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As of November 16, 2011 HWC members are required to visit the website and add their contributions of original educational material and information six times during the year. This may be in the form of forum discussion post or comments, original video and/or photographs with educational descriptions. 



As of February 10, 2013 We are now asking our members to show their commitment to HWC by posting one educational information original work every other month - that is 6 times per year in the form of forum comments, photos with title and descriptions, original video or participation in the group section. Please post to the FORUM section or to the groups.



NOTE: New policy on writing blogs.


Only sustaining members will be able to write a personal blog [donors of $49.95/year or more] Those who donate to keep the website alive may add one link per blog to their website if it does not have lots of sales gimmicks. The Google and other search engines downgrade websites based upon their marketing and explains why we have these guidelines. Back links to personal webpages in an attempt to sell services, books, products etc is not allowed, although a link to your website may be placed on your profile page. 



Social Media Etiquette and No Phishing Policy Video

Browser Guidelines



  • HWC does not work properly with OPERA operating system
  • FireFox works best and Explorer will run the functions of HWC

HomeopathyWorldCommunity [HWC] Membership Guidelines

  • You MUST have some positive connection to homeopathy to be approved for membership.
  • You MUST upload a current personal facial photograph [like passport] of yourself to belong to this growing family.
  • You MUST fill out the profile questions completely.
  • Please provide your schooling, degrees, education, qualifications and/or titles.
  • Include who invited you to this network. HWC is now a by-invitation community. If you have done a web search, please be specific about what your were searching for using keywords and what you found. If have connected via Twitter, enter your twitter name. If you connected via FaceBook, please enter the people who connected you from that social network.
  • The International Language on HWC is English. It is courtesy to use English on open conversations. English proficiency is a requirement. Please do not use 'Text type'

HWC Tutorial Section

Explanation of HWC Policies


  • Complete your Profile using Your Full [first & last] Name [NOT a Business or Organization name] 
  • ETIQUETTE: Please type in sentence case, with capital letter at beginning of sentence only. 

    PUNCTUATION: Put a space AFTER each punctuation mark, like a comma or period at the end of a sentence, and NOT before the comma. 

  • Add a Personal Photo. In some cases you may be allowed 48 hours within membership. The canvas size is 183 x183 for best formatting. The webmaster is available to help format your photo to fit the HWC site. We will do everything to help you with your photograph. The administrators have no access to your password and cannot change the profile information or upload a photograph for you. You many not turn your photograph into any form of advertisement with banners, etc. 
  • Connect with others by visiting their Profile Comment Wall.
  • Make "Friends" by visiting the Membership Pages or the activity on Main Page. Click "Add A Friend."
  • Contribute by commenting where ever you can add value with your expertise or experience.
  • Invite others who are interested in homeopathy for healing. Reply to others in a professional manner.
  • Get involved by starting a discussion or replying to the many discussions.
  • Include a link to your website when you create a blog post or discussion.
  • Learn how to create a targeted link.
  • Join the "Group" for your Town and other "Interest Groups". - Invite others to join us.
  • If you have a question ask one of the featured members.


  • Use the Internal Email system to send Bulk or mass email, promotions, deals, notices or solicitations of any kind - when in doubt don't sent it out! - [Internal Email is for relationship building]. You may send to 1-5 persons a personal message. 
  • Post Advertising on other Member Profiles.
  • Post Events for a 'Range of Dates' (day of the Event only).
  • Use 'HWC' in any Promotions without permission.
  • Create more than one Profile [use the 'Forgot your password' link].
  • Threaten, Insult, or Harass another HWC Member. [cause for removal]
  • Engage in Unethical or otherwise Harmful Business Practices. [cause for removal]
  • Post False or Misleading information. [cause for removal]


POLICY ON SPAM | Do Not Post Bulk Wall Comments, Bulk Emails or the same promotional message on everyone’s comment wall which can now incur $100 FINE if this activity occurs. Spam notice.


NOTE: New incomplete applications will be declined. You will have the opportunity to reapply. If you have an incomplete profile page because you joined when the website opened, you will be under 'temporary' status and given time to complete it.

HWC Code of Conduct Please read the important guidelines above. If you notice anything in violation of the guidelines, please "report this issue."

Here at HWC, as with any website where people come together, it is important to adhere to certain rules of etiquette. Most can be covered by remaining respectful of your fellow members, but we have listed some specific guidelines below.

Guard Your Personal Information. HWC is a Public Network. Non-members have access to reading posts and profiles on our site. Any eligible person, as stated above, may join this network. Because many members are professionals with expertise and want to provide their services you may post and link your website on your page.

Often this links to a location with personal information such as phone, email and office address. Please take note that you are consenting to make this information open to the public.

If you are in the general population that does not want your personal information of phone, email and local address, please refrain from putting that in your profile or any messages. This is your responsibility.

If for any reason you are uncomfortable with the public view, you are asked not to join this website.

