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Dr. S. G. BIJU
  • Male
  • Changanacherry, KERALA
  • India

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A cured case of Acute Learning Disability (post dengue)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Dr. S. G. BIJU Oct 13, 2017. 4 Replies

This 10th Standard student consulted me on 9th July for learning disability. He was an above average student till last week of June 2017. He had an attack of Dengue in last week of June and undergone…Continue

Do The Indicated Medicines Act Unconditionally?

Started Sep 19, 2009 0 Replies

Dr.S.G.BIJU BMHS, MD (Hom) The heading of this article is not a question to the readers of IHK news. It is a question asked by the author of this article to himself in a number of times. We can cure…Continue


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dr shibi p varghese

Do the indicated medicines act unconditionally?


The heading of this article is not a question to the readers. It is a question asked by the author of this article to himself, a number of times. We can cure all cases by the indicated remedy. The curative remedy in all cases would be the indicated remedy. The best solution for a health problem is also the indicated remedy. Which is the indicated remedy is the only question that remains. I strongly believe that the indicated remedy in any case would be a remedy that had proved effective in the same case more than 3 times with the same indication and more than 2 diseases, at least more than 3 systems of the same patient. Such a remedy can be given in the so called acute disease too.

For example Veratrum Alb is suitable for a patient with the habit of eating more quantity of food, with vivacity in his action and keeping mockery as his unique feature with perspiration on forehead and with religious mania.

Veratrum alb will be an effective remedy for his Hypertension, diarrhea, constipation, skin eruptions and Bronchial Asthma. It will be effective for his mental disease. Unless and until he meets with an accident or injury we won’t think about another remedy to establish a cure in him. Even for the after effects of accident, Veratrum Alb can be thought of.

The said thing is about an all time effective remedy for that particular person. By giving such a remedy, the preset curing programme of our body and mind will be ignited and the process of cure will be properly acted and the person will be saved from the disease by the same programme of the body. Here the medicines are not doing anything except reminding the system to switch on to the process of cure. It is just like making a call to 101 to get the help of Fire Force in disasters.
In certain occasions especially in fresh acute cases we may not be prepared with the Remedy of the case. We may see or hear that patient for the first time in our life. In such cases we have to prescribe a medicine or a drug selected on the basis of the symptamatology of the disease plus the generals of the patient. The drug or medicines selected on this basis, such a sectarian totality can also be called as an indicated remedy of that disease or that patient. It cannot be considered as the constitutional remedy of that particular patient. Here too we are expecting cure from the recently originated disease.
Are we getting cure by prescribing the indicated remedy in all cases? If your clinic has a R&D (Research & Development) wing, you can find out the failures and successes with its statistics. It is our simple duty to find solutions for our failures. Medical Companies are blamed usually in failures for the poor quality. Doctors are blamed secondly for bad selection of medicines. Failure rate is high in acute cases. In a statistical study of Chikun Gunya the R&D wing of our hospital found out that 70% of patients were simultaneously taking allopathic pain killers!
In 1999 when I was working at Homoeopathic Super speciality Hospital Kottayam I happened to treat 3 cholera cases. 3 cases were treated with Veratrum Alb. All the three cases were referred to MCH with diagnosis of cholera. One case out of 3 went to ICH with IV drip and died with in 3 hours. The other case was treated with Veratrum Alb and camphor Q but with out IV and died within 4 hours. And the third case Master Amal Alocious was treated with Veratrum Alb in 200th Potency along with IV at Homoeopathic Super Speciality Hospital itself and is now studying in 10th standard. Amal participated in the press meeting and appeared in Surya TV the very next day of his admission in our hospital. Sri.K.T.Ouseph the then secretary of Indian Red cross crusaded this event in hundreds of his speeches till his last breath. Dr.T.N.Parameswara Kurup is still reminding the public and doctors about the effectiveness of Homoeopathic medicines by quoting this incident. From that day onwards the team of doctors in the said hospital and in our hospital tried auxiliary methods as and when needed. My experience at Attappadi in the year 1997 during cholera epidemic was also not different. A team of house surgeons from GHMC calicut, Jatropa 30, Camphor Q and lot of IV fluids saved atleast 300 lives during that cholera epidemic.
But still I do believe that the indicated ‘drug’ can effect cure without any auxiliary methods. All of us know drugs are the substance that can alter the state of health. While prescribing a drug it has some chemical action on the human body. So such drugs will alter the state of health either to a positive one or to a negative one. While prescribing Iodoform 1x for Bronchial Asthama it will dilate the bronchi. It is just like prescribing salbutamol or any other bronchodilators. Oleander Q accelerates circulation, strophanthus Q make heart more active, Digitalis Q has a similar action of dioxin. But when we are prescribing a proven drug (Medicine) where is the medicine going to act? It is on an existing system of natural therapeutics or the vital dynamics. If the vital dynamics begin to correct the system, there should be a ground to play its game. In severe dehydration one must give IV fluid to save the system. Then only the vital dynamics can save the soul. No medicine can help the system to absorb H2O from the environment. No dynamic medicine is a substitute for Na, K and Cl. No dynamic medicine can keep away the food and supplements and take the role of the same. No dynamic medicine can remove hemoconcentration occurred due to dehydration. No dynamic medicine can bring back blood in hypovolemic shock due to haemorrhage with out blood transfusion. A dynamic medicine can help to reestablish or it can bounce back the human being to his previous condition if the vital fluids and Oxygen is preserved. The lost things are to be supplemented. If IV fluids are prepared for Allopaths only, a Homoeopath should seek the help of a trained nurse in acute emergencies. We are not supposed to be a referring doctor just because of lack of facility for an IV drip. It is high time to study and apply the life saving measures in clinical practice because we are not treating animals but human beings. At the same time we must be confident in our selection of medicines, but don’t be a fanatic or superstitious Homoeopath denying life saving measures to your patients. All the best to all your patients in critical stage and all the best to the Allopaths earning their bread and butter by simply collecting the rent of their auxiliary machines! Let us pray to our remedies to act unconditionally till an ‘Act’ by Govt. to allow us to provide the necessary auxiliary methods.

