONSOLED.


Disposition & expressions




Physical generals:


Hair: Baldness, early greying++,

Tongue: flabby, Cracked at centre.

Teeth: caries at centre,

Skin warts: warts on forehead, eyes around, flat on left cheek, black, Pedunculated.




USG scrotum s/o right testes 4.6 x 2.3 x 3 in size, E/o hypoecoic lesion measuring 0.7 x 0.4 cm in epididymis s/o epididymal cyst.

Left testes 4.3 x 2.2 x 3.1 cm in size E/o hypoecoic lesion measuring 1.5 x0.8 cm in head of epididymis s/o epididymal cyst E/o mild amount of free fluid noted in left scrotal sac (left side HYDROCELE)


Moderate to severe PROSTOMEGALY with significant post void volume.




Provisional diagnosis:


Prostomegaly, Left testicular Hydrocele with bilateral epididymal cyst,

Prolapsed ani.


Miasmatic interpretation:


Syco- syphilitic miasm.


Evaluated reportorial totality


[KT] [Mind]Indifference, apathy etc.:

[KT] [Mind]Escape, attempts to: From her family, children: [KT] [Mind] Delusions, imaginations, hallucinations, illusion: Wrong: Fancies he has done.

[KT] [Sleep]Dreams: Nightmare:

[KT] [Mind]Frown, disposed to:

[KT] [Mind]Anger, irascibility: Contradiction, from:


[KT] [Rectum] Prolapsus: Stool: During:

[KT] [Prostate gland]Pain: Urination: During:

[KT] [Prostate gland]Enlargement

[KT] [Prostate gland] Pain: Pressing:

[KT] [Urine]Odour: Offensive:

[KT] [Genitalia male]Swelling: Testes:

[KT] [Face]Warts:

[KT] [Skin]Warts: Pedunculated

[KT] [Stomach]Desires: Sweets:

[KT] [Generalities]Side: Right: Then left:

[KT] [Bladder]Urination: Incomplete:



Result of repertorisation:


Lyco 17/31,

Sulph 10 /19

Calc 9/19,

Nit acid 7/16,

Sepia 6/16,

Nux vom 10/15,

Thuja 10/15


Homoeopathic management


Lycopodium 200. Single dose, Sabal serulata Q 10 drops daily with half cup of water. SL OD

Thuja 200, Single dose on next day, as an intercurrent antimiasmatic remedy.

For 15 days.





Symptoms changes









No fresh c/o

Burning urine better, no pain, and flow good.

No convulsion,

prolaps persist with no hard stool,

Sleep N, no dreams.














forgetfulness +,

Saliva dribbling sleep during,

Pain in left testes+

Prolaps reduce up to some extend.


Rhododendron 30. one dose daily for 5 days,

















No pain in testes,

Urine smelling ++,

Saliva dribbling in sleep,

Inguinal hernia reduce in size,

USG prostrate s/o no any significant growth, normal in size.

Warts eyes around.




Scrotal USG s/o no any free fluid noted, no any epididymal cyst noted, testes are normal in size.


Irritability very much decrease,

Positive attitude towards life,

Both the daughter got married, now son has decided to divorce his wife & planning to marry again.

Now there is new hope to live life in his family, He decided to settle at their town place with his wife.

Prolaps ani decreases during stool.

No convulsion yet.


Acid Nit 200.single dose, SL OD.





















Treatment cont.






This case gave me confidence to treat surgical cases even more well only with the homoeopathic management. We can treat different diseases with the one single medicine when it suit in all aspect.






-Cowardice, feels weak and inadequate. Incapable of fulfilling their responsibilities in life so they avoid responsibilities.
-Due to this patient develops inferiority a becomes very shy, introverted, soft and rather a loner.
-Or to compensate this patient becomes egotistical, bragging, acting extroverted, assertive, domineering (so comes the "love of power").
-Such people have "low self esteem", "low confidence".
-Patient has "dread of appearing in public".

-Anticipation, he is obsessed with the idea that he will make a mess of it, but when he undertakes the task he goes through this with ease, but he will face the same terror next time. Apprehensive.
-Wants to be alone with someone in the next room, because he fears to be alone.
-Patient dreads the presence of new persons or visitors.
-Due to this fear of responsibility, of commitment, patient often faces sexual dysfunction in married life.
-Easily angered, cannot endure opposition or contradiction.
-Weeps all the day, cannot calm herself, very sensitive, even cries when thanked. Weeping aloud ameliorates.



Soul of Remedy- Rajan Sankaran,

Allen key Note- Allen,

Lecture on homoeopathic Materia Medica- J.T. Kent.

Kent Repertory – Kent



Lender in Old Man
Chelidonium majus
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Fluoric acid and Varicocele



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Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on July 31, 2010 at 8:30am
Good case.

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