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The Scientific Evidence of Therapuetic Technologies

Dear Colleagues,

What represents the true scientific evidence of therapeutic technologies? This question has bugged me since 1994 after having treated a junior medical registrar in an allopathic hospital for a spinal cord compression which transpired under anesthesia for a biopsy to confirm spinal tuberculosis. He was fully functional until he woke from anesthesia, and still had residual grade 1-2 power in his hamstrings. He tried to rise from the bed when his legs gave way. His power then dropped to 0 in his lower limbs. He had an ASIA B SCI, not a tuberculous myelopathy.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia | View of Spinal Cord Stenosis

Inconceivably, he was discharged home without support and had to drag himself across the floor each evening, waiting for when other colleagues could come to assist him. It took 5 months for him to become fully functional on Hypericum 1m which I prescribed for the first 4 weeks. I repeated that prescription intermittently afterwards.

Then in 1999-2000, another patient suffered a high velocity SCI sustained in a MVA in which his brother died while his wife suffered multiple fractures; an ASIA B injury too. He could only be treated 3 weeks post injury, however, in contrast, was fully functional in 8 weeks as he was operated on to stabilize his fractured and dislocated L1-2 vertebrae.

Thus, what is the scientific evidence of a therapy. My paper was accepted by Liga2011, and then I was humbled by the CCRH when invited to present my case to their special session. At last, I had time to upload my slides to my little website at Open this PDF Article.

I hope that my presentation and slides can provide us all with some ammunition to counter the attacks on the profession, and allow for a change the other side to sit up and think, perhaps, but at least, to make them duck and dive.

Thank you all.


Photo Credit:  Hypericum Drug Picture by Dr Ravindra Sarswat

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Comment by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque on March 24, 2012 at 12:20am

Thank you doctor for sharing this with us. Homeopathy is facing repeated attacks for all corners. Hence, this is very relevant  now. Keep it up.

All cures made by homeopathy is "placebo effect" for the skeptics. I hope that they will change this attitude towards homeopathy. Lets hope for the best :)

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