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Dr Muhammed Rafeeque always brings to HWC the spectacular, the peculiar, the fascinating stories and facts that put us in a state of amusement and surprise.

A dedicated and reliable advisor to HWC, he helps answer questions and provides his unique perspective on how to make HWC the best place for everyone to learn together. 

Dr Rafeeque has a special honor award for all his heartfelt contributions in spirit, words and actions. 


Rafeeque Resource Page

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  1. What Is There In The Name?
  2. Call For Action Against Unethical Clinical Trials In Kerala
  3. Violence And Attacks Against Health Care Workers Doctors and Nurses
  4. Free Surgery or Free Butchery?
  5. Lawyers And Staff of The Kerala High Court Took Homoeopathic Prophylaxis
  6. Commonsense Is More Important Than Science
  7. Members of Kerala State Legislative AssemblyTakes Homoeopathic Preventive Medicine
  8. Save This Sinking Country
  9. Patients’ Privacy Is More Valid Than The So-called EBM
  10. Sleep Apnea Case Referred For Surgery
  11. It Does Not Matter Where You Practice Homeopathy
  12. The Prognosis of Layman’s “Diagnosis”
  13. The Use Of Maggots For Diabetic Ulcers 
  14. Use Homeopathic Products To Support Our Community
  15. The Main Reason For Obesity In Women
  16. We Use Different Names and Still We Are One
  17. Music Going Beyond The Uterine Wall
  18. E B Nash Was Not A Fool
  19. Leading Questions With Misleading Answers
  20. Empty The Bladder Before You Start Your Vehicle
  21. Human Attitude On The Roads 
  22. Oil Addiction
  23. No More Tension On Hypertension
  24. Nasal Turbinate Versus Nasal Polyp
  25. How To Manage Uncooperative Patients
  26. The Only Way to Manage Cases on Fasting Without Breaking The Fast
  27. One Dog’s Poison Is Another Dog’s Medicine
  28. Who is More Intelligent?
  29. Render Unto Caesar The Things That Are Caesar's
  30. What Do We Often Ignore While Reading A Laboratory Report?
  31. Homeopathic “Surgery” For a Case of Bilateral Nasal Polyp with Complete Obstruction
  32. Dihydrogenmonoxide (DHMO) Is The Best Vehicle For Homeopathic Medicines!
  33. Sciatic Pain -Think Twice Before Spending Money For MRI 
  34. Homeopathicity In The Nature
  35. Tell The Truth For A Better Remedy
  36. No More Accidents Please!
  37. Believe It Or Not! The Bleeding Wall In Kerala India
  38. My Reply To A Critic Of Homeopathy
  39. Get The Copyright For Your Genuine Works
  40. Better Result From A “Wrong” Method
  41. Thousands Of People Are Suffering From Endosulfan 
  42. Still Central Ministers Need More Studies
  43. Old Is Gold
  44. Mind Bowel Relationship
  45. Be Prepared To Celebrate 'World Homoeopathy Day' On 10th April 2011
  46. Think About Our Four Fingers While Using The Index Finger
  47. Some Rubrics For The Skeptics
  48. Only Sugarless Tea Is Not Enough
  49. Health Workers In Kerala Are Pulling The Patients To Modern Medicine
  50. What To Do When Our X-ray View Box Is Not Working?
  51. Classification Of Our Patients
  52. Targeting the Acutes
  53. Homeopathy and Filmmaking Go Hand In Hand –
  54. Dr D Bijukumar’s Film Reached Red Carpet in Cannes in 2007
  55. 24 Hours Working Free Homeopathic Hospitals At Sabarimala
  56. Can You Select The Healthy Vegetable For You? 
  57. Bhabha Atomic Research centre (BARC) has developed a Medical Analyser to enable objective study of Homoeopathy.
  58. Case-taking vs Data-collection
  59. Antibiotic Crisis written by Prof. B. M. Hegde, MD 
  60. Hoax Email. Scam. Urgent Message To Homeopaths. Do Not Open.
  61. One more language dies in India- Cochin Creole Portuguese
  62. Learn From The Patients
  63. Beware of Mass Hysteria
  64. Same Remedy, But Different Names - No More Confusion
  65. Ruta Graveolens: A Comparative Study of Ancient Literature With The Homeopathic Materia Medica
  66. Hepatitis B Vaccine is Not Required in India
  67. The Patient Feels Better, but...?
  68. Tongue In Disease and Remedial Diagnosis 
  69. Books On The Side-Effects of Vaccination
  70. Are you fully satisfied with the hard tablets? 
  71. Shame on those critics
  72. Homeopathic Postgraduate Residential Summer School Of The National Academy of Homeopathy India, Nagpur
  73. Research work on Vaccines
  74. Management Of Acute Fevers - A Real Challenge
  75. Do you really love your kids? If yes, think twice before giving Aspirin, Acetaminophen, Salicylates to you kids during a viral disease
  76. The Value of Causation
  77. An overview of Depression
  78. Believe It or Not 
  79. Hearty congrats to Vaikunthanath das kaviraj
  80. Examine Your Patients Before Prescribing
  81. Homeopathic Etymology
  82. Drug Addiction And Its Side Effects A Homeopathic Approach
  83. A Few Doses of Ledum Pal Took Him Back To The Football Ground
  84. Are we loosing touch with the printed books?
  85. An Index For The Clinical Diagnosis of Abdominal Pain
  86. Moses (pbuh) Was The First Homeopath Says Dr Dana Ullman
  87. Pharmacy Related Tips
  88. Learn From Our Failures
  89. Insulting Homeopathy Without Knowing The ABC Of Homeopathy
  90. The utility of ‘Images’ in clinical diagnosis.
  91. Materia Medica vs Patient
  92. Morning Sickness
  93. The Magic of Boericke
  94. Unavailability of plain ORS in the market
  95. Observe and Prescribe
  96. Homoeopathy For Occupational Disorders
  97. Who is a good surgeon?
  98. So Called Rare Drugs
  99. Homoeopathy For The Crying Baby
  100. The Doctrine of Signature- A Debatable Topic
  101. Homoeopathy for Hurry Worry and Curry
  102. Homoeopathy Is Flourishing
  103. All That Bleeds Is Not Piles


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