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Dr Christina Chambreau, DVM

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Dr Chambreau Helps You To Rid
Your Family of Flea Problems

Follow the Suggestions in No More Fleas
and you should see marked results 


Dr Chambreau will be on
Homeopathy World Community
Blog Talk Radio each Wednesday
teaching people the way she
treats her pets and cares for animals.

She understands that your pet is
just like a member of your family!
Listen to internet radio with
HWC Homeopathy Radio on Blog Talk Radio
An well-known, expert homeopathic veterinarian, Dr Christina Chambreau welcomes your comments and questions. Tell your friends to join us on the live chat. Share these events on Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace, your blog and your webpage. 

Dr Chambreau helped to found the Academy Of Veterinary Homeopathy and has been a faculty member of the National Center for Homeopathy Summer School.
As vice president in charge of the Veterinary Advice Line, she provides a referral service so people can find the best care for their animal's specific problem and teaches courses around the country to lay and veterinary students.
Her commitment to de-mystify homeopathy shows how all healing follows the principles of the Organon. People learn the power of remedies when demonstrated on their pets and animals.
You can listen to Dr Chambreau
speak about this troublesome issue
of fleas that thrive off of
a weakened immune system.
Learn how to make your pet
more unattractive to these parasites.
Listen to The Introduction To Fleas Radio Show

Listen to internet radio with
HWC Homeopathy Radio on Blog Talk Radio


What you will learn

Flea Life Cycle

Early Warning System

Practical Ways To Eliminate Fleas

How To Treat The Environment

Miracle Nematodes For Your Yard

Sea Creatures

Lights And Soapy Water

Minerals For The House


Listen to The Seven Keys To Healthy Animals Radio Show

Listen to internet radio with
HWC Homeopathy Radio on Blog Talk Radio



BTR Group Section


Working with and integrative veterinarian

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