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Started this discussion. Last reply by Dr. MAS Jan 16, 2010. 8 Replies

I heard that World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a "denied statement" on its old statement issued to media in which said, "Homeopathic Medicines have no scientific validity in curing…Continue

Tags: WHO, homeopathy

Paraskevidekatriaphobia - Fear of 13th November

Started this discussion. Last reply by Dr. MAS Nov 12, 2009. 2 Replies

Few people are scared of 13th Nov. They developed phobia called paraskevidekatriaphobia. The word designed by Dr. Dr. Donald Dossey. Who told his patients that "when you learn to pronounce it, you're…Continue


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We must allow scientific reasoning and carry out research work, to take result as 2 +2 = 4, then it will become a first hand treatment. Otherwise bye bye :) Today Homeopathy does not give you 2+2=4 answer. It has big stories of cure but less stories of concrete evidence. Homeopaths use HIT AND TRY methods in treating patients.
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Dr. MAS's Blog

FREE Homeopathic Magazine "ROOSHNAS"

Posted on September 2, 2010 at 1:00am 4 Comments


Homeopathic Magazine "ROOSHNAS" has been published. It has the largest collection of homeopathic news, notifications of homeopathic education matters and Homeo Articles / services. The Price of the magazine is Rs. 100/-

The Community members from Pakistan can obtain a FREE COPY by sending Full Name,…


Have You Ever Seen Elephant Man Face?

Posted on August 2, 2010 at 12:00am 9 Comments

Have you ever seen this face in your life?

This man is suffering with “ELEPHANT FACE SYNDROME”. A unique face that only born among 10 million people.



Report: 1st Ever Research Paper on Homeopathic Medicine of Ph.D Level

Posted on May 29, 2010 at 3:02am 21 Comments

I never protected homeopathy with baseless evidence. I am the supporter of homeopathy with true and scientific knowledge. What I have observed that (with all excuses) Homeopaths have many blunder stories of cured cases but…


Grading of Consultation Fees in Homeopathy

Posted on February 24, 2010 at 9:53pm 27 Comments

All over the world, homeopaths have set different criteria for charging consultation of fees. I am interested to know at what ground fees are charged. Lets see in Pakistan. In Pakistan, a good reputed homeopath charged Rs. 500 per patient on first consultation. While Regular homeopaths charged Rs. 200 per patient. There are some idiots like me which does not charge anything and also provide…


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At 4:35am on April 2, 2011, Dr. Satish Kumar Rana said…
Dr. Mas,
I am very sad to learn the whole scenario in Pakistan.
It is unfair for the Paki authorities not to snub a true science. The authorities all over the world has become puppets of allopathic lobby. If at all the authorities can not see all with one eye, it should not deal step motherly with homoeopathy.
I know request is of no effect and almost of no value. It does not move any Government. The need of time is:-
1. Unity at National/International level is of utmost need. All unions of homoeopathic doctors and chemists must come forward with one voice and they must have a common agenda to "Save Homoeopathy in Pakistan"
2. You can hold free homoeopathic camps in rural and urban areas to create awareness about homoeopathy and the present status of homoeopathy in Pakistan. These camps should not be only medicine distribution booths but EDUCATIONAL FOCUSES for the general public. This must create a wave in public.
3. You will have to survey for the areas where people are very rich, very much accustomed to allopathic drugs, very much against allopathic effects on their bodies and who actually want to get rid of allopathy. Capture these areas and maximize the propaganda in these areas. It will help you very much.
4. Homoeopathy Marches can be arranged to raise voice against the injustice being done to a mild science. Placards, Banners reading the benefits of homoeopathic treatment can be displayed in this march.
5. Associations jointly can put the hoardings at prominent public places such as outside Dist. Courts, Outside the residence of President and other public places to elaborate as to how homoeopathy is much better in all aspects.
Just keeping hand on hand and watching what is ahead in fortune will ruin future of homoeopaths and eliminate homoeopathy from Pakistan.
Best of luck.
hoping to listen positive from Pakistan.
At 10:45pm on December 11, 2010, H Dr Sana-Ullah Ranjha said…

Hi Dr Mas ur sitting is diffrent of all dr,s i like it kia baat hia

At 12:48pm on September 24, 2010, Dr kabir Ahmed said…
thanks for the contact and compliments.i need your and all other member,s support to learn homeopathy in a better way.
At 6:24am on July 22, 2010, Dr Ahmad Yar said…
AA sir h r u,plz add me your f list
At 4:38pm on July 3, 2010, Ali Haider said…
Assalam. plz send me the criteria of MD in Alternative medicine .
At 8:31am on June 22, 2010, Ali Haider said…
Assalam. How r u?please include me your friends list.
At 11:21am on March 20, 2010, ravindra meena said…
that's a drawback of our homeopaths, only few people dare to be doing something new that's why only few brilliant people was able to discover the remedies but today we busy in only making money and and all homeopaths are happy with only maximum 100 medicine they afraid to do any experiment regarding to discover new remedies . on the other hand second reason is that we don't know much more about vast number of animal species. and another reason is that now there are no one healthy in this world and we can't do proving on sick person.
At 11:13am on February 22, 2010, Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Chughtai said…
Dear Dr. Mas
A patient of 4 years old suffering with Atopic Eczema. He disturbed for whole the night. He is a chronic patient since last year.
What is the treatment.
Abdul Ghafoor Chughtai
At 10:31pm on January 14, 2010, DR. ARINDAM DUTTA said…
Dr. MAS,
please see the comment & share your views -

with regards............ ARINDAM
At 4:47am on January 6, 2010, Dr. MAS said…
Thank you Ranjha Sahib. Where is your HEEER?

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