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This is a picture taken with the atomic Force microscope. It is a picture of a stable water cluster.

It is a solid crystal made entirely out of H2O molecules.

The original research did not center around health or Homeopathy. It however moved into the field of health, when we found out that stable water clusters formed into double helix shapes, due to the analogy that it had the same basic shape of DNA. This opened up the question "is there a relationship between stable water clusters and the human body?" This question is only partially answered at this point.

The second question followed "is there a relation to homeopathy?"

Again this is only partially answered, however there is good reason for this question.

1. stable water clusters are formed in a similar process to homeopathic solutions, they are the result of extreme dilutions. However the purity of water started with is many times purer than most homeopathic production methods as I understand it. We bring the water up to 10 parts per billion purity, before introducing a particular impurity. To do so one needs a closed system that does not make contact with atmosphere. Once an impurity is added we start dilution, this is taken to an extreme level even when considering homeopathic standards. At an exact threshold, you will see 10,000s of stable water clusters form in a single drop of water. The foreign element or "contaminant" that was introduced is no longer detectable, as with some homeopathic solutions. One can however detect 1000s of stable water clusters.

One can subject stable water clusters to both boiling and freezing temperatures without affecting their integrity. In other words, stable water clusters are a true crystal, and solid form of water, and possibly are a building block or perform a role in the human body.

2. It seems that stable water clusters behave like a "general homepathic" solution:

In studies done by Prof Benjamin Bonavida of UCLA, and another by Dr. Norman Sheally, M.D., and Ph. D. President of Holos Institutes of Health significant immune response was observed.

Norman commented the following:

"Several years ago I was privileged to conduct a small pilot study. Building on UCLA studies of enhanced immune antibodies in white blood cells in vitro, I enrolled 10 healthy subjects (3 males and 7 females, aged 26 to 74) in a study to evaluate homeopathic multi-frequency electromagnetically imprinted water.

Baseline blood tests were done for 4 immune markers. Each subject was given 42 bottles of purified water and the concentrated homeopathic product. They added 20 drops of the homeopathic formula to a bottle of the purified water, shook it vigorously at least 26 times and placed it in the refrigerator to be drunk during that day. After 6 weeks follow-up blood was drawn and results compared with baseline.

There was a marginally significant increase in TNF-A and a highly significant increase in Interferon-Y (p=.004). This is significant proof of immune enhancement by this homeopathic concentrate!

Since then additional studies have demonstrated highly significant optimization of a variety of enzymes; and there are growing anecdotal reports of recovery from a variety of diseases when individuals drink this unique homeopathic product." -- Norman Sheally.

Science of Double Helix Water is far from complete, there are many open questions, and some seemingly contrary phenomena. For instance, at first some thought it was simply an immune booster, however then came in the reports of beneficial effects on auto immune related conditions. This invalidated the theory of an immune booster and moved it into an immune modulator.

For the exact science on how they are formed you can read more in a paper published by one of the scientist who worked on the project at D&Y Laboratories published in the Water Journal, Multidisciplinary research Journal

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