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HWC Newsletter July 2010

From the Founder's Desk


CALL TO ACTION.  Walt Disney said, "It is kind of fun doing the impossible." Today, I am asking for the impossible. There are over 2000 HWC members and I am asking each and every person to take action in the coming weeks and months. Doing a little will make a big difference. 

There is a small, but vocal and action-oriented group of doctors proposing that homeopathy be removed from the UK National Health Service [NHS]. There is still time to post your comments and write to officials. 

You have an opportunity to voice your opinion. The NHS website says, "Your Health, Your Choice," but your choice is about to be extinguished. Sure, it is in someone else's country, not yours. Who is to say what will happen next with the world economy declining and the environmental disasters leaving so many helpless? There are people searching for ways to cut funding for governmental programs and to find blame for harm at every turn. They want it to be Homeopathy's turn. 

TAKE ACTION NOW. All the information is provided to make it quick and easy. Email and letter templates are provided by H:MC21. Write the British Medical Association.

A decision will be made soon. The NHS has not asked homeopathy patients for advice, nor asked their own NHS homeopathic professionals. NHS has not asked us, the world homeopathic community. It is up to us to tell at least one other person and partner to get our voice heard. It will take masses of people to talk about our successes, to provide scientific data, reports and evidence, and to tell the truth about homeopathy. Don't delay! We can all lose if we don't act today.


TIPS & HINTS: Congratulations to HWC members for making this the friendliest homeopathy social community on the internet. To stay on top of our game, this newsletter will provide helpful hints, reminders and suggestions for improving the quality of your interactions.


We stay in touch via the HWC Newsletter and a place to find answers to many HWC questions. Let's get talking and learn more about each other by visiting the website, popping in on the live chat, checking out the forum discussions, blogs, photos, videos, groups and event calendar. 


Do you have "Meeting Stranger" anxiety? Not when you've developed a friendship through HWC Social Network.

Who knows when you will meet each other in person? That's what happens when you attend local, regional and international conferences and instructional classes. These occasions turn into 'meeting an old friend' and alleviate anticipation anxiety when you have told each other a few jokes, assisted each other when stumped on a case and spent hours on the live chat. 


Hint for Those Who Strive To Be The Best

Want to get a banner on the front page or get a featured article in the Forums or Blogs? When you write an original top notch article with an outstanding title that attracts lots of attention and comments, then the administrators will stand up and take notice. They will recommend upgrading for that much desired banner. The html code for the banner image will be provided for you to place on your very own page or elsewhere on the internet. Won't your momma be proud!


What? You haven't been clicking over to read those tutorials!

Well, you are missing out because it shortens the learning curve and you may learn something new that can be applied elsewhere on the internet. By taking time to read the tutorials you will be gaining experience that will help you perform better on all social networks and improve your social skills and status in all areas of your life. 


Random Acts of Kindness. "Love your neighbor as yourself." 
Pick an article and comment. Use the SHARE THIS PAGE BUTTON.

Then Click the SHARE buttons. If you're on twitter the system will automatically provide a short little tweet with the URL link shortened. But wait! Don't just click the send button. TWEAK that message and then send. 


You can remove the words "Checking out" and "Homeopathy World Community." You could instead add the hashtags #HWC #homeopathy and then tell your friends to RETWEET. Sometimes, I even say Plz RT - which is short for "Please Retweet."


By reading the articles you will learn who has been active, these people will have featured articles and banners on the front page. 



Are you having a blast on HWC? Meeting people from all parts of the world. One of the benefits of HWC membership is striking up a friendship that will last as you connect day after day, sharing stories and chit-chatting about your lives. Suddenly, you think of one of your friends who you would like to share the recent quiz, educational video, forum discussion or just to introduce two friends to each other. The very best way to do this is to use the INVITE TAB. Here's some helpful instructions for your friends to see. It will make joining a breeze. Send them this video link.

The very best way to ask a person to join is to provide an individual caring invitation with instruction link and a note about why you love HWC. They will feel special that you cared enough to invite them. Mass mailing usually does not receive the same positive response. 

We've completed 42 HWC BlogTalk Radio Show

BlogTalkRadio show began on Sunday May 2, 2010 and is getting better day-by-day. This informative 30-minute online radio program playing every Sunday through Thursday is co-hosted by homeopath Vera Resnick (shown left) and Debby Bruck. They have completed 9 weeks of 42 shows. Members can participate by commenting in the HWC live chat and posting comments in the BTR-WRTO Group. 

"Who's Reading The Organon?"  We add a touch of humor, live stories, inspirational quotes, current events, and other tidbits, plus comments from the listening audience and close with a summary umbrella statement. 

Remember we want learning the foundation of classical homeopathy written by Samuel Hahnemann to be fun, engaging and memorable. By reading the writings of Hahnemann together, we will find our own personal ways of expressing and interpreting the aphorisms to create meaning and put them into practice.

Liz Brandegee Reports on LIGA 2010, California

Debby and I were fortunate enough to attend the LIGA2010 Congress, a Homeopathic Odyssey in Redondo Beach, CA May 18-22.  After the amazing effort it takes to leave the orbit of our busy worlds, it quickly became a warm and valuable experience.  Many attending from around the world travelled very long distances, with the longest traveling time earned by Manfred Muller, NASH president who drove 5 days with his family and new baby!


The organizers from IAH & LMHI did a superb job, from the opening & closing the impressive array of lectures by world-renown homeopaths and the great vendors & overall atmosphere. 

I highly recommend purchasing the CD of presentations for sale on the LIGA website. You can also download a few that were not included on the CD there. Everyone in the US should view Assessing The Health Of The United States Homeopathic Community by Todd Rowe Take a look at the presentation onThe Physics of Water by Martin Chaplin.  Congratulations to Lovepreet Lovely, who won the Radar Computer program from Archibel and for presenting her talk on infants, The Theme of the Time is Paediatric Disorders.

Besides absorbing so much valuable information and inspiration, another gift was meeting several colleagues in person for the first time. In this day of connecting & collaborating by internet, phone & skype, how wonderful it was to be together as real people sharing this special event. We also made many new friendships and learned homeopaths are awesome dancers, singers and have a healthy sense of humor! 

Hope to see you at LIGA in India next year!  Click to learn more about 2011 LIGA Congress.

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