If you’d like to share such information with other members, we advise you to do so with great forethought and caution, and only via the private messaging system. Be aware that HWC cannot be held liable or responsible for any damages incurred as a result of sharing said information.

Absolutely No SolicitationThis is a Non-Commercial Website Under no circumstances should you contact another member asking for money.

If you have a cause or organization you'd like people to donate to, you can post a Discussion in the Forum, or you can describe your cause on your Personal Giving Blog. However you should never approach another member for any sort of loan or to ask them to give you money for your personal use.

If we get complaints from other members that you have done so, your account will be removed. This is a non-commercial website, so please limit your cause to the forum and blog. If there is an abundance of commercials this may be cause for removal.

If you need to make a complaint that a member has solicited you for a loan or money for personal use, please contact HWC

This is Not a Dating Site If you're looking to find a date, or a mate, or anything of that sort, this is not the place to do it. No erotic, suggestive, or pornographic content will be permitted. If you do, we will remove you from our membership.

Rated PG-13. Please be sure that all posts made on HWC, as well as any and all comments and discussion threads you post remain at a PG-13 level. This includes text, video, images and any other content you may add or upload.

This website is open for membership to children as young as 13 years old on HWC. Some parents involve their younger children so it’s possible that even younger eyes could be viewing our content with their parents. All content on the site must be child friendly and non-offensive. Always ask yourself if what you’re posting is something you’d want your own child (or mother) to read. If you are unsure about whether or not it is appropriate, it probably isn't.

Self Critique. Please review your photos, videos and material for quality when uploading.

No Inappropriate Content. Content that is NOT APPROPRIATE on HWC includes, but is not limited to, advertising, material copyrighted by someone who isn't you, any content that is vulgar or obscene or contains adult themes or images, including sexual commentary or imagery. Abusive language, name-calling, insults, harassment, and personal attacks will not be tolerated. Further, members are prohibited from making posts or comments that encourage this type of behavior.

HWC reserves the right to take appropriate measures, including deleting content, blocking any member from posting to our site and/or revoking the membership for any behavior we determine to be damaging to our community.

Age Limit. According to NING Terms of Service and Federal Law, no person under the age of 13 may sign up for an account on any NING network. However, HWC is a limited professional homeopathic website and has its own requirements for membership entry.

Parental Responsibility. If you, as a parent or guardian, choose to involve any child under the age of 18 on this website, please be aware that you are responsible for the safety and security of your child, as well as remaining vigilant to what he/she may read on the site. While we monitor posts as closely as possible, we cannot guarantee that we have caught 100% of any offensive content.

Please Refrain from Advertising. It is not appropriate to advertise your business, products or services on the HWC public forum, public image gallery or in comments you leave on other member’s profiles or blog posts.

It is acceptable to mention your business on your own profile page, but not elsewhere on the website. Our network administrators will delete any content that is construed as advertising.

Others can access by the quality of your posts whether they would like to contact you for partnerships, classes, training or other services. They will contact you by clicking on your image, without having to put a link to your webpage on every post. Provide value showing your high character and you will shine.

If you become aware of any content that may violate these guidelines, or other worrisome issues, please promptly REPORT THE ISSUE and our community administrators will look into it as quickly as possible.

NING Platform: Terms of Service for all social networks.


Homeopathic World Community (HWC) recognizes the potential on the internet to provide unique opportunities for members to participate in interactive discussions and to share information on particular topics using a wide variety of events, social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, videos that advertise HWC members or their practices, blogs, wikis and interviews and/or communications with the media, and other means of Advertisement for these activities.

However, HWC members' use of advertisements of any kind are not free unless the members pay the required minimal fees. In compliance with this rule HWC allows the members to put the advertisements in the appropriate places on the HWC network and the HWC staff will follow, assist and help those members during the advertisement periods. HWC reserves the right to monitor, intercept and review, without further notice, every members' activities. HWC may also store copies of data or communications for a period of time after they are created, and may delete such copies from time to time without notice.

If your job or duties require you to speak on behalf of HWC in a social media environment, you must still seek approval for such communication from a member of the HWC administrative staff or the Founder of HWC. Likewise, if you are contacted for comment about HWC for publication, including in any social media outlet, direct all inquiries to the HWC Administration.

These details must be carefully examined and do not respond without written approval of the HWC Staff's member or founder. When you become an HWC member, you must sign the agreement that you have read all of the policies above and will comply with these guidelines. Acknowledgement of review and understanding: I have read a copy of the HWC Advertisment Policy and understand its contents. I understand that HWC expressly reserves the right to change, modify or delete its provisions without prior notice. I further understand that it is my responsibility to read and know the contents of the HWC Guidelines for the Business Use of Advertisements in HWC. Please go to your profile settings and select YES if you agree to comply and remain a member.  Otherwise, if you have not signed or do not select YES, then you may not remain a member in good standing. _______________________________________________


HWC Partners


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