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A Case Of Autism Improved With Homeopathy

Introduced by Dr Leo Kanner of the John Hopkins, in 1943, autistic spectrum disorders include a group of disorders including autistic disorder, Asperger’s syndrome, pervasive developmental disorder, Rett syndrome and childhood disintegrative disorder. These disorders are characterized by varying degree of impairment in communication skills, social interactions, and restricted, repetitive or stereo-typed patterns of behavior. A lot of research is ongoing to find any kind of therapeutic measure for autism, but there has not been any significant option available. On the contrary, homeopathy does play an effective therapeutic role in treatment of these disorders. Let me demonstrate this with a case example.

Nimish [name changed], an 8 year old boy diagnosed with mild autism with Asperger’s syndrome, presented with complaints of spells of hyperactivity and excitement, where he used to cry or laugh aloud on trivial stimulations. He had a habit of rocking himself constantly and aimlessly playing with his fingers [a common autistic feature]. He could follow complex commands easily and could convey his needs in short sentences; but he could not reproduce or repeat back a small story told to him just a few minutes previous. His attention span was noted to be very short – except for the film songs.

The psychometric assessment had also mentioned a global developmental delay [by six months] with slow writing and ill-defined handwriting. His IQ was 60+. He could not button his shirt properly, but could put on the socks easily. In spite of his toilet-training, he used to have nocturnal enuresis once or twice a week.

On the emotional plane, he showed a severe violent behavior when contradicted or teased by anybody. He used to throw whatever he could hold on to, and had even bitten one of his friends in such fit of anger. He showed strong fear of heights, and he liked rhythm a lot. He could dance all day on the film songs [as mentioned earlier, the attention span too was significantly better with respect to the songs].

Physically, Nimish is ambi-thermal too hot, has aversion to sweets and sweats a bit more on scalp.

The case was referred to homeopathy by the treating pediatrician, with a doubt about the exact outcome especially with the pathology in mind. The prescribing totality was:

  • Anger – violent
  • Anger – contradiction intolerant of
  • Anger – rage
  • Music – sensitive to, rhythmic
  • Music - ameliorates
  • Fear of heights
  • Concentration – difficult
  • Involuntary movements

First prescription: [27 October 2009]:

Tarentula hisp 200 twice daily x 1 month

Follow ups:

Nimish visited his grandmother in Bangalore after the first visit, and due to some unavoidable circumstances had to stay there for the next four months. His grandmother called in between reporting “slight improvement” and since no details were available from her, the same medication regiment was continued for couple of months [Jan & Feb 2010].

19 March 2010:

Hyperactivity and violence has reduced a lot; Understanding has improved – could grasp the normal school he attended while at Bangalore; Now can button his shirt perfectly; Recollection of story and telling it later has improved – though makes some mistakes; Enuresis has stopped completely since Feb.
Rx: Tarentula H 200 BD x 1 month

08 June 2010: reported on phone from bangalore

Could not continue the medication for a couple of months. overall he has improved a lot. Even the neighbors can feel the difference. Recent psychometry showed his IQ in the range of 75-80.


There has been a lot of emphasis to understand various treatment options available for autistic cases. This case clearly indicates how effectively homeopathy can deliver results in autism. I have also seen improvement in the eye-to-eye contact and social interaction in other cases, where it was the presenting complaint.

For the parents of autistic children, who are reading this article, please note that Tarentula was selected for Nimish as per the symptom similarity and thus may not help all autistic children. An individual assessment is necessary from a trained homeopath for a effective treatment.

Photo City Paper: A Possible Link Between Chemical Exposure And Autism May Have Been Overlooked In The Very Earliest Cases At Johns Hopkins

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Comment by Dr. Wequar Ali Khan on December 15, 2012 at 10:04am

Thank you for this article.It would be a great boon to homeopathy and its lovers, if Homeopaths around the globe who have had the opportunity of treating Autism share their experiences with HWC. It would be an eye opener for the medical world to see and asses the powerful impact of homeopathy as compared to modern medicine on treatment of this disease/condition.

You can also inform HWC of links where homeopathy has played its part in treating Autism .  

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