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HWC Newsletter December 2010

Get The Popcorn, Let's Celebrate

Sharing Time Together

Let's Make Some Fresh Popcorn

It's time to celebrate together. Our community has grown as we've shared our thoughts on a vast array on subjects. The changing face of HWC is due to the activity and participation of our members. Just read some of the reasons why people Love HWC and take a minute to write about your experience on the network.

The daily, weekly and monthly activity builds relationships and creates buzz in the larger global community as we learn what is hot and what topics 'pop' up from the flames, like: the debates over vaccination and government, how and if to immunize with homeopathy, taking care of sick pets and farm animals with homeopathy, seasonal colds and flu, the big questions of what is homeopathy, what is cure, what is disease, and what for-goodness-sakes is my constitutional remedy?

We are all learning and growing together. Somehow we're meant to be together and have these conversations as the orchestra plays and the live drama presents itself in real life situations. We share the ups and downs and the emotions by supporting each other and providing hope for a good outcome.


HWC FaceBook: Over the past two months, a number of babies were born, weddings held, books published, seminars given, conferences presented all with fanfare and bravado. We like to celebrate, share photos and throw a party. On HWC FaceBook we mix it up with all the other Homeopathic pages and communities. We cross borders, gather more energy and gain momentum.

On the other hand, we grieve when there are losses in our communal family, when pets pass on and friends move away. It's all a part of the life cycle. Luckily, as Gwenyth can attest, we have ignatia in our toolkit. We are lucky to have each other to lean on and cry salty tears over our popcorn.

From the Founder's Desk

Hey, All You Blogger Blokes!

Ready for some tips on how to create a better blog? 


Don't jump ship just because no one has commented on your blog. People are really busy and even if your blog has been read a hundred times, you may not have one comment. Did you hear that everyone? When you've read a blog, the only way someone gets feedback and knows you have been there is when you leave a kindly note. It REALLY makes a big difference. Also, since we have a huge public image and the potential to teach about our craft and science, please lets put our best foot forward. We would like all members to spend all that free time you have reworking your blogs to perfection. 

I applaud and encourage everyone to post as many blogs all over the internet in as many venues as possible. I also recognize that you want to publicize your writings and bring people to those sites who might be interested in reading, learning and  sharing. We can do this and also give-back to HWC. How might we do this in a reciprocal manner? Easy.

  • Create your Forum discussion or blog on HWC and be generous with gifting substantial information.  
  • Write a nice summary of the work.  
  • Repost a previously written article on HWC if you are the author and provide the link to the location of your original post.  
  • Write up a list of provocative questions as a follow-up to the article so we can have a discussion on HWC. 
  • Add additional or supportive information to the HWC article to add variety.  
  • Create and add a video or slide show with a personal perspective on the issue and add that to the written word.  
  • Create a list of links to other similar topics on HWC and credit the HWC members who will be so appreciative that you recognized them.  
  • If you can think of other ways to spruce up your HWC forum discussions and blogs, please let us know.

About Event Postings

If you have an event planned that others might want to attend, please post on HWC by clicking EVENTS TAB. If this is a for-profit event, like a homeopathy course, then this requires an advertising fee to help support this network. Events that are just 1-3 days for congresses and special events etc are free to post. Free events lasting 1-3 days are also free to post. Remember, we cannot post on-going events that last for months because it kicks all other events off the calendar.


What are Leaderboards?

Have you clicked the new tab called Leaderboards that show top ranked members and superb content on HWC.  

  • Popular discussions rate high marks on leaderboards.
  • For those with a competitive spirit, "hint-hint" you can check your rank and establish a reputation in one or more areas on the network.
  • The true benefit of visualizing who visits and participates often happens when we strengthen friendships and keep the conversations going.

Ning calculates the Top Members via an algorithm that combines both quantity and quality. Ask yourself, “How much do I contribute and how valuable are my contributions?”


Leaderboards are distributed across multiple features — photos, videos, blog posts, and events. By default, members and content get ranked based on the previous week's activity. Get in the spirit and congratulate those who have risen to the top and start mashing that keyboard if you want your name in the 'Leaders' position. It's anyone's game.


Setting Things Straight


SWEET. You have the ability to adjust your settings. 

