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1023 publicity stunt just proves again they don't understand homeopathy

The UK 1023 'mass overdose' on January 31st was a publicity stunt that only served yet again to show how ill-informed this group is about homeopathy, and how it works.

The videos that are posted online showed small groups in various UK cities earnestly doing their ‘bit for science’.

But where do these people get their information? Who up the chain of command feeds them lines like: “When they make a remedy they dilute it and dilute it until there is nothing left except water and then they put a drop of water on each sugar pill and that’s the remedy”.

For heaven's sake! But it didn't matter to them - they wore their 1023 T-Shirts, and helped increase Boot's sales of homeopathic medicines. Arsenicum was the favourite, but a wide range of remedies were used - from Arnica to Sulphur - mostly dictated by whatever was on the shelf when they went to buy their vial.

The motley groups gathered outside their local Boots store - some last minute panic when they realised that the new Click bottles only dispensed one pill at a time - so a lot of frantic advance
clicking getting ready for the big moment.

Across the country there was a count down to 10:23am, and as one they tipped their heads back and swallowed - demonstrating just how clueless they are. Wide grins followed as they pronounced themselves unharmed - and proved yet again that they don't understand the first thing about homeopathy......

What's more, 1023 wasn’t even original – the Belgian skeptics already did it years ago urged on by Dr Betz!

(That’s Dr Betz of The Lancet’s infamous “End of homeopathy edition”. He criticized the WHO pro-homeopathy report of 2005 and in an expression of outrage he declared that “WHO has been infiltrated by missionaries for alternative medicine”. He, along with Renckens, (Chair of the Dutch Union Against Quackery), and Edzard Ernst, now one of homeopathy’s most vocal critics, forced withdrawal of the report. Despite having been rewritten the WHO report of 2005 has STILL not been published.
Michael McCarthy. Critics slam draft WHO report on homoeopathy. The Lancet 2005;366:705–706
Boyce C Magnus Pharma and the Golden Goose Similia Vol 19 No 1 June 2007 posted here. )

I was interested to notice that the video of the London event seemed to show Simon Singh and Dave Gorman – prime personalities at the London event - faking it. Dave Gorman took a small capful of Arnica on the first countdown but didn't dispense any more for the media retakes. Simon Singh clicked out a small handful in his glove for the first countdown but then as far as I could see, faked the media retakes.
Does that mean they were hedging their bets, just in case there IS something in it!?

Come on denialists, at least let's see you put the remedies where your mouth is.....

Bloggers everywhere are getting as much mileage out of the event as possible - blogs in The Guardian, in New Scientist, in The Independent, each and every one full of misinformation about homeopathy. Other bloggers trying to drive a wedge between medical homeopaths and professional
homeopaths. Calls in the main stream press for withdrawal of funding for NHS homeopathy, calls from the 1023 campaign for Boots to stop selling homeopathic medicines and calls for government to force the manufacturing regulatory body to change its rules.

But whatever happens in the UK, one thing is for sure - patients want homeopathy - 500 million of them globally - and it's still the fastest growing therapeutic option - homeopathy is not going anywhere.

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Comment by Gina Tyler DHOM on February 13, 2010 at 9:30pm
500 million of them globally - and it's still the fastest growing therapeutic option - homeopathy is not going anywhere.The blind leading the blind,The world is full of ignorance and those happy to comply,Thanks for the post Carole!

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