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HWC Newsletter August 2010

From the Founder's Desk


Surprise, surprise! As you can see, you absolutely are not reading another homeopathic journal filled with the usual case studies, lists of remedy symptoms and scientific submissions. Consider HWC "the lighter" side, where people meet and greet each other. It is your personal networking newsletter, specifically designed to support you and your commendable advocacy work for homeopathy. 

Learning to become a better internet citizen and friend, and a better communicator and homeopathic advocate, will definitely enhance your experience and success on the Net.

Here at HWC, we encourage you to utilize the best of technology, social networking, and the internet. If you have special talents and time to volunteer on the network please send me a message


So, what is social networking?

People who build online networks of close contacts and interact with others on a personal or business level in a secure environment lead the pack.

HWC, a platform that moves you to the top of the search engines, provides high visibility for building homeopathy awareness. In fact, as a NING member, when you join other NING communities your profile image will automatically follow you there, and you will have access to your contacts across all networks. We also link to many other important health news websites. Dr Rafeeque invited some friends to join Doctor's Hangout where medical students gather. If more professional homeopaths joined ourHomeopathy Group over there, we could have a powerful web presence that will influence new doctors about the benefits of homeopathy. 

HWC, a public website, has a private group for professional homeopaths to consult on confidential cases. Please keep your profile page open so we can feature your photos and videos. 

You decide how much of your personal information can be accessed from public view, especially knowing that robots can copy your email address. One way to protect your email is to spell it out like "yourname@" and then write "dot com" 


Get The Badge

Some of the most popular social networking sites include Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Linked-In. If you have your own personal blog site or other community blog pages, please link them to HWC and even put on the HWC Badge


We're the happening place to be 


Consider HWC your own personal social network service that focuses on building a community of people who share many interests and activities, desire to learn more about homeopathy, want to consult with others, and explore new and old ideas, and learn about the tools needed to improve their office and clinic. Please take time to say, "Hello," to one new person whenever you visit our network.

~ Debby

Invite A Friend

Are you having a blast meeting people from all parts of our beautiful world on HWC? Well, you should be!  One of the benefits of HWC membership is striking up new friendships (some that will last a lifetime) as you connect each day sharing stories and chit-chatting about your day-to-day lives. 


Use The Invite Tab

You can make all kinds of new friends and important professional contacts.  Invite your homeopathic friends to join HWC while you share with them one of our recent quizzes, entertaining or educational videos, and forum discussions or blogs.  Use the INVITE TAB and send a personal message, because when they join, you will automatically be their friend on the network when their application is approved.  Send them this helpful video instruction link to make the transition a breeze. Rest assured, your friend will be delighted that you cared enough to invite them.  A meaningful personal invitation with a link to read an important blog will grab their attention, while mass mailing seldom receives a positive response.  You can even introduce two of you HWC friends to each other by sending them their profile page link, commenting on their wall, or meeting on the live chat

No More Spam. It's Not Kosher!

Spam Clogs Your Arteries

Okay, almost everyday you get it online via email and may have caused someone else to get it, too, although by accident, of course.  But most of us have a pretty good idea when spam opens in our window.  And I'm not talking about that non-kosher mystery meat that comes in a can from your local supermarket! 


No Bulk Emails

Still, not everyone really understands the concept of spam and or that they may even create spam on our social network.  Its innocent enough behavior, and we know you’re not doing it intentionally, let’s fine out more.   Mainly, sending out bulk email—one email sent out to many people at the same time—clogs up the system. We discourage this type of bulk emailing, but encourage sending an important message requesting help or news to just a few close friends.


Rules are for Everyone's Protection

Important news should be written as a blog or forum discussion, so that everyone can read and comment.Any type of business advertisement or solicitation is also considered spam. Can you imagine if all 2200 members did this? Keeping our network clean of spam protects everyone. Contacting anyone online without prior permission or posting such details on their comment wall is also considered spam.  It sounds awfully harsh, but did you know that social network guidelines say that spammers may be lose their privileges? 

We don’t need that time drain of sorting through an annoying backlog of emails. With their clever attention-grabbing but false subject lines, spam compels people to spend their precious time opening up emails to read what is often a bunch of nonsense and often an unwanted sales pitch. 

In essence, spam is considered rude, improper, insulting and just downright bad behavior.  By the way, bulk email is considered anything over five non-personally addressed emails (not using the person's real name in the message).  This is totally spamming and totally a no-no on the Internet!

However, it is easy to avoid spamming on our HWC network.  It requires just a little knowledge and some thoughtfulness on your part.  You have the opportunity to enter your website link and blog link on your profile page. If anyone wants to learn more about you or contact you, they can click on your image. Please don’t post your biography on every blog or discussion. 

For example, instead of posting and sending TIP OF THE DAY emails, you can post them on your profile page via the UPDATE function.  Consider this similar to writing a TWITTER TWEET.  In fact, you can even link to your TWITTER page.  


As a bonus, when you write a discussion or comment on someone’s blog you can click the SHARE button to post to many other social networks.


Remember: our rules are to protect the interests of everyone.  Sending a big hug for maintaining courtesy and etiquette on our network.Remember this is your network, but is also a network for thousands of other nice people like you!  You want to be treated the same way you treat others, yes?  In fact, isn't this called the GOLDEN RULE? Like courtesy and etiquette, we believe the GOLDEN RULE should also remain a vital part of our world.

Emryss Books 

Fabulous Selections Special gift from Emryss. Anyone who purchases €50 of books will receive either a free copy of Vithoulkas' book - A New Model for Health and Disease(1st Edition - older version) or 'Homeopathy, Medicine for the new Millennium' 26th edition.' This would make a marvelous gift and nice introduction into Homeopathy. 



In this revised and expanded edition, world-famous homeopath George Vithoulkas presents the historical scientific basis for the discipline in simple terms, and shows that homeopathy not only addresses the health of the whole person, but can succeed in treating many chronic conditions regarded as incurable by conventional medicine.



1. Keep it Current! Show that you stay active with Twitter by checking in daily to update the last tweet.  If you only have One Tweet to give, make it memorable, educational, give someone a pat on the back or provoke laughter. 


2. Communication is Key. Twitter means interaction with others. Reply to questions, ask a riddle, put someone's name directly in the post. Ask your friends to follow a lead peep, and welcome newcomers.  


3: Announce important news. Are you featured on HWC? Is there a banner linked to your discussion or blog. Tweet directly from HWC and announce the good news. You are a leader in our community! Clap hands together.  The more captivating the title, the more people will want to pop over to read and comment. 

Aphorism §1

The physician's high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed.

HWC Disclaimer

HWC and HWC Newsletter are not medical sites. All information is educational. HWC does not provide medical consultation services.  Any information or opinion expressed is provided only to supplement  information provided by your health care professionals. It is not intended as a substitute for conventional medical care. Any use of the information in this website is at the user's discretion. HWC disclaims any and all liability arising directly or indirectly from the use or application of any information contained in this website. 

Credits: Musical Intro © Bradley Fish.  All rights reserved 

Artwork & Cartoons: Debby Bruck

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