Dr. S. G. BIJU's Blog

A Homoeoapthic Treatment Protocol for Allergic Disorders

Posted on September 22, 2017 at 8:27am 1 Comment

There are enough treatment protocols for various diseases in Modern Medicine. A treatment protocol will be beneficial to patient as well as doctors. As a system based on individualization it is quiet difficult to develop a treatment protocol in Homoeopathic system of Medicine. One who understand Drug, Remedy & Medicine shall develop a treatment protocol for various diseases without cumbersome…


Catch A Cure Five Cases Cough Corns Otitis Infertility

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This 12 year old child was under my treatment for a worst for of cough for past 4 months various drugs and medicines gives relief for one or two days. They consulted me after trying Modern Medicine for one year. even Inhalers failed. He was treated constitutionally and even miasmatically. Tuberculinum too worked for two days. every Medicine act in the beginning but not lasting is Kent's…


Catch A Cure - A Cured Case of Traveling Sickness

Posted on March 20, 2015 at 3:30am 1 Comment

CATCH A CURE: A simple case of traveling sickness has been troubling me since June 2014.

This is a case of a 10th standard student who was not able to travel even for six kilometers in the school bus. Traveling from her home to school made the worst form of vertigo and headache.

As usual, she was prescribed Cocculus 30 without any effect; and it's various potencies were tried at…


A Cured Case Of Migraine

Posted on March 20, 2015 at 3:00am 0 Comments

Catch A Cure: A 9th Standard student with migraine has been under my treatment for the last year, with temporary relief from Natrum Muriaticum, Sulphur, Tuberculinum and Mellissa Q/Spigelia 200 s.o.s. for pain. She was also suffering from dysmenorrhoea, which was managed with Magnesium Phosphoricum 1M from time to time.

She had an inferiority complex and strongly believed that she looked ugly (though she looks almost…


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At 10:54am on April 2, 2010, Suman Halder said…
Thanks for being my Friend...
At 12:16pm on March 22, 2010, Dr Rahees K Kokkallur said…
thank you sir...
please share your slides and articles...
I will upload slides as videos and flash so cant edit it.
Sir visit my site and subscribe to email alert....
Hope your reply
At 12:05pm on October 20, 2009, Dr Rahees K Kokkallur said…
hi sir
At 11:13am on October 8, 2009, Dr. Wequar Ali Khan said…
Dr Biju,the earlier comment about SEABUCKTHORN may have been addressed to you by mistake,as the Dr concerned is DR S. K . Biju.and he is not a part of HWC.However i would still request you to comment, thanks.
At 10:58am on October 8, 2009, Dr. Wequar Ali Khan said…
Dr Biju,i understand that you are one of the participant in a seminar on "Identification of plants,minerals, -----" it would be worthwhile to learn about the subjects spoken on by you and other learned Doctors.This way we can learn from you even if we are unable to attend the conference.

My other wish is if you can shed light on "SEABUCKTHORN" a plant and its berries which have immense medicinal properties specially for skin and many other uses.This plant grows in mountainous areas of Northern Pakistan and in China and must be growing in Hilly areas of India.It is nicknamed as "JADU PODA" or magic plant;Its berries are of golden color.

I had written an article on this plant quite sometime back in "Homeopathic Heritage",i wonder if it has by now been used as a homeopathic medicine or are there any research going on in India on this herb.In China they have made 200 different type of medication from this wonderful plant.

Your valuable comment will be appreciated.

At 8:12am on September 18, 2009, DR SHIBI P VARGHESE said…
you are such a great personality that homoeopathy and homoeopaths are very proud about you......
go ahed....
and change the world....
At 1:01pm on September 15, 2009, Dr. Girijadevi TK said…
Glad to see ur blog on "do the indicated medicines act unconditionally" .Do u believe an' act 'by gov. will allow us to use auxillary measures?
At 12:05pm on September 13, 2009, Dr. Girijadevi TK said…
PPN about CG is fantastic
At 10:43pm on September 12, 2009, DR K.S.MAHAJAN said…
Thanks FOR MENTAL SYMPTOMS & MENTAL DISEASES deep explanation because of it our confusion has been cleared ,
At 6:21am on September 8, 2009, Dr Muhammed Rafeeque said…
Very glad to see you in this community.

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