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Homeopathy World Community

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HWC Newsletter August 2009

Homeopathy World Community
Homeopathy World Community Newsletter August 13, 2009

If homeopathy has touched your life and you want to be part of the growing movement to promote its healing energy become a member of Homeopathy World Community
[Go To HWC Website].

Homeopathy World Community | Our Goals

The Purpose of Homeopathy World Community is to Create Waves of Awareness.
How can we do that together? 
How can each of us, as individuals, do our part?

Put it down on paper and into your schedule to make it happen.
If we have the intention to participate in the world homeopathic community, we can find and set aside a little time to give. It may be helpful to decide how much time is possible. Do you have fifteen minutes or one hour a day? You decide. 

Need specific instructions? It is much easier to take action if you know exactly what to do. We create a unified whole by taking some small action as part of the social community.  The total impression will be much greater than the parts.

This is what YOU can do:
Support other homeopathic healers when you see them writing articles, making comments, posting events on community calendars, and giving seminars. Here is something you can do today! Right now!

Read one or both of these articles:


  • Email it to a friend
  • Share it in your blog
  • Write a letter to the editor
  • Twitter it up!
  • Go to TOPIX. Log on and make a comment 

    This is how we spread the news. Let’s go viral!




Volunteer Provers Needed

Have you ever considered taking part in a homeopathic proving?
Be Part of A Proving Project With Joy Lucas:
The proving remedies selected for this project already appear in our Materia Medica but have had little or no proving information. This will be proving # 6 in the series.
Provers and Supervisors are needed!
Information for Provers and Supervisors:

  • Provers need to be in relatively good health 
  • Each provers case will be taken briefly before being chosen to participate in order to assess suitability to project. 
  • Provers need to keep notes throughout the proving - this can last for a day or two, a week, maybe a couple of weeks, sometimes longer.
  • Females who are menstruating sometimes may need to have a cycle come and go. 
  • All provers are assigned a supervisor who acts as someone to turn to, if necessary, for any help and guidance throughout the proving
  • Supervisors help keep provers on track, making sure their notes are being kept well. It is not an intrusive situation but one that has to be in place. 
  • Supervision may take place long distance. 
Provings are, on the whole, great fun. One never knows what may evolve but they take you to the heart of Hahnemannian homeopathy and you will be contributing towards healing others for centuries to come (hopefully). They are enlightening experiences. Any problems can easily be rectified. Once your proving comes to an end the written data is sent off to be collated and eventually published.
If you are interested in being either a prover or supervisor please contact Joy Lucas. She looks forward to hearing from you.
Please Contact Joy Lucas:



The Vaccination Issue
A World-Wide Proving
We are at a crucial time in the evolution of humanity. Government leaders are planning to vaccinate an entire population. This was tried in 1976 and failed. The only way to protect our children and the next generation, since they plan to vaccinate pregnant women and young children first, is to stand up and say “NO.”
Support Our Resident Vaccine Expert
Fortunately, we have Alan Phillips as our legal advisor guiding us along this issue. Please support his work to advocate for information and education of the population. 

  • Read excerpts of VACCINE EXEMPTIONS: THE E-BOOK a comprehensive guide for anyone concerned with legally avoiding vaccines including: parents (natural, adoptive, custody disputes), college students, immigrants, employees, military personnel and contractors, healthcare professionals, public  and private  schools, and attorneys.
  • Join the HWC Group Vaccines Homeopathy and the Law.
  • Send friends to his website
  • Write to your representatives as political action.  
Visit the National Website | Pandemic Flu: Problem & Solution


Alan Phillips E-Book



Please take a few minutes each day and listen to the new audio files. I have definitely been challenged to complete this task each day. 

Forgiveness has been key, because some days the audios have been late. We each have to deal with obstacles that occur, including the fact that Twitter was hacked into and down for a few days. This effected all third party providers of applications related and dependent upon Twitter – a microblog service. 
This meant that even after I produced the audio file one day, I was unable to connect with the service that uploads the file to the server. We take it all in stride. 
All of the audio files are archived. I think you will especially enjoy Day-11.

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Day #11 of 30-DAY CHALLENGE

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