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DISCLAIMER: This is not a medical site. All information is educational. This website is not a medical consultation service. Any information or opinion expressed is provided only to supplement information provided by your health care professionals. It is not intended as a substitute for conventional medical care. Any use of the information in this website is at the user's discretion. HWC disclaims any and all liability arising directly or indirectly from the use or application of any information contained in this website.

HWC POLICIES: The Majority of pages on this website are public view. Facial photo on profile is required. Only members can use chat function. Please acknowledge presence with introduction. The international language on this site is English.

It is a privilege and not a right to be a member of HWC. It is at the discretion of the webmaster to approve or decline membership based upon contributions to the site.

Potential Members: Before you apply for membership read HomeopathyWorldCommunity Guidelines. This Network may or may not be for you. This Website is Open to the Public for Viewing. This gives non-members a chance to look around and decide whether they want to join in the discussion. Only members may post comments. If you do become a member, remember that what you post, upload and write can be seen by the greater world internet community.

HWC Purpose: The primary purpose of this site is advocacy work. That means the people welcome in this community support homeopathy. The purpose of the site is to share, connect and grow a harmonious community. In order to communicate this site uses English as the international language.

Adjunct Benefits of Membership: As a member you may create a blog, post homeopathic and related events, comment in discussion forums, join and form groups, chat live, upload a limit of 15 approved photographs, link to approved videos, upload up to 10 approved videos. Members are making friends with other like-minded people around the world, meeting up with old classmates, friends and colleagues, and engaging in motivating dialogue.

Visitors: HomeopathyWorldCommunity is a great place to read the latest trends in homeopathy, to find out what issues are of concern, to see who else is promoting, using, educating, training, practicing and taking care of their health with this safe, gentle, effective method of healing. You can find other like-minded people in your local community, region or country.

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