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Drug Resistance

Drug Resistance and Medicine Today

How do you feel after watching this short presentation.

A New Cure for Anthrax & Staph is Discussed in the Kary Mullis Keynote

The growing failure of antibiotics in the world today is the focus of this Kary Mullis keynote. The chemist, who has won various awards for his research and breakthroughs in medicine, including the Nobel Prize, introduces the audience to a new cure for infectious diseases such as anthrax and staph. 

He has created a new molecule that the body hates because it is capable of attaching itself to harmful bacteria, eating it and then killing it. This molecule, referred to as alpha-gal eptiope, attaches itself to a pathogen and then tracks down bacteria in the body and alerts the immune system to go after it. 

Mullis explains how finding ways to work with the body in the fight against disease -- such as the case here -- can often yield more effective results.


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