The very first thing every HWC member should do is fill out the updated profile questions by adding your phone number (which is hidden) in case we want to contact you. You may insert a skype listing. Please enter your town, city, state, and country with a comma and space after each. This will make it possible to learn our demographic distribution. 


Looking for HWC Volunteers

Wouldn't it be nice to receive a call from another HWC member asking how you are doing and if you had any questions or concerns about HWC membership? Since we live in one big community, we would like everyone to be active, visit once a month or so, check out the forums, photos, videos and events, If you are not receiving the newsletter or messages, we would like to help fix that.


Volunteers would call other members just to say, "hello" and check out that everyone is feeling fine, notify about something special or give a holiday greeting.


Tutorial Section: If you would like to follow a particular discussion on the network and get an email when people post a comment, try to click the RSS Feed Button or the ENVELOPE. We're continually adding new tutorials to make it easy to navigate the website and encourage newcomers to scout out the network before posting. 


Typing Titles in Blogs & Forums 

Help maintain standardization of titles to streamline the appearance of the website. Please do not use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Did you know that graphic designers have determined that capitals are hard to read? So, people can actually recognize the words more easily when you use the Title Case, which is the first letter of each word capitalized and the rest of each word in lower case. 


New Rich Editor| HWC has a new text editor with more bells and whistles. Please continue to use the 'Chain-LINK'  option to provide source material. Keep the formatting simple. Click the 'bullet' to make a list. 


HWC FaceBook Is Growing

Please join us for daily quotes and interaction on FaceBook



TWITTER me. You will see Twitter on every newscast, newsletter, social network, media channels with more people getting on-board the ship! 


1. Daily Homeopaths OnLine Newspaper. One-hundred sixty-five contributing homeopaths. Subscribe Today! Tweet it.


2. Honor Others. Getting that time of year to think about 'making a list' whether you're naughty or nice, everyone wants to be 'listed' because that make them feel special. Getting listed indicates you belong to a group or have been recognized for a particular area of expertise. We can even think about this list as a group of peeps who can do social network project together.


3.  Direct Messages. I don't do automated tweets, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't either! I use DMs or Ds to have a personal chat with close twitter friends and associates. It works similar to email, only you see the messages, they are not in public view. 


Automated tweets means that you have not sent a personalized message of recognition, but might say that you want to acknowledge and thank someone for following you.  

Happy Holidays

Maybe you noticed the holiday banners on the front page. HWC is non-denominational and accepts all cultures and religions, but we do not accept religious photographs because we do not promote one religion over another. Our mission is to engage in conversation, form friendships, partnerships in a cooperative spirit to help heal the Earth and Ourselves.


CLICK THE HOLIDAY BANNER: On these occasions it is best to contribute to the 'group' greeting message rather than to mass email to the inbox of all friends. These causes a flurry of messages and fills boxes of busy people. It is hard enough to keep our in-box clean.


Aphorism §1

The physician's high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed.


Organon aphorism §262

In acute diseases, on the other hand—except in cases of mental alienation—the subtle, unerring internal sense of the awakened life-preserving faculty determines so clearly and precisely, that the physician only requires to counsel the friends and attendants to put no obstacles in the way of this voice of nature by refusing anything the patient urgently desires in the way of food, or by trying to persuade him to partake of anything injurious.


Punctuation. Can you find the difference?

Place one space AFTER punctuation and NOT before it.


Today is the first day of my life , and I will make the best of it .


Today is the first day of my life, and I will make the best of it.


We would love to know if this newsletter has been helpful, educational, fun, interesting or any other descriptions you can imagine. Please tell us what you think by posting a short note on "Why I Like HWC" 

Like What You Read?

Would you like to include one of these articles in your newsletter or website? 


Please add this credit notice: This article was brought to you by ©HWC2010 a social network especially for advocating and promoting homeopathy. Add the hyperlink to the HWC Website

HWC Disclaimer

HWC and HWC Newsletter are not medical sites. All information is educational. HWC does not provide medical consultation services.  Any information or opinion expressed is provided only to supplement  information provided by your health care professionals. It is not intended as a substitute for conventional medical care. Any use of the information in this website is at the user's discretion. HWC disclaims any and all liability arising directly or indirectly from the use or application of any information contained in this website. 


Credits: Musical Intro © Bradley Fish.  All rights reserved 

Artwork & Cartoons: Debby Bruck

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