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One of the most prolific authors and contributors to the HWC pages, Dr Usmani writes not only prose and philosophical works of art, but also scientific and medical treatises to delight the senses and stimulate the brain.


Under no particular order, you may "glean" many insights into your medical studies and homeopathy specifically.



Usmani Resource Page

Copyright 2011-15/All rights reserved © Dr Usmani 
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  1. Gleanings IV ENT-EAR
  2. Gleanings III - Eyes and Vision
  3. Gleanings from Homeotherapeutics
  4. Gleanings The Heart
  5. Gleaning 1 Mind
  6. Gleanings Part II
  7. Gleanings Headaches Part-2
  8. Gleanings IV ENT-11 Nose
  9. Gleanings V - Face Mouth Esophagus
  10. Gleanings Throat Larynx Trachea
  11. Gleanings IV Stomach
  12. Gleaning VII Abdomen
  13. Gleanings VIII Rectum and Stool
  14. Gleanings IX Urinary Organs
  15. Gleanings Urinary System
  16. Gleanings Chest Lungs Breast
  17. Gleanings X Male Sexual Matters
  18. Disease, Infirmity and Sex
  19. The Gleanings Male Genitalia
  20. Female Genitalia and Sexual Function
  21. Gleanings XI 2 Pregnancy and Lactation
  22. Gleanings XII Respiration and Cough
  23. Abdominal Obesity and It's Rectification
  24. Sensitivity Problem
  25. Homeopathy Not A Theology Nor A Dogma
  26. Gray Areas In Homeotherapeutics
  27. Sequal To Gray Areas In Homeotherapeutics
  28. Further Discussion of Gray Areas In Homeotherapeutics
  29. Homeopathy Works Anyway
  30. Can Anything Override The Principle of Symptom Totality?
  31. Remedy For Toothache Extraction
  32. Sulphur Personality
  33. Dos Versus Windows Repertory Analysis
  34. Every Case Is Not For Prescription
  35. Homeopathy Sociology or Socio-Therapeutics
  36. Vision Of A Physician | How Not To Prescribe
  37. Constipation, Not A Disease
  38. Dynamics of Criticism and Feedback
  39. How Not To Contract Flu And Upper Respiratory Tract Infection
  40. Worship and Venerate The Fever
  41. The Use of Carcinosin In Pediatric Practice
  42. Homeopathy Doesn't Need Certification
  43. The Concept of Medicine | What is Homeopathy?
  44. How Homeopathy Cures Disease?
  45. Herbs Bane or Boon?
  46. Congestive Heart Failure
  47. Burnett The First Non-Conformist
  48. Burnett A  Prodigy Of A Genius
  49. Fourth Dimension In Prescribing
  50. The Dengue
  51. Gleanings XV The Back 
  52. The Place Of Pathology In Homeotherapeutics
  53. Gleanings XVI Extremities
  54. How Homeopathy Trivializes Grave Situations
  55. Gleaning XVII Sleep and Dreams
  56. Gleanings XVIII Fevers
  57. Gleanings XX Generalities
  58. Sex Brings Longevity
  59. Gleanings XXi Children's Diseases
  60. Look Younger Live Longer The Homeopathic Way
  61. Homeopathic Compunction
  62. Gleanings XXii Positive Indications
  63. Is Fetishism Curable?
  64. Lessons In Therapeutics Repetition Of Doses
  65. What's Pathologic and What's Normal?
  66. Sialotherapy
  67. License To Shoot
  68. Cure Mania, Is Palliation That Bad?
  69. A New Year Treat From Dr Usmani
  70. Perennial Problem of Potency Prescribing
  71. Don't Seek Perfection After Sixty
  72. Books That Are Seldom Consulted
  73. Homeopathy Freaks
  74. Health Without Medicines
  75. What's A Symptom
  76. Allopathy Facts, Homeopathy Facts and Real Facts
  77. Curable Versus Treatable
  78. Chronic Miasms Are A Proven Fact 
  79. GassPass Doctors
  80. Geriatrics Let The Departing Soul Taste
  81. Homeopathy: A Curative Whiff
  82. Cured Cases of Miasms
  83. Without Pathology There Is No Therapeutics
  84. Status Of Mind Symptoms
  85. Practice of medicine should not be automated & mechanical, Critique-5

  86. Homeopathy A Curative Whiff
  87. Rock Solid Facts About Homeopathy
  88. Tertiary Action Of Drugs
  89. Homeopathy of Tomorrow
  90. Homeopathy of Tomorrow Introduction

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