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HIV AIDS Research and Theory

When you question the mainstream thinking, you become an outcast, suppressed, denigrated, a dangerous person with a sudden loss of reputation and livelihood. California microbiologist Kary Mullis, Ph.D. on whether or not HIV is the probable cause of AIDS. Created and narrated by Gary Null, Ph.D. Find more in-depth investigations and crucial information at

Creating A World of Fear
Examples of surprising statements about AIDS

41:09 What is the function and explanation of antibodies in the blood?
How does this apply to our definition of immunity when speaking about the vaccine programs?

47:00 Explanation of the incremental graph showing rampant spread of AIDS

48:00 HIV Cannot be sexually transmitted 

49:00 Create a fear of sexual activity. A political definition of a disease.

50:00 Explanation of viral factors and connection to hemophilia 

53:00 Donated blood suppresses the immune system

55:00 Defining oral candida as AIDS

56:00 Introducing T-Cell Counts as diagnosing AIDS Victim

57:00 You cannot measure immune system in the blood

58:00 Fear of the unknown. Fear of the future. Fear of health. Psychological Terror

1:00:00 Link to Hepatitis C and Homosexual Community

1:01:00 Humankind is in danger of destroying its own genetic material

1:02:00 Corruption of documentation of AZT Drugs

1:04:00 AZT banned in animals for destroying the lymph system

1:05:00 Side Effects from AZT

1:07:00 The biggest mistake in medicine today is common sense

1:09:00 Mandates to pregnant women to be tested for HIV antibodies. Why?

1:10:00 Retrovir Drug Effects in Pregnant Women. Fear Society.

1:11:00 Self Fulfilling Prophesy. First, find cause and treat cause. 

1:12:00 Unproven use of drugs to unproven disease

1:12:30 NIH and CDC are military organizations incompatible with free & open debate

1:13:00 Who gets funding? What gets published? Who gets excluded?

1:14:00 Maverick brilliant scientist, virologist becomes outcast. Cuts from funding & students.

1:15:00 American people ripped off spending billions in research

1:16:00 Milk workers poisoned by contaminated milk with AIDS like symptoms

1:17:00 Nitrites used to stimulate sexual activity, but oxidizes the blood making fungal infections

1:18:00 What are effects of steroids and low protein diet? 

1:19:00 Fungal infections and lower immunity

1:19:00 Expose mothers to malnutrition, stressors & environmental toxins produce AIDS babies

1:21:00 Intravenous drug use and recreational drug use link to AIDS

1:21:30 - 200,000 mothers injecting drugs in America

1:22:00 Poppers nitrites potent carcinogens and immune suppressant drugs

1:22:30 Medical community say drugs are harmless, even heroine. 

1:24:00 Drug abusers live under stress, use dirty needles, alcohol, malnutrition stresses liver

1:26:00 Antibiotics killing the helpful bacteria in our bodies. Killing mitochondria in liver.

1:27:00 Go to symbiosis to live in peace with our microbes. Not antibiotics to kill the microbe.

1:28:00 Living with viruses and immune response

1:30:00 Alfred Hassig, MD Persistent stress increases immune response to produce antibodies

1:31:00 Immune functions suppressed during stress. What about heavy persistent stress?

1:32:00 Cortisol. 

1:33:00 Recycling your own body is most important function!

1:33:30 Treating AIDS with antioxidants

1:34:00 Diagnosing AIDS in Africa versus in America

1:35:00 The Definition of AIDS. What are the clinical symptoms? 

1:37:00 The high rate of false positives

1:38:00 Projections of the rate of HIV AIDS for entire countries or continents

1:39:00 Do we give drugs to entire populations or build their healthy infrastructure?

1:40:00 Dealing with parasites, malnutrition, reduced immune function

1:40:30 Is AIDS a heterosexually spread disease?

1:41:00 Compare missionary funding for HIV AIDS to funding for Malaria

1:42:00 We must provide adequate diet and sanitation in Africa

1:43:00 South African AIDS Conference Opens The Conversation

1:44:00 Permission for testing and political support in Africa. Terrified of the death sentence. 

1:45:00 Hopeless. Lose will to live. Rejection by family. Outcasts from diagnosis. Death.

1:46:00 The Money Factor for Public Health Services. 

1:47:00 Profits of Anti-retro viral medications. AZT causes AIDS

1:48:00 Telling women to stop breast feeding

1:50:00 Promising drugs. 

1:51:00 Making a business out of the viral load. What is it?

1:52:00 Where's the HIV sample? [Where's the beef?]

1:53:00 What are they REALLY measuring?

1:54:00 Looking at the HIV genomes

1:55:00 Taking a close look at the various tests to measure HIV a deadly virus

1:56:00 The HIV hypothesis. What does viral load have to do with infectious virus?

1:57:00 The Scientist Journal Nature publication by David Ho justifies protease inhibitors

1:58:00 The protease of HIV is unspecific on 8 different sites that must be cut at each specific site?

1:59:00 The protease inhibitors cause AIDS defining diseases. They will fail 50% of the time.

2:00:00 Asymptomatic newly diagnosed AIDS patients and protease inhibitors

2:01:00 No empirical evidence to asymptomatic people taking AIDS drugs

This sounds like vaccinating everyone on the planet who do not have symptoms of disease

2:02:00 Half AIDS patients are a results of the anti-viral drugs now

2:03:00 Graphing the reduction of recreational drugs against the introduction of anti-viral drugs

2:03:30 Testing David Ho's Viral Dynamics hypothesis. Data shows HAART highly active antiretroviral therapy protease cocktails produces shorter lifetime for T-cell.

2:04:00 Interfere with basic function of life. worse than AZT works on genetic level. Protease cannot be cut down will destroy the kidney, failure of liver and cause virus type effects. 

2:05:00 Fatty acid metabolism is destroyed. Opportunist infections. Toxic effects of HAART

2:06:00 Protease inhibit proteolytic activities should be done with nutritional supplements which have anabolic activity and correct catabolic situation; not by using one single drug. More energy is used than is produced.

2:07:00 We were producing what we thought we were reducing. 

2:7:30 If we are mistaken we haven't done much harm. We have done good by reducing unprotected sexual activity; people don't share needles; people don't take drugs at all. Completely agree from public health point of view. If the HIV theorists are wrong, who can tell how much harm they have done?

2:8:00 AIDS is not a medical problem, its a social problem. Solutions must be in the social realm, not so much in the medical realm. 

2:9:00 Thank you Gary Null. Do you have questions? Will you investigate more? THINK

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